5 Ways to Freshen Up An Old Villa Jimbaran Bali

How to Freshen An Old Villa Jimbaran Bali

If you ever stroll around Jimbaran, you will find that this little beach town is lined up with a mix of new hotels, resorts, and old nice vacation rental from the past decades. This is the sad part of owning any villa—what might be trendy and luxurious now will probably goes out of style in the next ten years. Also, furnitures and appliances break down and you’ll need to replace them anyways. Just like people, not every old property could age with grace. If you have or plan to invest in an old villa in Jimbaran Bali, you might need a renovation project. So what you need to do to fresh up an old property and increase bookings? 

Why You Need to Renovate An Old Villa Jimbaran Bali 

Owners of vacation rental properties are frequently cautious to invest in improvements to their second residences. They are unsure that the upgrades will result in increased reservations, and they do not want to waste money. While these are valid concerns, surveys found that owners who make little improvements to their vacation rental properties enjoy a significant rise in both bookings and favorable reviews.

You can raise your rates and recoup the money invested on vacation rental enhancements if your property obtains more reservations and 5-star reviews.

What to Do When Revamping A Vacation Rental

Your property should always satisfy the greatest standards of comfort, cleanliness, and convenience to avoid unfavorable evaluations from travelers. You will need to examine the quality of your vacation rental and make some adjustments at some point in order to retain high expectations. Certain characteristics of a residence make it ideal for a holiday rental. Aesthetics, comfort, and safety should be the primary considerations in any makeover in your villa Jimbaran. Make the property a pleasurable location to stay at any time of year, whether you want to use it as your own vacation hideaway or rent it out.

Change the Flooring

Replace dark flooring with more colorful options to lighten the environment if there are any gloomy areas in the house. Consider natural hardwood for a more rustic look that will transport you to a country or woodland hideaway. It’s also crucial to make sure that the flooring is free of potential risks like damage that could cause a trip and fall, or protruding nails.

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Villa Jimbaran Bali Bedroom Upgrade 

Villa Jimbaran Bali Bedroom Upgrade

The bedrooms are the aspect that will have the most impact on guests’ stay. You can sure that if your guests have a bad night’s sleep due to an old mattress, scratchy linens, or too much light, those negative experiences will show up in their reviews.

When it comes to bedding, you want to provide the elegance of a hotel room while maintaining the convenience of a vacation rental. Linen sheets, plush mattresses, fluffy duvets, and extra pillows are all essentials for a wonderful guest experience in the bedrooms. Take inspirations from architecture and interior designs pages like Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration, or The Spruce or other magazines and try to apply what you can to your villa Jimbaran Bali. 

Refurbishing the Old Bathroom

Refurbishing the Old Bathroom

Guests may be put off by old showers, tubs, sinks, and other obsolete bathroom fixtures. And, no matter how hard you try to keep them clean, they can get soiled, broken, and filthy as a result of the constant use from family after family. Your renters will appreciate the cleanliness and upkeep of a space that sees so much use from so many different individuals, whether you simply want to replace outdated items with a simple, newer version or update to a more elegant feel.

Kitchen Amp-Up

Kitchen Amp-Up

Travelers choose vacation rentals and villas in Jimbaran over hotels and resorts for a variety of reasons. One of which is the availability of a full kitchen. Guests expect to be able to cook and entertain themselves in your rental, making it feel like a wonderful home away from home. This implies that a kitchen with new appliances, a dining table, and silverware-stocked cabinets can earn excellent evaluations, yet an old kitchen with no space to eat and no materials to use may result in an empty calendar.

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Spruce Up the Exterior of Your Jimbaran Villa

Spruce Up the Exterior Jimbaran Vacation Rental

Guests are interested in more than simply the interior of a holiday house. As a vacationer, you want to arrive at your rental house and immediately feel at ease. When it comes to vacation homes, curb appeal can be a decisive factor. If the home’s outside isn’t up to pace, some individuals may not even give it a second glance. With all the salt and sun, the outside of your property can degrade, so it’s crucial to keep up with the external maintenance of your home by repairing old siding as needed and updating the paint job on a regular basis.