Why You Need to Make Your Villa Rentals in Canggu Pet Friendly

Why You Need to Make Your Villa Rentals in Canggu Pet Friendly

Bali is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, renown with breathtaking natural settings and stellar hospitality. With pet travel becoming more economical and convenient, Indonesia has become a very pet-friendly country, with hotels, restaurants, and most public spaces welcoming pet owners to travel and live with their pets. Bali itself is becoming increasingly friendly with pets. People walking their dogs, taking dogs for bike ride, and going to cafe with cats are common sights in Bali. That’s why you need to seriously consider to make your villa rentals pet friendly—especially if it’s at popular areas in Bali like Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, or Kuta. 

More and More Travelers are Taking Their Pets with Them

With the availability of air pets and pet cargos, more people are travelling with their four-legged friends. And those are not just the foreign travelers—domestic guests also frequently take their furbabies especially when they are travelling with cars. In Indonesia, people are beginning to see their cats and dogs as members of the family, and their attitudes on pet ownership are shifting. 

This means there’s a growing demand for pet-friendly lodgings – and a chance for you to make more money as a host. As the popularity of pets grows, so does the need to accommodate guests who want to travel with their pets.

Google search volume for “pet friendly villa Bali” alone generate 5.990.000 search results. It’s time to be among few pet-friendly Bali villa rentals in Canggu, get more traffics, and receive more bookings. 

Making Your Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Appealing to Wider Audience

Making Your Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Appealing to Wider Audience

Turning your Canggu vacation rental into a pet-friendly accommodation certainly opens more opportunity to not only regular travelers, but also to a niche market.  By marketing your property to a larger audience, you will be able to create more bookings.

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More Revenue Coming from Pet Owners

Pet owners are willing to pay a little more for the option to stay with their pets, so you can raise your overnight cost. Allowing pets on your property improves the number of possible customers, which leads to greater occupancy rates. We looked at data from all of our booking partners and discovered that residences that allow dogs have better rental income (on average 10–20 percent more) and occupancy than those that don’t.

It’s Okay to Charge Higher for Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

One of the best things about having a pet-friendly short-term rental is that pet owners are already expecting to pay more at the checkout. If you have a 5 bedroom villa rental in Canggu with private pool and make it pet-friendly, for example, you’ll need to clean all the room and the pool from pet furs and possible mess. So, it’s totally reasonable if you put an extra clean-up fee in your vacation rental. 

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Increasing Loyalty from Happy Guests

Let’s face it. It’s not easy to find a good hotel or villa in Bali that allow pets. So if pet owners find a good one, they will be more than happy to return to the villa. Another incentive to make your house pet-friendly is that you will have happier guests, according to statistics. Why would you not make your home pet-friendly if it may assist your guests have a stress-free vacation? These customers arrive pleased since they didn’t have to choose between a beautiful house and one that was pet-friendly. They were able to have both at the same time! And it’s no secret that contented, stress-free guests are more inclined to return to your hotel year after year.

Self-Compassion To Help Build Your Success

Being a leader of your own business puts you in so many difficult situations more often than not. There are many occasions when you feel like you have to put the others first before yourself. Being a good leader is not only about driving sales. It is also about how you lead your team, hence the responsibility can feel so suffocating. And this is also probably why many leaders don’t pay really attention to self-compassion. 

African woman sit on couch near laptop take break reduce stress do yoga meditation exercise to calm down self control get rid of negative emotions, bad e-mail, difficult task, problems at work concept

The idea of self-compassion while building your success

Many leaders that paying attention to self-compassion is too much like a luxury they don’t always have the time for. However, it is important element for leaders to look after their own emotional, physical, as well as mental well-being. This way, they will be able to face any challenges. Also, self-compassion is important support to keep going. Therefore, if you are a leader who is busy building your success with your business and team, it is best to start devoting time to self-compassion. 

There is no guarantee that by practicing self-compassion you will reach your success faster. However, it helps you to withstand difficult situation, making you more resilience, tough, and mindful. It is kind of common for leaders to be perfectionist, wanting everything to be on the right track. However, it is something impossible in life. But with self-compassion, you will be able to appreciate and support yourself better, making you stronger to keep going. 

