Growing Your Personal Brand Through Digital Strategies

Business is about making strategic plans in every step of the way to reach objectives. When you do something without particular strategy, the rate of success will be lower. Even with strategies made, success is not always guaranteed. With the right strategies, the rate of success will get higher. It is also applied to creating personal brand of your business. You cannot do it without planning the right strategies if you want it to be successful. One of the most effective is digital strategies. Just because it is considered as effective tool for brand awareness, doesn’t mean you can just do it without any strategic plans. 

Digital strategies to grow personal brand of your business

Digital strategies have become familiar in business world since we are living in digital era now. You cannot miss the opportunity to attract more audience to recognize your brand. People spend most of their time on online platform. It is also a place where information are being spread rather quickly. Digital strategies are considered effective for growing your personal brand with some considerations as below.

Build A Following on Social Media Platforms

Using digital strategies, you can build a following on platforms to grow your personal brand. There are various platforms you can use such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Choose the one that reflects your target markets the most. Also, it is important to choose the one that is relevant to your own brand, as well as products, and services. If your products are appealing, it is best to choose Instagram since it’s a platform to post interesting photos and videos. If your business offer services instead of products, you may want to choose LinkedIn as your platform. 

Know Your Branding Purpose

Every digital strategy has its purpose. Thus, you need to know what thing you want to achieve exactly. For example, you make digital strategy by using social media platform to grow your brand in hope to gain more following. The point is to be specific of what you want to achieve by applying particular digital strategy. Gaining more following, sales, email subscriptions, etc. By knowing what you really want, you can choose better strategies from the start. 

Raising Awareness

Attracting more audience is great to raise awareness of your brand. However, you have to do something more to make them stay loyal. You should create content that is valuable for your audience. You can choose particular theme or topics for the contents you are going to create in your digital platform. Make sure that the topic you decide is relevant to your brand personality as well as your target market. The content should deliver particular perception to your audience.

Organize Contents

In applying digital strategies, you should organize the content meticulously. You can set a schedule to post a content daily, weekly, or monthly. This makes you easier to keep you on track. This also saves more money and time. However, make sure to not deliver contents too rare because you need constant engagement form your audience. Post regularly so your audience know when to anticipate your contents.

What You Can Observe on Manta Point Bali

Among all other fishes in the sea, Manta Ray is the one who have the largest brain of all. Sure, you  might think of dolphins, but they are mammals—not a fish. This gentle animals has long been drawing the curiosity of divers, largely charmed by its charismatic gesture. Bali is one to premier destination to meet the Manta Ray. All year round, divers flock to the Manta Point Bali at Nusa Penida to meet these gentle giants. Not really much known about the Manta Ray, though, except that they love the warm waters and get cleaned at cleaning stations. Before you go, know these amazing secrets of Manta Ray that you’ve probably never know before!

The Secret of Manta Rays’s Social Life See Manta Point Bali

Why Manta Rays at Manta Point Bali Swim on Circles

If you have watched footage videos of Manta Ray at Manta Point Bali, you will see that they tend to swim in mesmerising circle. Even when a Manta showing interest towards a diver, they will encircle the diver before getting closer and closer. Research suggests that Manta Ray swim in circular motion as a social way of eating. Yes, the seemingly loner Manta Ray is actually a very social animal. While feeding on a group, Manta Ray will get lined up and swim in circles so everyone can switch places and get in the leader position alternately. The front Manta will get the most plankton with its gaping month and filter feeding. Swimming in circles help Manta to spend more time together and closer during their social interaction.

Manta Rays Brunch Together for A Get-Gathering 

The circular group swimming between Mantas is basically their version of ‘get-together for a brunch’. This is not something that’s easily seen in Manta Point Bali, but when they do, it’s an amazing sight to see. A get-together behaviour in Manta Ray gets even more intriguing because, as an animal, they are not necessarily a family group. However, Manta Rays seem to particularly enjoy social interactions. Research shows that during intense social interaction, Manta Rays are actively brighten out there white markings on their back. A sign equal to enthusiasm to human. 

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They Are Basically A Cuddly Fish with Wings 

Due to their giant size, some people still think that Manta Ray eats a lot of small fishes to satisfy their belly. This is so wrong! At Manta Point Nusa Penida, you will clearly see how they wont harm even the smallest fish that come near their flapping wings. Some reef fishes sometimes even hangout inside their gaping mouth! Despite of their size, Manta’s diet basically consist of planktons. Manta Ray  also has no stingers—swimming near to them are totally safe. 

