Paying Attention To Detail On Specific Areas Of Your Business

Paying Attention To Detail On Specific Areas Of Your Business

It is common for businesses to have big pictures on what they want to become in few years. Setting big goals allows them to be more determined in making more effort. However, it sometimes make them forget about the little things that matter to their business’s growth. Sometimes, it is small mistake that make you crumble down. Hence, it is time for you to pay attention on small things as well. Being more detailed on your effort in growing business will benefit you is many ways. 

Important areas where you need to pay attention to detail

Focusing on attention to detail is a skill you and your employees should develop. Making attention to detail should become an essential part of your daily work. This way, you will be able to maintain effectiveness at higher level. And here are important areas where you need to pay attention to detail:

Work completion

In a matter of completing work, it is often that you or your employees loose focus which causes a lack of effectiveness. For example, you are not paying attention on information or timelines within a project. It causes you to loose valuable time and frustration because you are aware that the work must be completed regardless. Thus, it is important to understand how the project fits into the company goals. Provide information about the way individual roles impact the company. 



Encourage your employees to communicate effectively and paying attention to detail on it since it is the key to successful organization. Encourage them to share information with other members of the team accurately. Make sure everyone is aware of each role and hold accountable for each responsibilities. This way, keeping timeline updated will be no longer an issue. 

Customer experience

This area of your business need to be paid attention to detail. Encourage your employees in the department to pay attention to detail by looking beyond their view. Encourage them to think from the customer’s perspective so they know what the customers truly want and need.encourage employees to be more detail at how they interact with customers. Create a culture that integrates customer experience with employee experience so your brand’s mission can be accomplished more effectively as well. 

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Workplace environment

It is also important to pay attention to detail in workplace environment. Build a solid brand that matches the way you present your business. The example of putting attention to detail on workplace environment include the choice of color of the walls. It can also be about what artwork to add and how to display it better. Or, you can pay attention to what your employees need for better workplace.

Technology use

The use of technology is common at workplace. It is important to pay attention to detail on this area because with technology, your business can operate more effectively. Provide technology assists to stay better connected in business. Provide the best system so technology and people can work in close cooperation. This way, you can create more cohesive and efficient company. 

How to Get 5 Starts Rating for A Remote Villa in Lovina, Bali

How to Get 5 Starts Rating for A Remote Villa in Lovina, Bali

The Lovina is beautiful. This north-coast town in Bali, Indonesia, is famous for its underwater treasure—and mainly for its friendly neighbourhood dolphins who frequently visited the beach. Travelers flocks from the busy southern touristy Bali to this quiet town for the famous Dolphin watching tours. They usually spend a day or two in Lovina—more if they are divers. That’s why having a villa in Lovina Bali is great for side hustle. However, you cannot change the fact that Lovina is quite a remote area, and attracting guests wouldn’t be as easy as it would be in Seminyak or Kuta. 

But you can achieve 5 stars in any location even if your vacation rental sits in the middle of nowhere. Because, like everything else, it’s not always about what you think it is—in this case, your neighborhood or closeness to a city’s heart.

Even if your vacation rental is located on the outskirts of town like the Lovina—and if you are concerned about competing with downtown establishments like ones in Seminyak—or in a very small town without any major cities, landmarks, beach clubs, or “cool” areas, you can still get a glowing five stars. And for vacation rental owner, having a glowing review and rating is the biggest achievement to draw in more guests. So keep reading, because we’ve got you covered. 

Be Open About The Plus and Minus of Your Location 

Be open and honest about what your location has to offer, as well as what it lacks. When we check at the listing of a client who is getting less than 5 stars in Location, the first thing I notice is that they are bending the reality. If you claim to reside “10 minutes walking distance” from the dolphin harbour but actually live 25 minutes away, you will most likely only receive 3 or 4 ratings. Yes, your visitors will notice—especially if one of them is wearing heels since she believed the walk would be short. 

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Define Location as the Inside of Your House 

Location is not just about the area where your villa Bali reside. Even the inside is also a location, so be sure to make it nice!

However, you may think: “Yeah, but Lovina is really out out in the sticks. That’s something I can’t change!”

Well, it’s true that Lovina is quite remote, but it doesn’t mean that your villa should suffer. In fact, in US alone, many travelers are now looking for the most remote, most secluded vacation rental for a getaway from reality. So why won’t it work to your villa Lovina Bali as well? 