The concept of self-compassion

Self-compassion just as stated before is how you pay more attention to your well-being physically, emotionally, and mentally. Practicing self-compassion while you are dealing with the hectic of running a business can be much more challenging. However, it is not something impossible to achieve especially if you are consistent. 

It is easy for you as leader to be harder on yourself than to others. You self-criticize more harshly than when you do it to your employee. In the end, you are not fighting the problems but fighting on yourself. You refuse to acknowledge that you also need support just like how you give it to other when they are in difficult situation. It is hard for you to show empathy to yourself because you think you should know better. And this is dangerous because it can lead to unhealthy coping mechanism, and overall can be harmful to your well-being.

Achieving success with self-compassion

To practice self-compassion, you need mindfulness. It is how you acknowledge your feelings and thoughts. You give yourself time to fully understand what is happening without being judgemental to yourself. Forget about the need to always be in control, driving yourself harder, and taking failures personally. Those things will only result in negativity, making you unable to see the good of yourself. In return, you will not focus enough to achieving your goals to be successful. Instead of blaming yourself when you make a mistake, try to give yourself a chance to self-forgiveness and learn from it instead. This is how you will learn and grow more optimally.

A Tour of Padar Island, Captivate the beauty and hidden story of the island

Located in the heart of the Komodo National Park, surrounded by strong Indian Ocean water currents. The Komodo Boat is the only way to get to Padar island.

A Tour of Padar Island, Captivate the beauty and hidden story of the island
Beautiful sunrise landscape of Padar island in Flores Indonesia.

Padar Island had only been a popular tourist attraction in Komodo National Park for around four years. This island was not formerly as well-known as Rinca Island and the Komodo Islands. There are a few Komodo Dragons on this island, but you don’t have to be concerned because they live in the northern part of the island, far from where the tourists congregate and climb. Patrols from the Komodo National Park are stationed at the Komodo dragon’s area 24 hours a day.

So, what makes Padar one of Komodo Island’s most famous tourist destinations? The first is the magnificence of the huge stretches of white-sand beaches with crystal-clear water. On Padar, there are six beaches, however only one is open to the public. When you reach the top of the island, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of the entire Komodo National Park.

Padar Island is riddled with mystery and controversies of its own. A lot of Komodo village people once told a story about the island having a rich gold mining content. As a result, the island was once contested by various private companies seeking to illegally exploit the island of Padar by attempting to establish a hotel under the guise of tourism and conservation. Although the veracity of the story remains a question, some locals in Kampung Komodo and other nearby communities continue to believe it.

What is the best way to get to Padar Island?

Padar Island is only accessible by boat. The city of Labuan Bajo provides the most convenient access. There are several methods to get to Labuan Bajo, but flying is the simplest and fastest. Several flights connect Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Surabaya, Makassar, and Kupang to and from Labuan Bajo.

Padar tour hiking

Trekking to the top of Padar might take anything from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your physical condition. If you get fatigued, take a few rests because the sun in the Komodo national park is scorching. Bring sunscreen, hiking sandals or shoes, hats, and sunglasses, as well as bottled water provided by our Komodo cruise crew.

Padar is around 240 meters above sea level, with almost 750 steps to ascend. In the distance, you can see the entire Komodo National Park as well as Komodo Island.

On Padar, there are Komodo Dragons, although they are extremely rare and only found in the far north of the island, which is inaccessible to humans. Professional rangers from the Komodo National Park patrol the region 24 hours a day.

Humans are not permitted to stay overnight or camp on the island of Padar, according to officials from the Komodo National Park. On the island of Padar, dragons still exist. Padar Island may only be visited by renting a liveaboard Komodo boat. The boat will be moored on the sand.

Liveaboard Indonesia, Exploring Anambas Island
Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Cheap & Fun Vacation

Handling Members With Toxic Personality Within Your Team

It is true that being a manage in an organization is challenging especially when it comes to handling team-related problems. Your team must consist of different individual with different personalities and characteristics. Sometimes, differences are not a problem when they don’t affect negatively to others. However, sometimes there is that one member with toxic personality which affect the environment and dynamic within the team. What should you do to handle this kind of situation as the leader?

