Creating Positive Customer Experience To Boost Your Business


In business, customers play important role for its growth. In fact, it is one of the keys to successful revenue for your business. Therefore, customer’s happiness is not to be underestimated. Attracting your target customer to make them buy your products or services is not the end of your effort. What you have to do is maintain their happiness and positive experience. Not to mention that happy and satisfied customers won’t hesitate to show you off. They will be happily promote you to their friends, families, and even acquaintances. It’s because they want others to experience the same good thing. 

Positive customers experience to build

The first thing you have to do before creating positive experience for your customers is change the way you think of them. You should start acknowledging their impact to your business especially for a long term effect. Therefore, you will understand what they need and how to satisfy them by treating them the right way. 

It’s All About the Impressions

Customer experience is the impression you leave with your customers. The impression should leave positive impact of how they view your brand. There are many factors that can influence their impression. The two keys are products and people. Customers come to you because they are interested in your products. They will be happy if they buy the product they truly need or want just as they expected. However, the power of people can make them come back. When you serve them with the right amount of attention and care, they will have positive view of your brand in general, not only on your products. Therefore, your business growth can be affected greatly by customer experience. 

Consumers Are Your Marketers

These traditional shops in Ubud, Bali is made famous by customers uploading to their social media

Remember that customers today hold more power than the sellers. There information they can access through online platform so it is not hard for them to compare then choose. Their opinion also do matter for the sellers. If they have bad experience using particular products or service, they won’t hesitate to announce it to the world because everything is accessible now such as social media. Instead of feeling intimidated by their power, you can take advantage of that. Your customers are the best resource for your business growth. You can use their power to build your brand and raise brand awareness. When you are on your customers’ side and you leave positive impression, they will recommend and share their experience with their friends and families. 

Think About Consumers’ Satisfaction

There are many things you can do to find out the level of your customer’s satisfaction such as conducting survey, asking for feedback, or analyzing customer support ticket trends. Conducting customer survey should be done regularly. You can do it after every launching new products and service, or once every three months. This will give you idea of your customer’s experience. You can also ask their feedback to know their opinion of your products and services. Also, ask them what kind of features they want next. Then, don’t forget to analyze your customer’s ticket trends to address issues and increase your customer’s positive experience.