Stunning Libraries Around the World Worth Traveling For

Travelling with your passion as your motivation can be more meaningful and memorable. Just like when you love books. You can decide travel destination based on your passion on books. You can visit stunning libraries located around the world. Not only do they have literature collections, they also have beautiful interior and exterior designs of the buildings. Therefore, visiting libraries during travel can be one of your meaningful activities. You can read various book collections from various authors as well as appreciating the beauty that the libraries offer to visitors.

Libraries for your travel destination

Travelling around the world is fun and exciting especially when you do it with passion. It is even more meaningful when you do it to indulge your personal interest of something. If you are book lover, might as well choose one of these best libraries with the most intriguing looks around the world:

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building is New York public library

This is actually the main branch of New York public library because they have many branches. This one is situated on Fifth Ave, near Byrant Park. During your visit to this library, you will get to see the most intriguing look of the building. It has intricate, marble façade. Not to mention the infamous lion statues that stand guard at the base of the steps. 

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Bodleian Library, located in Oxford, England

When it comes to literature, Oxford is paradise. It is where you can find impressive libraries. However, Bodleian has its own unique characteristics. It has a vibe of ancient cathedral. For your information, this library has been used since the 14th Century. You won’t run out of something to read because this library has 12 million volumes. You will find Shakespeare’s First folio, and other authentic, original world’s masterpieces. 

Stuttgart City Library can be found in Germany. This library is quite unique because it has cube shape. It is a five-story building with bright design and white as its dominant color. When you enter the library, you will feel like inside a modern art gallery. The room is bright with interesting features. The most intriguing part is the reading room because it is shaped like an upside down pyramid. You will get new experience of reading books in a library. 

Admont Abbey Library, located in Admont, Austria

This stunning library opened in 1776. Thus, it is considered very old. In fact, it is attached to the oldest remaining monastery in Styria. Thus, you will find the largest monastic contents as this is the largest monastic library indeed. The interior is decorated in gold features along with airy white. There are also sculptures by Joseph Stammel decorating the building as well as stunning frescoes by Bartolomeo Altomonte. 

There are also other stunning, beautiful libraries you can explore around the world such as Central Library of Vancouver in Canada, George Peabody Library in Maryland, Trinity College Old Library in Dublin, Bibliotheque Interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne in Paris, and Strahov Monastery Library Library in Prague. 

Wedding Catering Services: Drop-Off vs Full-Service Caterer

Depending on the needs of your wedding reception and the format of your event, you may need to choose between the two types of catering service, generally referred to as drop-off catering and full-service catering. Plenty of catering services in Bali offer either one option, or both. The option between the two highly depends on what you envision your event would be. Let’s delve in a bit to get to know which wedding catering services that would suit your event. 

Wedding catering services: what does Full-Service Catering mean? 

Full-service catering whether in Bali or in other places, generally refers to the fact that your caterer provides and handles everything from food to staffing and the encompassing hospitality service that comes with it. 

  • Serving equipments that includes cutlery, tablewares, and linens. Many Bali full-catering services also provide tables and chairs upon request. 
  • Cleaning duties. This often includes cleaning duties throughout the happenings of the event. You’ll have staff cleaning and tidying up the venue during the event. 
bali catering services

Some of the best catering in Bali that offer full-service also have a selection of venues that they usually have a collaboration. This often goes the other way too, where a wedding venue provides Bali catering service as well as staffing. The most convenient of the two would obviously be a full-service one for your Bali wedding catering services rather than the drop-off option.

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What is Drop-Off catering? 

A drop-off catering is a catering system with a limited staff service. Essentially, this resembles a delivery food service, except in a larger scale and with service of handling an event in mind. The types of food served by the drop off catering services depend on the business itself. Often times, it’s ready to serve food.

Some drop-off catering offers handling the equipment that often includes buffet serving equipments as well as all of the cutlery and tablewares. Additional equipments are sometimes offered as well, such as the tables and chairs, usually with an additional cost not included in the main catering packages. If you’re thinking of getting a drop-off catering instead of a full-service one, make sure that you consult your catering provider what kind of equipments that are available to rent. Some drop-off caterers sometimes offer staffing as well, which means they offer both a full-service catering and a drop-off service. 

When is choosing Drop-Off catering a better option? 

If you’re having a wedding reception with a very limited number of people invited, then a drop-off catering service may be for you. Guests number or a headcount is a big factor when deciding whether to choose a drop-off or a full-service for your wedding catering services.

