How To Create Powerful Engaging Content For Your Business

How To Create Powerful Engaging Content For Your Business

Engagement between your customers with your brand is one of the keys for successful business. One of the ways to create more engagement is through content. However, it is still challenging to create powerful and engaging content to win customers. One of the most common problems is that you have customers from different background and preference. Creating content that resonate your audience’s voice is a not an easy feat. However, it is not impossible to do if you keep optimizing your creativity with your team. 

Creating powerful, engaging content to boost your business

There are many mistakes business owners done when creating content. One of the most common mistakes is too focus on quantity rather than quality. Another common mishaps is use professional tone where audience can only feel the gap even more instead of feeling more connected. So here are some of useful tips for you to create more powerful and engaging content:

Approach content creation based on customer’s interest

Many businesses focus too much on making content that fit their business goals only. Meanwhile, it is more efficient and engaging to create contents that resonate with your customer’s voice. Find out what your target customers need and want. You can learn it more from your primary demographic. Have clear ideas of who you are selling your products to. Then, focus on informing benefit and solutions of your products based on what customers really want. 

Set the right tone of voice

Set the right tone of voice

Many businesses want to sound as professional as possible to show their credibility to the customers. However, mostly end up with using difficult words to understand by customers. The most important point of content is deliver message you want to convey to the customers in an easy way. Hence, it is best that you set particular tone and wording to your content. After finding our who your target customers are, it is easier to set the tone of voice that is right for your business. Just imagine you talking to them directly as you would a friend and choose words that are easy to understand. Feel free to add element of humor but make sure to know when to use it appropriately. 

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Evoke customer’s emotion

Create content that can draw in your customer’s emotion. Just like how storytelling work to evoke emotions of the reader or listener, you can also use emotion as the best tool to engage with more customers. it allows you to build strong connection on emotional level. Use power words to grab your audience’s attention. In your content ask questions that can make your customers think and pique their curiosity. 

Use interesting format

Poorly formatted blog post will only turn your customers off. Hence, make sure that your content is formatted correctly and interestingly. Hence, your customers will get interested to keep reading and understand the content’s relevancy to them even in brief glance. Your content is effectively formatted when it is easy to scan,  using sentences that are not too wordy, have clear bullet points, etc.