Things You Didn’t Know About Catering Denpasar Bali

People who have never handled an event before usually didn’t know how Catering Denpasar works. And they only find out about some things they wish they’d known before planning their wedding. Catering Bali is undeniably one of the most expensive things you’ll be costed. So to avoid any mistakes, here are some of the list of things you should be aware of before you book your Bali catering company. 

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Catering Denpasar – a note for alcoholic beverages 

When it comes to bar packages to any catering Denpasar, they will have specific hours of serving. Many people are aware of this only when they’ve talked to their bar caterer or when they’re handed the contract. If you’d like to have catering bar package in Bali, make sure that you contract them for enough time for your wedding. 

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Bali catering – when you require buffets or food stations 

Having a service stations for your guests to enjoy, adding a variety of food and fun to your wedding is definitely a plus point for your event. Everyone loves more food – and one they can enjoy outside of the official meal hours. However, if you’re having station services, remember that you’re going to pay more for it. Prices differ from one Denpasar catering to another. But having an extra chef or an attendant is definitely going to cost you more. 

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Leftovers will belong to the catering Denpasar and not you 

Your caterers don’t have any obligations to let you have the leftovers from the food they bring. That is of course, unless you have a different arrangement with them. Full-service caterers reserve the rights to take back everything that your guests don’t eat. So don’t expect to be able to bring home the food they’r serving in your wedding. 

The leftover policy also applies to bar 

Just like food, beverages served at the bar in your event may have leftover as well. And your caterers will bring everything back to their place unless you have a different agreement with them. 

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Buffet catering isn’t always cheaper 

The perception that buffet catering Bali is cheaper is only when you are only allowed to have food served by your Bali wedding venue. Plated meals seemed to be more expensive when they’re offered by venues. However, if you’d like to have an off-site catering Denpasar, then the meal format usually won’t be much of a hindrance for costs. 

If you’d like to bring caterers from the outside, make sure that you ask your venue whether they’re allowing off-site caterers. If they don’t allow it, then it makes your choices more limited; especially if you already have a certain caterer in mind. To avoid this, always ask your venue management upfront whether they allow outside catering Bali. If not, immediately cross out said venues.