Let’s assume you’re right in the heart of it all, but your flat is full of cockroaches, the windows rattle when the car passes, and there’s never a moment of silence. Even a villa in Seminyak or Canggu won’t get a 5-star rating from that.

Remember that location isn’t only about being able to walk out the door and grabbing cocktail from the hippest beach clubs. Location is also a place where guests are greeted with lovely shrubs, great scenery, or bath salts for a hot bath, as well as deep tissue massage at the bedroom! So try to incorporate that in your Lovina vacation rental!

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Location Also Means Your Grounds!

We remember when we spent few days in a remote area in Tabanan, Bali. It’s far from fresh supermarket, it’s right in the outskirt of a forest, and it needs at least 30 minutes rides by car to reach the nearest town. However, the villa was quite popular as it takes serenity and closeness to nature as its strongest selling-point. It was located on the side of a stony river that we can play at and the owner made a natural hot-spring bath using the sulphuric water from nearby stream. We spend a good 30 minutes soaked up in the hot-spring! They also planted herbs like chilli, lemon basil, and more—that we can pick up for our dish! 

As a result, we’d consider it to be one of the most memorable Airbnb experiences we’ve ever had. And it wasn’t even close to the city’s hotspots—in fact, it was in a completely bucolic neighborhood with nothing but acres of rice paddies nearby. And it certainly got a 5-star review in location from us. 

How To Create Powerful Engaging Content For Your Business

How To Create Powerful Engaging Content For Your Business

Engagement between your customers with your brand is one of the keys for successful business. One of the ways to create more engagement is through content. However, it is still challenging to create powerful and engaging content to win customers. One of the most common problems is that you have customers from different background and preference. Creating content that resonate your audience’s voice is a not an easy feat. However, it is not impossible to do if you keep optimizing your creativity with your team. 

Creating powerful, engaging content to boost your business

There are many mistakes business owners done when creating content. One of the most common mistakes is too focus on quantity rather than quality. Another common mishaps is use professional tone where audience can only feel the gap even more instead of feeling more connected. So here are some of useful tips for you to create more powerful and engaging content:

Approach content creation based on customer’s interest

Many businesses focus too much on making content that fit their business goals only. Meanwhile, it is more efficient and engaging to create contents that resonate with your customer’s voice. Find out what your target customers need and want. You can learn it more from your primary demographic. Have clear ideas of who you are selling your products to. Then, focus on informing benefit and solutions of your products based on what customers really want. 

Set the right tone of voice

Set the right tone of voice

Many businesses want to sound as professional as possible to show their credibility to the customers. However, mostly end up with using difficult words to understand by customers. The most important point of content is deliver message you want to convey to the customers in an easy way. Hence, it is best that you set particular tone and wording to your content. After finding our who your target customers are, it is easier to set the tone of voice that is right for your business. Just imagine you talking to them directly as you would a friend and choose words that are easy to understand. Feel free to add element of humor but make sure to know when to use it appropriately. 

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Evoke customer’s emotion

Create content that can draw in your customer’s emotion. Just like how storytelling work to evoke emotions of the reader or listener, you can also use emotion as the best tool to engage with more customers. it allows you to build strong connection on emotional level. Use power words to grab your audience’s attention. In your content ask questions that can make your customers think and pique their curiosity. 

Use interesting format

Poorly formatted blog post will only turn your customers off. Hence, make sure that your content is formatted correctly and interestingly. Hence, your customers will get interested to keep reading and understand the content’s relevancy to them even in brief glance. Your content is effectively formatted when it is easy to scan,  using sentences that are not too wordy, have clear bullet points, etc.

Why Vegan Skincare Matters for Your Skin & the Earth

Why Vegan Skincare Matters for Your Skin & the Earth

Many well-known and well utilized brands still use animal products or conduct animal testing, and if there’s one thing we can do to assist, it’s to vote with our wallets! No one wants to put tiny rabbits through pain for the sake of mascara! This is why vegan skincare become increasingly popular among beauty enthusiast.

Going Vegan is No Longer All About Food

Fortunately, with so many people adopting vegan these days, there are a plethora of wonderful vegan brands and items to pick from. Skin care and cosmetics companies are increasingly abandoning animal testing in favor of a cruelty-free approach to beauty and cosmetics. More and more companies, large and small, are deciding to reduce the harm they cause to animals, the environment, and humans. Overall, switching to vegan skincare brands for your beauty routine is a significant gain for anyone concerned with lowering their environmental footprint and making the world a better place.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skincare: The Difference

There’s a distinction to be made between stopping animal experimentation and making natural vegan products, and it’s one that consumers aren’t necessarily aware of. Surprisingly, just because a product is labeled as “vegan” (i.e., it doesn’t contain animal products and by-products such as milk, egg, beeswax, honey, and so on) doesn’t guarantee it’s cruelty-free! It’s critical to remember this when selecting your products.

