Why You Need to Make Your Villa Rentals in Canggu Pet Friendly

Why You Need to Make Your Villa Rentals in Canggu Pet Friendly

Bali is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, renown with breathtaking natural settings and stellar hospitality. With pet travel becoming more economical and convenient, Indonesia has become a very pet-friendly country, with hotels, restaurants, and most public spaces welcoming pet owners to travel and live with their pets. Bali itself is becoming increasingly friendly with pets. People walking their dogs, taking dogs for bike ride, and going to cafe with cats are common sights in Bali. That’s why you need to seriously consider to make your villa rentals pet friendly—especially if it’s at popular areas in Bali like Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, or Kuta. 

More and More Travelers are Taking Their Pets with Them

With the availability of air pets and pet cargos, more people are travelling with their four-legged friends. And those are not just the foreign travelers—domestic guests also frequently take their furbabies especially when they are travelling with cars. In Indonesia, people are beginning to see their cats and dogs as members of the family, and their attitudes on pet ownership are shifting. 

This means there’s a growing demand for pet-friendly lodgings – and a chance for you to make more money as a host. As the popularity of pets grows, so does the need to accommodate guests who want to travel with their pets.

Google search volume for “pet friendly villa Bali” alone generate 5.990.000 search results. It’s time to be among few pet-friendly Bali villa rentals in Canggu, get more traffics, and receive more bookings. 

Making Your Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Appealing to Wider Audience

Making Your Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Appealing to Wider Audience

Turning your Canggu vacation rental into a pet-friendly accommodation certainly opens more opportunity to not only regular travelers, but also to a niche market.  By marketing your property to a larger audience, you will be able to create more bookings.

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More Revenue Coming from Pet Owners

Pet owners are willing to pay a little more for the option to stay with their pets, so you can raise your overnight cost. Allowing pets on your property improves the number of possible customers, which leads to greater occupancy rates. We looked at data from all of our booking partners and discovered that residences that allow dogs have better rental income (on average 10–20 percent more) and occupancy than those that don’t.

It’s Okay to Charge Higher for Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

One of the best things about having a pet-friendly short-term rental is that pet owners are already expecting to pay more at the checkout. If you have a 5 bedroom villa rental in Canggu with private pool and make it pet-friendly, for example, you’ll need to clean all the room and the pool from pet furs and possible mess. So, it’s totally reasonable if you put an extra clean-up fee in your vacation rental. 

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Increasing Loyalty from Happy Guests

Let’s face it. It’s not easy to find a good hotel or villa in Bali that allow pets. So if pet owners find a good one, they will be more than happy to return to the villa. Another incentive to make your house pet-friendly is that you will have happier guests, according to statistics. Why would you not make your home pet-friendly if it may assist your guests have a stress-free vacation? These customers arrive pleased since they didn’t have to choose between a beautiful house and one that was pet-friendly. They were able to have both at the same time! And it’s no secret that contented, stress-free guests are more inclined to return to your hotel year after year.