Snorkeling Indonesia For Beginner

Snorkeling Indonesia For Beginner

It’s fine if you can’t swim, but you know that the beach and the sea are inseparable partners. Enjoying the beach can be in many ways. But it seems you also have to get up from the lounge chair and dive into the sea. Feel the sensation of Snorkeling Indonesia in the Flores sea. You immediately want to be a mermaid when you’re there. You don’t have to be afraid, you just need to float. 

Why? Because of Indonesian ocean is the heart of the world’s coral triangle! The beauty of the marine world is a shame if you shame its exotism. And snorkeling doesn’t need any special skills. Even those who can’t swim can do it. It’s just that there are a few things to note. For the safety of you, others, and our nature. 

What beginners should know in Snorkeling Indonesia

You need to know that you will use a Mask, Snorkel, Fin, and can also be a buoy if needed. Snorkeling is another way we move our breathing, which used to be through the mouth. Now with the mouth through the snorkel tube. Also with frog legs (Fin), which help us paddle in the water. Make sure the Fin and the Mask are the right sizes when we use them. If the mask is loose, water can enter and interfere in our vision. If the Fin is narrow you will be uncomfortable, if it is too big, it will be a hassle. 

When you are still on the seafront, try to breathe through the snorkel hose to adapt, and not be surprised. Also, don’t stay away from a more experienced companion, and make sure you’re in the right place to Snorkeling Indonesia. 

Into The Sea

  • The most important first thing is not to be nervous, just to be easy. Everything will be more beautiful when you’re inside. 
  • If you can’t stand cold temperatures, you can rent a wetsuit to dampen it. Or if you don’t mind cold water wear brightly colored clothes. 
  • Try to enter from a shallow area before heading for a rocky area. Make yourself comfortable at Private Trip Labuan Bajo with the equipment you use. 
  • Enter from where the current begins to flow. You will consume more energy if you go against the current. So you will get tired faster and finish the Snorkeling Indonesia activity. 
  • The Fins you use will take some time to get comfortable.This tool will help your movement in the water, try to fit the size of your feet. 
  • When you have started to meet with many varieties of fish. You still have to be careful. Don’t just touch living things in the water. 
  • Monitor the direction you are driving, see if there is a ship above you or not. 
  • If your Mask is dewy, you can clean it by adding a little water. Then shake. Put your mask on until it washes away the dew. And remove the water again by pressing the top of the Mask while exhaling hard through the nose. 
  • If seawater gets into your snorkel hose, don’t panic, that’s normal. All you need to do is blow air through your mouth to push the water out. 
  • Well now that you’re comfortable with your position, you can dive deeper. Do freediving by holding your breath. But learn it first, before it’s dangerous.  
  • Happy selfie, take cool poses without harm.

Being a Responsible Snorkel

  • Do not damage and pollute seawater. Did you know that coral reefs only grow a few inches per year? So take good care of the sea and everything in it, also don’t take what belongs to the sea. 
  • Be careful when swinging your frog’s legs. Look for a space that will not damage the coral reef. 
  • The sea star if it moves takes days. Don’t destroy the sacrifice, yes, it’s enough for you to take a photo with it.
  • You don’t have to touch all the creatures in the water, we never know how they will respond. Just playing it safe in Snorkeling Indonesia.

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