Better Marketing A Villa in Bali: Owners Guide

Better Marketing A Villa in Bali Owners Guide

The vacation rental industry in Bali is undeniably booming, and the competition is fierce! You should bring the ‘wow’ factor if you want to stay ahead of the game. So, how should your private villa in Bali be advertised to increase your revenue?

Create a Website for Your Private Villa Bali

If you use SEO well, a website can be an effective marketing tool. Localized content, such as restaurant recommendations and neighborhood websites, should be included. Without the need for a middleman, a vacation rental website allows you to keep control of all the details. The homepage should provide all of the information a potential guest could need, such as facilities, room count, and special features. Also, don’t forget to include some high-resolution images. Finally, make sure the site looks great on mobile, as this is how most visitors access it while on the go.

Get More Traffic with Blogs

Blogs will assist you in gaining authority and utilizing content marketing. There’s a lot to write about to get people to visit the website and book a trip. You can explain the history of your property in addition to stating what you offer. Allow visitors to interact with you on a personal level to increase their trust in your business. You can publish something amusing to get the interest of your readers!

Make A Better Pricing Strategy

When it comes to cost, make sure your options are appealing to potential guests. Because you must meet your expenses, it should not be too high or too cheap. According to statistics, 40% of vacation renters will make reservations based on the pricing strategy. To capture the attention of guests, you might want to set the price at about 25% less than the market value. Guests are always looking for the best offer, so you want to be near the top of the search results when they conduct their searches.

Also consider a dynamic pricing. Set a different price on weekdays and weekends. If weekend rates are a little higher, some guests may decide to arrive early to take advantage of the lower rate. This potentially end up in longer bookings and more stays!

Ask Past Guests to Write Review

Did you realize that happy consumers might help you advertise yourself? You can ask for feedback as long as the renters are satisfied during their stay. Nowadays, potential guests are said to read online reviews 9 out of 10 times before making an decision. When visitors see how much other people enjoyed their stay, they are more likely to enjoy it as well.

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances, regardless of the review you receive. When the guest’s vacation experience is still fresh in their mind, it’s the best time to ask for a review.

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Make Your Bali Holiday Villas Stand Out from the Competitors in Listing

Post High-Quality Photos

Many owners of private villa rentals in Bali put up their property in big vacation rental listing. While this gives them better exposure to consumers, it also means that property owners will compete with hundreds, if not thousands other villas in the listing. So, how you can stand out against your competitors?

Improve the Listing

Make sure you come up with a catchy title to pique guests’ interest — every word matters. Make sure to highlight the best features, but don’t overdo it.

Write A Compelling Description

Make Your Bali Holiday Villas Stand Out from the Competitors in Listing

It is also important to pay attention to the description. A captivating description will make the property appealing. Aside from that, you should provide subheadings so that people may quickly access the material. They must be compelling enough to entice viewers to book with you. Avoid imposing strict rules that may turn off potential visitors.

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Post High-Quality Photos

It will not resonate well with possible future guests if you have eye-catching descriptions but blurry photographs. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is true in real estate. They demonstrate how customers view the property. Visitors to your website are solely interested in seeing the most beautiful property.

If there are other vacation properties with the same number of rooms and price range as yours, visitors will choose the one that appears to be the best. As a result, high-quality photos will not only make an excellent first impression, but will also result in more bookings.

Promote Yourself

You’re marketing yourself as well as your property when you advertise it. You should provide a brief description of yourself and double-check your profile. Your company will gain credibility as a result of this.