Best Countries to have Property Business


When it comes to international property business, there is one thing that you should know. The thing is, it can be tricky when you wish to engage to the business which involves the international properties since the situation in each country and the policy in each of them would be likely to be strikingly different. Therefore, it is best to figure out the countries which are most favorable to start your business. These countries below are the best places for you to start your investment in property.

Best Countries to have Property Business
  • Ireland

The first country that you should visit when you wish to start a business in property is the country which is located near the United Kingdom and its name is the Republic of Ireland. Across Europe, most people would agree that this country, which used the shamrock plant as its national symbol, is the best place to start investing at a property. Although interesting, this island country is actually a pretty tricky place when you wish to invest since there are several policies that are beneficial as well as the policies that are restrictive. Well, its prices in real estates are climbing and it is a good thing for investors. However, it has high rental yields (6.64%) and rent (USD 2,077). 

  • Barbados

Now that we have mentioned one of the countries in Europe, let us find another country which is from another continent, shall we? Instead of Europe, Barbados is located in the Caribbean area and it is an island which used to belong to the British. Now, it is a beautiful country and it is visited by numerous tourists annually. Well, this one is one of the best countries for having property business since its rental yields and the tax offset for its income are surprisingly low (5.48% for rental yields and 7.5% for rental income tax). However, it can be difficult to start your business here since the government requires you to have a license from the Central Bank to invest in property there.

  • Indonesia

The next country we mention here is the country which is also known to possess more than a thousand islands and volcanoes and its name is Indonesia. Okay, although it has a lot of volcanoes, most of the populations actually live in safe areas and it is not as dangerous as you think! Also, the country is actually a good option to start investing in property since its high rents are pretty high (USD 2,486); you can gain a lot of profit in this country! Also, the rental of this country is pretty effective at about 8.61 percent. Unfortunately, though, this country also has a downside, which is its high tax for rental income. 

  • Philippines

This country is located right above the previous one that we mentioned. It is true; the Philippines is located at the north of Indonesia and they are relatively similar when it comes to property investment. The country is very profitable since the rental yield is high (6.13%), the rent prices are appealing (USD 2,422), and the tax rate for rental income is low (4.06%). Therefore, it is the best country for having property business.