Is it really toxic personality

It is important to understand first what toxic personality is. Those who are considered having toxic personalities are individuals who are spreading negativity to their surroundings. They tend to mistreat and diminish others constantly. They also tend to criticize almost everything. These kind of behaviors are damaging and considered toxic. And if there is a member in your team with this characteristics, you need to handle it in the best ways. 

How to know if there is a member with toxic personality in your team?

As a leader, sometimes you are too focused on reaching your goals that you forget about the environment within your team. Hence, it is great if you can be more proactive in taking care of your team instead of waiting for the troubles to come. Observe your teams closely to see how they interact and communicate with each other. Observe how each member work with the project given to the team. If you notice there is someone or some people who tend to drag the group’s energy down then it can be a sign of toxicity within your team. 

Make your own observation 

To make good observation, be open and stay receptive to every comment or complaint from your members. It is even better if you can take notes as well aside from listening to our team members attentively. When everything is documented, it is easier for you to register what is happening within the team. 

When you notice there is someone with toxic personality that they often cause troubles or conflict with the other members, make further observation. Watch them carefully and discreetly. If possible,, have meeting with those individuals and assess their behavior. You can see if they behave in certain ways if they are only with the group. From this you can find out whether the problem is the person or the group itself. 

Handling the issue

Once you know which person with toxic personality, you have to find ways to confront them. Make sure to take some considerations before such as how the person will take your feedback. For example, if the person is tend to be shy, you’d better confront them alone through one-on-one conversation. Or, you can also opt for a group setting approach if needed. 

After confronting, do not forget to follow up with that person and see how they respond afterwards. You can also document their behavior to see if there is improvement. If the situation is not getting better, you might need to talk with human resources to find better solution.

Bolstering Your Online Brand influence With The Right Customers

Fighting for consumer attention is now common in business industry. With the rise of internet, it provides easier access. However, it is getting predictable for how social media works today with the competition. Brands with large followings can potentially leverage a larger audience. Meanwhile, smaller brands may need to face even harder fight. 

Online Brand influence

How to bolster your online brand influence

Keep in mind that internet is not limited to social media platforms. It is larger than that so you can take advantage of what’s best for your brand to shine such as content marketing, paid ads, and other online advertising campaigns. The most important thing to do is how to use the right strategies, with the right platforms and tools, to reach out the right customers, so you can increase your online brand influence effectively.

Consider leveraging social media platforms

When it comes to boosting your online brand’s presence, social media is still the king. It is the biggest and most impactful tool for you to leverage to benefit your business. There are different platforms to choose from and you can pick the one that will be able to deliver your message keep in mind to put the best message that reflect your brand’s values. Social media platforms can help garner attention as well as inform your followers of your business’s mission.

Create your brand ambassadors

You don’t have to hire influencers or famous celebrities to be your brand ambassadors. You can let your own employees become one by letting them create Twitter account which include their names and the company brand. You can simply let them speak in the name of the brand through their account. Let them interact with the followers in casual or professional ways to create more engagement. It would such a powerful way to boost your online brand’s presence.

Consider a unique, valuable custom product

Having a unique, valuable custom product is one of the best and easiest way to be a successful business online. It is because you can be the only one who provide this product so the influence it creates will only come to your brand. However, make sure to plan this well so you won’t just create random product. 

Serve your customer with hospitality

Customer experience truly matters for your business. Hence, it is a must to create positive customer experience when your customers doing business with you. Make every online interaction enjoyable for them. As the result, they will tell other people their excellent experience without being asked. They will give positive reviews and testimonials more willingly. 

