Diving for Beginners Tips on Dive Boat Sessions


When you have attained your basic open water certification, you are now welcomed to discover the world of blue. It’s time for your beginners diving trip! You will hop in dive boat—maybe diving liveaboard—for the first time. And much like other beginners lesson in diving, there will be lots of hew thing you learn. It’s time for real underwater exploration and having he best time of your life. 

Diving for Beginners Tips on Dive Boat Sessions

Diving Beginners Should pick Up Etiquette on Diving Liveaboard

Divers have their own code of conduct on dive boats. It’s not something that they teach at dive school, so you need to pick it up by your own. It’s common to see beginners on diving making one or two mistakes—it’s still acceptable as long as you are willing to learn. Just remember the basics:

  • Be courteous and pay respects to fellow divers onboard
  • Keep your belongings and equipments tidy. You are sharing the boat with 10+ other divers!
  • Do not get in the way of the crews. They need to prepare all the technical details. 
  • Be careful to not bump into other divers especially when you are preparing for entry. 

Learn How to Get Into the Water from the Boat

This is how the actual diving will be different than your scuba diving for beginner class. You will learn how to enter the water from a boat. There are three different method of boat entries; the giant stride, the back roll water entry, and the seated water entry. Don’t worry too much if you haven’t master the entry technique. Every dive boat will have a dive instructor that will give you the right guide for the entry. 

A Good Chance for Diving Beginners to Learn to Use Nitox 

Diving for Beginners Tips on Dive Boat Sessions

Diving in a boat for the first time will be a great lessons for beginners to use Nitrox. In this trip, you will spend a lot of time underwater—probably more than your first few dives. It’s a good chance to upgrade to Nitrox (Enriched Air Diving) to allow more bottom time on your dives. A Nitrox will also give you no decompression limits on repetitive dives. You will feel less tired than when you dive with regular air. Some dive boats offer nitro certification on boards which is perfect for diving for beginners. It’s easy and just take a half-day course, so grab the opportunity while available!

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Always Pack Your Seasickness Antidote

Folks, this is important. Beginners or not, you need to bring seasickness antidote to dive boat trip just in case. You never know when the seasickness attack. Have a strip of seasickness pills or ginger candy ready at your bag. If you are prone to seasickness, consider to wear an acupuncture bands. 

Be Environmentally Responsive

Be aware of the products you use. Since you will be in direct contact with the ocean, any waste would give direct impact to the ocean. Be kind to our mother nature and spend a little bit extra money to buy reef-friendly toiletries products. Make sure your shampoo, body wash, and sunscreen would not unintentionally bleach the reefs. Throw your toilet paper to the bin and don’t flush it—it’s gonna be disposed directly to the ocean. Use reusable cups instead of paper or plastic cup every time. Learn how to be environmentally responsive since your diving for beginners level.