Vegan skin care is defined as skin care that contains no components derived from animals. There are no animal-derived substances, by-products, or anything else. Meanwhile, cruelty-free skin care simply means that neither the product nor its ingredients have been subjected to animal testing. It doesn’t rule out the possibility that they came from animals. It may seem counterintuitive that a “cruelty-free” product could contain animal products, yet it is possible.

Why Switching to Vegan Skincare is Better for Your Skin

Vegan cosmetics and skin care products are genuinely better for your skin than animal-based goods. But why is that? What difference does it make if there are a few animal ingredients? Getting rid of animal products from your skin care means getting rid of a lot of the problems and chemicals that come with them, especially if you have sensitive skin or other concerns. Plants are also the primary source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are all essential for hydrating, protecting, and nourishing your skin. It’s important taking the time to make sure you’re just utilizing natural, non-toxic substances on your skin.

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Vegan Ingredients Eliminate Harsh Chemical Irritant

Because vegan skin care components are natural, minimal, and nutritious, they’re less likely to cause irritation or other problems that chemicals, animal substances, or other additions can cause. Natural skin care is always a win for your skin because plants are the best source of nutrients and good-for-you antioxidants.

Consider this: would you prefer to apply vitamin C, rosewater, and aloe to your skin over polyethylene, parabens, and toluene? Organic plant-based components are the healthiest option that will give your skin that healthy glow.

How Going Organic & Vegan Contribute to Better Earth 

Natural, vegan skin care will benefit more than just you and the animals. Choosing plant-based foods is also better for the environment.

Raising and processing animals for food and other items has a significant environmental impact. Animal agriculture emits more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation industry when taken together. So, while driving a hybrid car is great, reducing animal ingredients is even better!

The animal agriculture sector is also a major contributor to deforestation, pollution, and ocean dead zones, therefore choosing plants as an alternative helps to mitigate all of these negative effects. It’s all about lowering your carbon footprint and take as minimal as possible from the living being around us!

Cultivating An Exclusive Brand Image In The Luxury Market

Cultivating An Exclusive Brand Image In The Luxury Market

Luxury markets present excellent opportunities for your business to earn high profile customers and clients on your products and services. However, luxury markets are not so easy to break into, especially for small business. There are marketing strategies that won’t work on regular customers because high-end customers are built different. Regular and high-end customers usually seek for different things. Therefore, the same marketing strategies won’t result in the same outcomes. 

How to cultivate exclusive brand image 

Luxury audiences tend to seek more on experience, image, and prestige when it comes to buying products or using services. Hence, it is not the price they are concerned about. You need different strategies to win high-end customers in luxury market so here are some tips to do so:

Don’t compete on price

As mentioned above that high-end customers won’t care too much about pricing. They don’t have the same concern regular customers do. They care about the price but it is clearly not their primary concern. What they are seeking for is the worthiness or value. They are always willing to pay more if what they want to purchase are worth it. Not to mention that setting lower price in luxury market may give the impression of low quality. If your product is lower than what your competitors offer, the customers may wonder if there is something wrong with your products. 

Focus on exclusivity

Most high-end customers focus on the quality of the products they want to purchase. Aside from that, they also focus on the exclusivity they can get from a brand. They want to experience or get something that not many others can have. They tend to avoid purchasing mass-produced products. Always choose the best materials as a start. Then, you can come up with something to offer exclusively to the high-end customers that any everyday customers don’t have the easy access to it. 

Use the right channels to connect with high-end customers

To sell your products or service to the high-end customers, you need to know their community and where they spend most of their time online. You cannot just send your emails to everyone and expect for high-end customers to notice you. Be proactive in finding out where high-end customers hang out. Advertise in some specific places online that only luxury customers have access to. For example, you can set up an ads on websites that focus on luxury topics and finance. 


This can be the key to attract more promising high-end customers. It is where you can customize what the customers truly want. Hence, they feel the exclusiveness and unique experiences from what they choose. Your brand perception needs to stay in luxury market. Hence, avoid offering mass-produced products to high-end customers. Instead, allow your customers to tailor the products they are interested in to meet their individual tastes. It is such a great strategy to develop the buyer loyalty and set you apart from the competition. Keep in mind that luxury market is very competitive.

