Piercing Bali: Gun vs Needle Which One is Safest?


Did you fall in love with the many Balinese craftsmanship, like their renowned silver works, and would love to make a new room for a piercing Bali in your body? But is it safe to get pierced in Bali? You’re certainly not the first one who have concerns about getting a piercing on the island, and other body modifications for that matter. 

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Needle piercing Bali: when safety is your top most concern 

When it comes to hygiene and safety concerning piercing methods, hands down, the safest one is needle piercing. All of the needles are single-use and therefore, it has no risk of spreading germs or diseases from other piercing customers. Needle piercers are usually professionals that have underwent previous training or by a studio.

Some needle piercers went to the lengths of getting themselves certified. So yes, there is such a thing as a licensed piercer. The certification itself is from a body known as APP (Association of Professional Piercers). While you it may be particularly difficult to find a piercer in Bali that has such a certification, rest assured that the island has plenty of reputable piercer studios in Bali that offer standardized piercing methods by experienced piercers. 

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Piercing method using guns 

Gun piercing in Bali is, unsurprisingly, much more common compared to piercing methods using needles. You can find gun piercing shop in some Bali department stores whether it’s in Kuta or in Denpasar. The process requires much less training for the piercer staff, and virtually anyone can do it. 

Guns are known to use blunt object that go through your body part with speed and force. The fact that the “needles” used in guns are blunt is often a significant matter of concern when it comes to the holes this equipment produces. Quicker method = less pain? This is apparently not the case when it comes to piercing. The guns actually uses more force, coupled with the bluntness, piercing with guns are notably more painful. 

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Needles or guns? Hygiene concerns in piercing methods 

Gun piercing method is generally less hygienic, and therefore, less safe. The “needles” used in the gun are not able to be replaced. Thus, customers of gun piercings will likely share bodily fluids and germs, which is straightforward not good. 

If you must use guns on your piercing (or your child piercing) for whatever reason, then make sure that the guns used are only single-use guns. If a reusable gun is used, then what’s left of “healing the damage” would be how the piercer would sterilize the wound. 

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Bali Piercing: ear lobes vs other body parts 

While stalls in many department stores would do your earlobe piercing in a heartbeat, this is often not the case with other body parts. If you plan on piercing other body parts aside from the lower earlobes, then it’s highly advisable not to go to a gun piercing shop in Bali (or any other places for that matter). Just don’t. Good places offering gun piercing would not do piercings other than the earlobes using said equipment anyway. 

Bali piercing prices: is the cost worth it?

When it comes to piercing Bali or other body mods, if you can’t afford it, don’t pierce. Still want piercings no matter what? Then wait until you can afford the piercing. Piercings can be a permanent body modification art. Some people would heal overtime as long as they don’t stuff the pierced body part, some people just don’t heal. You should invest the best for the permanent changes on your body, such as getting a piercing. 

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