Making the Best Komodo Boat Trip for You


The Komodo National Park in the far flung peripheral of Indonesian frontier keeps rising in popularity. The picturesque sceneries of this beautiful landscapes haunts popular photo-sharing apps; the Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr, continuously enchants people from all around the world with its breathtaking charms. A week of Komodo boat trip in this slice of raw heaven seems like a perfect way to spend summer. You are going to sail in glistening blue ocean, around gorgeous tiny islands, and visit probably the most pristine beaches you have ever seen.

A week of sailing trip could be a heavenly pause from the world—or a disaster, if you can’t manage. This is how you could plan a smooth carry out for a long duration of sailing trip . 

Making the Best Komodo Boat Trip for You

Bring Only the Essentials to Komodo Boat Trip

I know. You are going yo the middle of nowhere and you think you need to bring everything. Proper clothing, summer clothes that would look good on Instagram, complete diving gears, snorkels, and other knick-knacks. But if you have ever been to a boat, you would know how space could be so limited. So, remember to only bring the essentials. Also, you would likely to pick up some souvenirs from Komodo along the way, and having a lot of spare space would help. 

Let the Unexpected Rolls On

When you set a vacation in a Komodo boat trip, keep in mind that things might not go as planned. The sea could suddenly be rough and you probably have to skip a certain island. You might won’t see as many Komodo dragons as you wish. Or they might not in the mood to display a beastly feast as you seen in NatGeo. Whatever it is, let the unexpected rolls on without too much baggage. Learn to let it pass and try to enjoy unplanned things along the way. 

Try Lots and Lots of New Thing

Hopping in a Komodo boat trip to a world where civilisation is rare to found is already a new thing. There’s nothing more perfect than being in an adventure to try new things! It’s time to turn your adrenaline on and do things you never do before. Never try to jump from a boat straight to the sea? Well, you are in an ideal place to do that! The Komodo’s water is so bright and translucent and it’s always inviting anyone to jump right away. Your boat has paddle board and yak boat for free? Why don’t you use this rare opportunity to learn how to use them? Find new things and challenge yourself to go above and beyond. By the time you come back home, you will be glad to have taken the leap!

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Try Arranging A Beach Dinner (or Lunch)

One thing you never need to worry when going with a Komodo boat trip is the food. Thank Zeus, it’s all inclusive with the boat package you pay for. You will have all meals, served three times a day, cooked and prepared by the boat crews. Dining could take place in indoor saloon or in the outdoor deck. But if you want to have something eventful to remember, try to arrange an outdoor dining with your Komodo liveaboard operator in an empty beach nearby. Relish in Indonesian delight while enjoying the sea in private. It’s gonna be amazing!