Better Marketing A Villa in Bali: Owners Guide

Better Marketing A Villa in Bali Owners Guide

The vacation rental industry in Bali is undeniably booming, and the competition is fierce! You should bring the ‘wow’ factor if you want to stay ahead of the game. So, how should your private villa in Bali be advertised to increase your revenue?

Create a Website for Your Private Villa Bali

If you use SEO well, a website can be an effective marketing tool. Localized content, such as restaurant recommendations and neighborhood websites, should be included. Without the need for a middleman, a vacation rental website allows you to keep control of all the details. The homepage should provide all of the information a potential guest could need, such as facilities, room count, and special features. Also, don’t forget to include some high-resolution images. Finally, make sure the site looks great on mobile, as this is how most visitors access it while on the go.

Get More Traffic with Blogs

Blogs will assist you in gaining authority and utilizing content marketing. There’s a lot to write about to get people to visit the website and book a trip. You can explain the history of your property in addition to stating what you offer. Allow visitors to interact with you on a personal level to increase their trust in your business. You can publish something amusing to get the interest of your readers!

Make A Better Pricing Strategy

When it comes to cost, make sure your options are appealing to potential guests. Because you must meet your expenses, it should not be too high or too cheap. According to statistics, 40% of vacation renters will make reservations based on the pricing strategy. To capture the attention of guests, you might want to set the price at about 25% less than the market value. Guests are always looking for the best offer, so you want to be near the top of the search results when they conduct their searches.

Also consider a dynamic pricing. Set a different price on weekdays and weekends. If weekend rates are a little higher, some guests may decide to arrive early to take advantage of the lower rate. This potentially end up in longer bookings and more stays!

Ask Past Guests to Write Review

Did you realize that happy consumers might help you advertise yourself? You can ask for feedback as long as the renters are satisfied during their stay. Nowadays, potential guests are said to read online reviews 9 out of 10 times before making an decision. When visitors see how much other people enjoyed their stay, they are more likely to enjoy it as well.

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances, regardless of the review you receive. When the guest’s vacation experience is still fresh in their mind, it’s the best time to ask for a review.

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Make Your Bali Holiday Villas Stand Out from the Competitors in Listing

Post High-Quality Photos

Many owners of private villa rentals in Bali put up their property in big vacation rental listing. While this gives them better exposure to consumers, it also means that property owners will compete with hundreds, if not thousands other villas in the listing. So, how you can stand out against your competitors?

Improve the Listing

Make sure you come up with a catchy title to pique guests’ interest — every word matters. Make sure to highlight the best features, but don’t overdo it.

Write A Compelling Description

Make Your Bali Holiday Villas Stand Out from the Competitors in Listing

It is also important to pay attention to the description. A captivating description will make the property appealing. Aside from that, you should provide subheadings so that people may quickly access the material. They must be compelling enough to entice viewers to book with you. Avoid imposing strict rules that may turn off potential visitors.

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Post High-Quality Photos

It will not resonate well with possible future guests if you have eye-catching descriptions but blurry photographs. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is true in real estate. They demonstrate how customers view the property. Visitors to your website are solely interested in seeing the most beautiful property.

If there are other vacation properties with the same number of rooms and price range as yours, visitors will choose the one that appears to be the best. As a result, high-quality photos will not only make an excellent first impression, but will also result in more bookings.

Promote Yourself

You’re marketing yourself as well as your property when you advertise it. You should provide a brief description of yourself and double-check your profile. Your company will gain credibility as a result of this.

Get Deeper Insight of Consumer’s Behavior

Get Deeper Insight of Consumer's Behavior

Running a business means you need to build a good relationship with your customers. Getting their attention might be easier than nurturing the relationship. It is because keeping good relationship means you need to keep them happy and satisfied. To be able to do so, you need to get a better understanding of your customers. It means, you need to get deeper insight of your customer’s behavior. You need to know their taste, need, as well as motivation. Only when you get deeper and better understanding will you be able to connect them with your products and services. 

Building relationships and connecting

The insight of costumers’ behavior is the key to connect and build relationship for  long term. It is important for businesses to know the gap between customers’ aspiration. Once the gap found, it is easier to navigate it into business opportunity. Doing a research is one of the many ways you can do to connect and get to know more your customers. 

