Wedding Catering Services: Drop-Off vs Full-Service Caterer


Depending on the needs of your wedding reception and the format of your event, you may need to choose between the two types of catering service, generally referred to as drop-off catering and full-service catering. Plenty of catering services in Bali offer either one option, or both. The option between the two highly depends on what you envision your event would be. Let’s delve in a bit to get to know which wedding catering services that would suit your event. 

Wedding catering services: what does Full-Service Catering mean? 

Full-service catering whether in Bali or in other places, generally refers to the fact that your caterer provides and handles everything from food to staffing and the encompassing hospitality service that comes with it. 

  • Serving equipments that includes cutlery, tablewares, and linens. Many Bali full-catering services also provide tables and chairs upon request. 
  • Cleaning duties. This often includes cleaning duties throughout the happenings of the event. You’ll have staff cleaning and tidying up the venue during the event. 
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Some of the best catering in Bali that offer full-service also have a selection of venues that they usually have a collaboration. This often goes the other way too, where a wedding venue provides Bali catering service as well as staffing. The most convenient of the two would obviously be a full-service one for your Bali wedding catering services rather than the drop-off option.

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What is Drop-Off catering? 

A drop-off catering is a catering system with a limited staff service. Essentially, this resembles a delivery food service, except in a larger scale and with service of handling an event in mind. The types of food served by the drop off catering services depend on the business itself. Often times, it’s ready to serve food.

Some drop-off catering offers handling the equipment that often includes buffet serving equipments as well as all of the cutlery and tablewares. Additional equipments are sometimes offered as well, such as the tables and chairs, usually with an additional cost not included in the main catering packages. If you’re thinking of getting a drop-off catering instead of a full-service one, make sure that you consult your catering provider what kind of equipments that are available to rent. Some drop-off caterers sometimes offer staffing as well, which means they offer both a full-service catering and a drop-off service. 

When is choosing Drop-Off catering a better option? 

If you’re having a wedding reception with a very limited number of people invited, then a drop-off catering service may be for you. Guests number or a headcount is a big factor when deciding whether to choose a drop-off or a full-service for your wedding catering services.

A good rule of thumb is, if you’re inviting more than just your closest friends and your immediate family members, chances are, you’re not going to need a full-service catering for your event. A drop-off catering can be sufficient and extremely cost-saving for those couples who are on a budget. 

Wedding catering services: Headcount matters when deciding between the options 

But how many people is just enough for a drop-off catering? When talking about numbers, this can range from 10 to 50 people of both of you and your partner combined. The agenda of your wedding reception also matters. If you’re estimating that the event would last for over 2 hours, chances are, it’s better to have a full-service wedding caterer handling your reception.