Stunning Libraries Around the World Worth Traveling For


Travelling with your passion as your motivation can be more meaningful and memorable. Just like when you love books. You can decide travel destination based on your passion on books. You can visit stunning libraries located around the world. Not only do they have literature collections, they also have beautiful interior and exterior designs of the buildings. Therefore, visiting libraries during travel can be one of your meaningful activities. You can read various book collections from various authors as well as appreciating the beauty that the libraries offer to visitors.

Libraries for your travel destination

Travelling around the world is fun and exciting especially when you do it with passion. It is even more meaningful when you do it to indulge your personal interest of something. If you are book lover, might as well choose one of these best libraries with the most intriguing looks around the world:

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building is New York public library

This is actually the main branch of New York public library because they have many branches. This one is situated on Fifth Ave, near Byrant Park. During your visit to this library, you will get to see the most intriguing look of the building. It has intricate, marble façade. Not to mention the infamous lion statues that stand guard at the base of the steps. 

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Bodleian Library, located in Oxford, England

When it comes to literature, Oxford is paradise. It is where you can find impressive libraries. However, Bodleian has its own unique characteristics. It has a vibe of ancient cathedral. For your information, this library has been used since the 14th Century. You won’t run out of something to read because this library has 12 million volumes. You will find Shakespeare’s First folio, and other authentic, original world’s masterpieces. 

Stuttgart City Library can be found in Germany. This library is quite unique because it has cube shape. It is a five-story building with bright design and white as its dominant color. When you enter the library, you will feel like inside a modern art gallery. The room is bright with interesting features. The most intriguing part is the reading room because it is shaped like an upside down pyramid. You will get new experience of reading books in a library. 

Admont Abbey Library, located in Admont, Austria

This stunning library opened in 1776. Thus, it is considered very old. In fact, it is attached to the oldest remaining monastery in Styria. Thus, you will find the largest monastic contents as this is the largest monastic library indeed. The interior is decorated in gold features along with airy white. There are also sculptures by Joseph Stammel decorating the building as well as stunning frescoes by Bartolomeo Altomonte. 

There are also other stunning, beautiful libraries you can explore around the world such as Central Library of Vancouver in Canada, George Peabody Library in Maryland, Trinity College Old Library in Dublin, Bibliotheque Interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne in Paris, and Strahov Monastery Library Library in Prague.