Analyzing the consumer needs to be done regularly. Hence, you know if there is any change of their behavior. And here are some of the things you can do when researching consumer’s behavior:

Online monitoring and tracking

Monitor and track online conversation about your brands, competitors, etc. You need to know what consumers are saying about you and other topics related. People talk about your niche in different online platform. You can monitor each of them to find accurate insight you can use as a source for improvement. 

Analyze the audience

You may have varied audience identified by different demographic characteristics as well as psychographic information. This kind of research allows you to truly know consumer’s behavior on social media platforms, what brand they follow, and what kind of interaction they have. 

Study target audience

You can also do your research in a form of in depth study to your target audience. This involves more thorough and complete research where you can observe participants, interviews, plan field notes, etc. This requires you to get engaged within online community so you get more accurate insider’s perspectives. This is also a way to help build your online persona for your target audience. 

Research online communities

There are so many communities being created across digital spaces. Usually, these communities consists of people who share common interests related to your brand and company. Hence, investigating them will be valuable. Analyze the interaction between the members within the communities. Then see if the topic of their conversation and interactions leads to actionable insights applicable to your brand or company. 

Track the trend

Find the topic that is being trend and could be the interest to your brand or company. This way, you get information concerning your brand constantly so you know if there is any potential crises you need to prevent from escalating. Tracking trend is also a good way to analyze what the consumer are talking about between themselves regarding to your brand. This can help guide you to get deeper and accurate actionable insights. 

Why You Need to Make Your Villa Rentals in Canggu Pet Friendly

Why You Need to Make Your Villa Rentals in Canggu Pet Friendly

Bali is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, renown with breathtaking natural settings and stellar hospitality. With pet travel becoming more economical and convenient, Indonesia has become a very pet-friendly country, with hotels, restaurants, and most public spaces welcoming pet owners to travel and live with their pets. Bali itself is becoming increasingly friendly with pets. People walking their dogs, taking dogs for bike ride, and going to cafe with cats are common sights in Bali. That’s why you need to seriously consider to make your villa rentals pet friendly—especially if it’s at popular areas in Bali like Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, or Kuta. 

More and More Travelers are Taking Their Pets with Them

With the availability of air pets and pet cargos, more people are travelling with their four-legged friends. And those are not just the foreign travelers—domestic guests also frequently take their furbabies especially when they are travelling with cars. In Indonesia, people are beginning to see their cats and dogs as members of the family, and their attitudes on pet ownership are shifting. 

This means there’s a growing demand for pet-friendly lodgings – and a chance for you to make more money as a host. As the popularity of pets grows, so does the need to accommodate guests who want to travel with their pets.

Google search volume for “pet friendly villa Bali” alone generate 5.990.000 search results. It’s time to be among few pet-friendly Bali villa rentals in Canggu, get more traffics, and receive more bookings. 

Making Your Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Appealing to Wider Audience

Making Your Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Appealing to Wider Audience

Turning your Canggu vacation rental into a pet-friendly accommodation certainly opens more opportunity to not only regular travelers, but also to a niche market.  By marketing your property to a larger audience, you will be able to create more bookings.

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More Revenue Coming from Pet Owners

Pet owners are willing to pay a little more for the option to stay with their pets, so you can raise your overnight cost. Allowing pets on your property improves the number of possible customers, which leads to greater occupancy rates. We looked at data from all of our booking partners and discovered that residences that allow dogs have better rental income (on average 10–20 percent more) and occupancy than those that don’t.

It’s Okay to Charge Higher for Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

One of the best things about having a pet-friendly short-term rental is that pet owners are already expecting to pay more at the checkout. If you have a 5 bedroom villa rental in Canggu with private pool and make it pet-friendly, for example, you’ll need to clean all the room and the pool from pet furs and possible mess. So, it’s totally reasonable if you put an extra clean-up fee in your vacation rental. 

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Increasing Loyalty from Happy Guests

Let’s face it. It’s not easy to find a good hotel or villa in Bali that allow pets. So if pet owners find a good one, they will be more than happy to return to the villa. Another incentive to make your house pet-friendly is that you will have happier guests, according to statistics. Why would you not make your home pet-friendly if it may assist your guests have a stress-free vacation? These customers arrive pleased since they didn’t have to choose between a beautiful house and one that was pet-friendly. They were able to have both at the same time! And it’s no secret that contented, stress-free guests are more inclined to return to your hotel year after year.