Be more active to share without being asked

You are the expert of what you do so do not hesitate to share what you know because your knowledge is valuable. The audience will appreciate a lot when you do it without even being asked. You can simply leave comments or compliments on posts. Be genuinely helpful and people will come to you willingly and loyally.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Cheap & Fun Vacation

A series of open trip Labuan Bajo can be a traveler’s choice for a vacation. Labuan Bajo tour packages are often known as live onboard, where you sail using a wooden boat during a trip to visit the islands in the Komodo National Park area. Labuan bajo is not as popular as Komodo island. You need to know, Labuan Bajo is a point for tourists who want to visit the island of Komodo.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Cheap & Fun Vacation

Tips to Choose open trip Labuan Bajo

Choosing an open trip to Labuan Bajo is not only seen from the website page, social media. Itinerary and travel facilities are crucial things that you must pay attention to. Choice of open trip Labuan Bajo, joint tour, and private tour. This destination, which is located in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has beautiful islands to explore, beautiful beaches, a diversity of flora and fauna, and offers a variety of tourist experiences such as diving and cruises.

During the trip, tourists will stay on board for a period of 3-7 days, depending on the choice of each traveler. You will be invited to explore the diving points and enjoy the view from the boat. 

Trekking on Padar Island

open trip labuan Bajo - padar island

Padar Island is one of the most popular iconic photo spots. The view of the curved island with the vast land becomes very special. The top of the hill is one of the photo destinations as well as a trekking track that you must try. Tourists have to climb more than 1000 steps with a slope of 45 degrees. This fairly steep track does not have a safety rope so tourists must be extra focused and observant when climbing the stairs. So that the trekking trip on Padar Island is maximized, choose the morning or afternoon. More beautiful scenery and the sun tends to be shadier reducing the risk of fatigue and dehydration.

Visiting ancient animals on Komodo island

Komodo Island is one of the conservation centers of the Komodo National Park. You can see the daily activities of Komodo dragons and enjoy the view. A ranger will accompany tourists somewhat stray and safe from aggressive Komodo dragons.

Diving with Manta rays

open trip labuan bajo - manta point diving site

Open trip Labuan Bajo sailing 25 minutes from the pink beach, you will find the Manta Point dive spot. You can find the largest species of stingray in the world with a body width of 2-3 meters. If you don’t have a diving certificate, you can visit the Manta Sighting Spot to touch, caress, and feed the mantas. The sea waves at Manta Point are quite strong so it takes mental and physical preparation if you want to dive.

Saving-Money Tips That Will Help Entrepreneurs To Survive During Hard Times

Even though money is not the only essentials in building business, it is surely one of the most vital for business to keep running, especially during hard times. After the pandemic hit last year, this year many entrepreneurs who hoped for better situation so they can get back on their feet. However, another wave of pandemic hit then their hopes were in vain. One of the most concerning problems is cash and saving money diligently from the beginning can help you a lot to survive. 

Saving money tips for entrepreneurs

You may save some petty cash from using two-ply tissue or switching off the bulbs. However, this kind of petty cash won’t make you survive for long. It will run out in no time even before your business pass the storm of the crisis. It will be beneficial if you have more drastic saving method, and here are some of the most useful tips you can implement on your business for great result of saving money:

Reevaluate your expenses as a whole

You may have automated some of your business expenses to make it easier for you to manage all the cost. However, it is important that you review it from time to time to see if there is any restructuring needed. Restructuring your rent, insurance, and other monthly cost can help a lot in finding unnecessary expense you can just stop instead. For example, you have monthly subscription of a service you no longer use such as WiFi for your closed office, etc. If there are things you still kind of need but not as intense as before, then you may renegotiate it with the provider to see if you can get discount or something. 

Cut out expensive perks

Perks that are expensive totally put a dent on your monthly expense and you must cut out or at least substitute them with something that you can afford more. One of the perks that are very consuming for your monthly expense is snack for employees. You may spend hundred dollars just for snacks. If you close your office, you cut it out automatically. If you still have your employees around and working, then you have to give them explanation about why you need to cut their snacks out. Or, you can also swap out non-essential perks for high-value perks. Instead of paying for snacks, it might be more meaningful for your employees to get health insurance plan, especially during this pandemic. 