Boost Your Business’s Growth By Optimizing The Buying Process

The competition to get the customer’s attention is so tough now especially when customers have more access to choose what they want on their fingertips. It is easy for them to choose anything they want and it is also easy for a business to lose a customer. Being a standout from the crowd can is challenging especially when you are not familiarizing yourself with advanced technology. 

Boost Your Business’s Growth By Optimizing The Buying Process

Boosting your business’ growth through buying process optimization

With how advanced technology has become, it is difficult for businesses to deliver the right message. Even though online platforms are accommodating and accessible, customers often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information available to them instead. So here are some ways you can boost the growth of your business through buying process optimization:

Get better understanding of your customers

It is important to know who your customers are and what they need. A buying process should be engaging and effective for customers to provide excellent buying experience. It makes them want to keep coming back to you. Aside from understanding who your customers are, try to understand the journey they are going through with the buying process as well. Hence, you know how to guide them and help them get the best deals from buying process. 

Build awareness

It is essentials to build awareness of your potential customers in order to make them notice your brand and what you offer. They may not buy your product or service right away. However, they will at least see and think about it knowing they have more options to choose later when they need it. Optimize the role of your online presence such as social media platforms, website, blogs, etc. Engage in sponsoring events can be a good idea too to build awareness. 

Add new features and value

The customers goes through consideration process when it comes to buying things. In this stage, they consider the value of your product or service, whether or not it fits their needs and wants. They will try to find as much information as possible. To ensure that you are what the customers are looking for, introduce new features and add values. You can also provide more information the customers need, or offer free consultation to help guide them. 

Create urgency

During buying process, customers will consider whether or not you are the better options. To make sure you are the chosen one, you need to create a sense of urgency. You can do it by providing time limit offers, giveaways, or discounts. Hence, it can stimulate the customers’ urge to speed up their decision making and choose you as the best option. 

Keep your customers engaged

Even if the customer have bought some products from your brand, there is always a possibility for them to change their mind and switch to other brands. Hence, it is important to keep them engaged by also providing information that is relevant to your customers. Maintain their satisfaction from every possible angle so they also feel appreciated and stay loyal.

Komodo Yacht Charter, Sailing Experience Around West Nusa Tenggara

There are many activities during your Komodo yacht charter. Beach exploring, culinary, exploring the savanna, snorkeling, and meeting the dragon. Flores in East Nusa Tenggara is one of the world’s best tourist attractions that are worth a visit in 2015. The exoticism of the islands of Komodo National Park with its underwater beauty is unquestionable. Flores also has cultural wealth such as the Waerebo Traditional Village in West Manggarai, the Bena Traditional Village in Bajawa, and the beauty of the three-colored lake aka Kelimutu Lake in Ende. A Komodo sailing tour on a yacht, with stops on islands and sleeping on the boat, is the ideal vacation trend.

Komodo Yacht Charter, Sailing Experience Around West Nusa Tenggara

Komodo Yacht Charter, Embark land and overland Flores

Komodo Island, home to 2000 of the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, is a must-see on any Komodo yacht charter. Keep your distance from these monsters, which may reach speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour. The beauty of Flores is amazing, not a dry and barren land but very remarkable green hills, mountains, and valleys. Flores has a plethora of attractions that never seem to run out.

Volcanoes that stretch across the 450 km long island create hills that form the letter V. The surface of the land soars with sharp edges showing the splendor of the hills and the foot of the mountain where there live various tribal groups (ama). Flores’ tribal stone age cultural history will astound everyone who visits.

You can break through the jungle of trees and steep hills to see firsthand the life of indigenous people from the stone age. Traditional villages in Flores will continue to survive the scour of the times that can uproot ancestral values. Local wisdom from traditional houses, how to weave, gather food, to the traditional family system that is highly respected.

Enjoying the Magic of Pink Beach

When visiting the beach, the clean seawater, blue sky, and white sand may have become a frequent sight. This beach is unique! What about the beach’s attractiveness, which features a stretch of pink sand? Pink Beach is a pink sand beach located within the Komodo National Park. There are only seven pink sand beaches on the planet, one of which is in our beautiful country!

According to local people, this pink sand comes from red coral fragments that have died and are often found around the beach. The Pink Beach underwater park contains various types of fish, hundreds of types of coral, and various other types of marine life.

Kelor island

Komodo cruise brings you to enjoy the underwater beauty of the island of Kelor. From a depth of 3 meters, you will be able to enjoy various marine life that is difficult to find in other places. Starting from coral and colorful fish, even if you are lucky you can meet stingrays here.