Consider using freelancers or outsourcing instead of recruiting new staffs

Recruitment costs a lot because it needs to go through several process before you get the right people to join your team. To save money, it is more preferable if you use freelancers or outsourcing to handle some tasks such as customer service, logo design, graphic design work, etc. With outsourcing, you get professional who are ready to handle various works without the need for training first. Then, freelancers can handle more frequent tasks for a lot less while doing it remotely from their own home.

Papua Liveaboard Diving, Exploring Remarkable 5 Dive Sites Raja Ampat

The charm of tourist destinations in Indonesia always amazes the eyes of the world. Raja Ampat is one of the popular and best diving tourist destinations that must be included in your dive vacation list. The Papua diving spot of Raja Ampat is blessed with stunning underwater scenery with a ribbon of various fish species. There are so many choices of islands that Raja Ampat is often called a paradise for travelers and diving lovers. Papua liveaboard diving is certainly the right idea if you want to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat up close.

Papua liveaboard diving, exploring Mios Kun

Mios Kun is located in the southern area near Kabui Bay and is one of the best Papua diving spots. Mios Kun has many diving and snorkeling locations with beautiful coral reefs to colorful fish. Papua liveaboard diving brings you to find various species of fish ranging from the schooling yellow snapper, barracuda, cake fish to carpet sharks. The ocean currents in Mios Kun are not too big so it is safe for novice divers.

Cross Wreck Papua Diving

Cross Wreck is 300 km from Sorong with stunning underwater panoramas of Japanese shipwrecks that ran aground in World War II. At a depth of 18 meters, divers can see shipwrecks that are still intact and explore the contents of the ship in the form of the main cabin, engine room, and ammunition room. Divers can find lionfish, leaf fish, devil fish, mantis shrimp, and octopus. The best time to dive in Cross wreck is March to November.

Tanjung Kri Papua Diving Raja Ampat

Tanjung Kri is one of the leading diving spots with a fascinating diversity of marine life. At a depth of 10-40 meters and a viewing distance of 10-30 meters, you can find 374 species of fish and coral reefs, ranging from barracuda, various types of jacks, batfish, snapper, grouper, to green turtles. The clarity of the waters in Tanjung Kri allows you to see the beauty of marine life without having to dive at a certain depth and is the perfect spot for snorkeling.

Magic Mountain

This diving spot is often called Shadow Reef and is the number 1 Papua diving spot. Magic Mountain offers underwater charm if you want to see the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat. You can also find the legendary fish, Manta Rays and is a breeding habitat for napoleon fish. Magic Mountain is also a place for reef shark chicks to grow and develop.

Batu Lima

Papua liveaboard diving this time will take you to the Batu Lima diving spot. This diving spot is located in the Dampier Strait with a dive depth of 24 meters and has various current conditions. The attraction of Batu Lima is the charm of large coral reefs. Divers do not need to dive too deep because at a depth of a few meters you can already find beautiful purple coral reefs.

Papua trips for diving activities have always been the dream of domestic and foreign divers. Diving equipment you must prepare:

  • Wetsuits
  • Mask
  • Regulator
  • Fins
  • Gauges
  • Bouyancy Compensation Device
  • Computer Dive
  • Dive booties
  • water tank

Finding Your Niche To Be Successful In Personal Branding

You can build the career you want through a little determination, hard work, and a spark of creativity. However, they are not enough to find yourself a true success. You need to do more in order to gain more because the scale is different if you want to be successful with a business you build. Personal branding is one of the essentials to build a successful business in this digital age. And one of the most effective ways to be successful n personal branding is find your niche. 

Why you need to find your niche

If you find your niche, you can do beyond the average. You can move your industry forward and create your own success. More than propelling your career, you have to hone your focus, develop expertise, and settle on a niche to build successful brand. As the result, you will create a brand that can move and transform the industry as a whole by focusing on your area of expertise. 

When you find your niche, it helps you to stay focus on your path. It keeps your attention on his one area of expertise and continue the development of your brand. And here are other important elements you need to develop to find a niche that will help move and transform your industry:

Develop openness toward new technologies

It is important and beneficial for you to strive to be an early adopter. Keeping your finger on the latest technology will help a lot in your goal to transform your industry. However, knowing the latest technologies is not enough, you have to try them out when they take off. Also, you need to stay focus on your niche so you know which technology that is fit with your brand’s value and mission. You can also follow industry leaders within your niche so you can learn more from them. 

Be the solution for your target market’s problem

Find a niche that can act as a solution in a long-standing issues because believe it or not, every industry has its pitfalls. It is possible for you to have difficulty in finding your niche. And if you have not determined your niche yet, look for the problems within your area of interest. After finding the problem, find out the best solution to solve it. Keep in mind that when you consider your work is something to create solution then it will transform your industry. Also, it helps other people around you serve clients, customers, and followers better. 

Build a solid diverse team

Even if you adopt the latest technology early, it won’t make any impact if you don’t have the right people to operate it. Hence, you need a help of a team who can bring their expertise to areas you may not be expert at. So while you become the expert, you need the support of the best team to transform your industry. Choose people who can propel your  ideas, mission, and vision even further. 

Five Things You Want to Find at Bali Family Resorts

Every family deserve vacation in Bali; to just relax under the tropical weather and do so many exciting things under the sun. However, family vacation is not alwarys easy. Especially when you are travelling with energetic kids. Don’t get us wrong. We do love kids, but sometimes catering their need on a vacation could be a little bit tiring. Exhausting parents needs some relaxation, too, and that’s why going to Bali family resorts for the holiday is a good idea. Here are five things you’ll love there. 

Some Bali Family Resorts That Are Not Super Immense

A Bali Family Resort That Is Not Super Immense

All of us wants to boast the luxuries of staying at a super large, mega beach resort. But when you come with family, you wouldn’t really want to stay at an enormous Bali resorts. You don’t want to spend all day chasing the young kids running around between the pools, lounge rooms, and other areas at the resort. Things can get even far from relaxation if you get a room that’s bit too far from the resorts’ facilities. Who want to walk half a mile away, carrying a toddler in one arm and baby’s bag in other arm only to get to the restaurant?

You will love the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa as this oceanfront resort is big, but not too wide that you need to walk two miles a day just to get to places. It’s something that’s often overlooked by parents who plan a holiday at a beach resort. 

Water Slides for Little Kids and Bigger Pools for Youngsters 

Water Slides for Little Kids and Bigger Pools for Youngsters

If you are travelling with toddlers, you gotta love the kid pools at Bali family resorts. A fun water bucket, a safe short slide which just thrilling enough for children under five, and shallow depth. You can just lay back in one of the pool loungers while watching the kids playing in the water. 

They don’t have pool for bigger kids, though. Your teenage kid might not be able to have fun with water slides, but they can always choose one of three adult pools in the resort!

An Activity Book for the Kids

An Activity Book for the Kids

It’s quite a challenge to keep kids preoccupied. This resort gives every young kid a set of activity packs consists of an activity book and colouring pencils! A way to stimulate children’s creativity juice and keep them away from boredom—or nagging. Parents know how precious is the time when their little monsters gets busy with their own world. 

A Pool Bar

A Pool Bar

A family holiday doesn’t have to always be centred to the needs and activity of the kids. Sometimes you need some down time to be an adult, talk to an adult, and having fun just like adult do. Don your swimwear and go to the Duke pool bar, where you can hang out in the swim-up and sip on some tropical-inspired cocktails. 

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Bali Family Resorts with Special Kid’s Room

Bali Family Resort with Special Kid’s Room

How many times kids can get their own room inside their parents’ suite in Bali? This Bali family resort know how to make a peaceful parent’s-kids vacation. Their family suite is built with a master bedroom and an incredibly cute ocean-decorated kids room. But the excitement doesn’t stop here. While the parents are indulged with 180º panoramic oceanfront view from their bed, the kids would have absolute fun with the kid-sized beanbags, the fishes decoration in the wall, a playstation game and the wide TV in their room! Not only that, they also get their very own kid-sized bathroom and kids-friendly toiletries!