A good rule of thumb is, if you’re inviting more than just your closest friends and your immediate family members, chances are, you’re not going to need a full-service catering for your event. A drop-off catering can be sufficient and extremely cost-saving for those couples who are on a budget. 

Wedding catering services: Headcount matters when deciding between the options 

But how many people is just enough for a drop-off catering? When talking about numbers, this can range from 10 to 50 people of both of you and your partner combined. The agenda of your wedding reception also matters. If you’re estimating that the event would last for over 2 hours, chances are, it’s better to have a full-service wedding caterer handling your reception. 

How to Create Successful Business Relationship

When it comes to business, there are many elements involve to make it run successfully. Partnership is one of important factors in business to grow successfully. Partnership in business means you get more support to grow your business successfully in the long run. It doesn’t make you dependent because partnership in business means mutual benefits. It is a bit like marriage. You need to find the right people to engage in business partnership. If you choose the wrong partners, your business won’t grow successfully because you won’t get the support you need.

Creating successful business partnership

Keep in mind that partnership in business takes various forms. They can be a long term legal commitment or short term venture. It depends on what kind of partnership your business needs. However, maintaining effective, successful partnership is just as important for both types. Here are some approaches to make partnership work successfully.

How to Create Successful Business Relationship

You need to make sure that both you and your business partner-to be chare the same vision and mission. How can you work together if you have different things in mind? Thus, sharing the same vision and mission is the very first step you need to do to create a bond over business partnership. You may have different motives but objectives and methods should be the same. This is something you need to discuss in the beginning of the steps.

To make partnership works, you need to address each other’s needs and expectations. Those are important to address because every individual has different personality, motivation, and expertise. However, it is also important to create modification plan because individual needs and expectation may change overtime. This is important to do so the connection and the bond won’t strain. You need to state clearly what your needs and expectations of the partnership are from the beginning. You also need to listen to your partner’s needs and expectations and have mutual understanding.

Learn more about each other’s strength that can benefits the business you are partnered in. it is great to find business partner who have different expertise and knowledge because then you can complement each other. Therefore, it is not always good to find a partner that share the same interest or expertise. Sometime difference bring you more good than you have expected.

Analyze and predict potential problems that can come from the partnership. There must be some elements affected so you need to anticipate them. Therefore, you can start planning the best ways to prevent any fallout. This way, you will also be able to recognize what type of support you can take and give to solve those potential problems.

You need to define job roles for each partner clearly so there is no mishap or overlap in the process. It is better to get it written so everything is clear from the start. It is also important to find out the way how to handle disagreements, frustrations, or disappointment because they are inevitable sometimes. Good communication is important to build from the start. You also need to establish open, honest communication.

Tempting Food on Japanese Catering You’ll Want to Try

When you think about catering, Japanese food might not be the first thing to come into your mind. Unless you live in Japan. Typical catering menu usually consist around variety of salad, chicken soup, pasta, variety of meats with roasted sweet peppers and potatoes, and seafood. International food is the standard menu of many catering, though some provides authentic local delights for alternative menu. But we are now living in a world that goes more global by day, and having food from another countries for formal events sound perfectly logical. If you starting to consider Japanese food catering to provide the delicacy for your events, you might want to try having some of these menu. 

Tempting Food on Japanese Catering You’ll Want to Try

Newest Addition of Delicacy on Japanese Food Catering 

The Agemono

Though it’s is one of Japanese’s classic, it’s not until this last two decades that people start to know  Agemono, Japanese deep-fried foods. It’s a broad category covering everything fried deep in boiling oil. Often times, Agemono make appearances in bento box, though it’s most popular in ramen restaurants and drinking establishment. Agemono might sounds strange to your ears, while actually you’ve meet most of them. Common Agemono includes: 

  • The ever-famous Karaage — Deep fried chicken, fish, or meats
  • Kaki Furai — Deep fried oyster
  • Ebi Furai — Deep fried shrimps
  • Tonkatsu — Deep fried pork
  • Korokke — Japenese fried croquette
  • Tempura — Deep fried veggies

The Yakimono

Another Japanese basic that just hit the popularity recently is the Yakimono, Japanese grilled and pan-fried foods. What usually grilled for Yakomono are chicken, fish, eels, shellfish, and even some veggies. The Yakimono is basically a Japanized version of Western barbecue, with gyoza and okonimyaki being the most popular Yakimono dish. There’s three kind of Yakimono you would see in Japanese catering food: 

  • The Shioyaki — Food usually have some salt sprinkled on top before grilled
  • The Sukiyaki — Some of the most popular Yakimono. This method have food marinated in awase-joyu sauce, a blend of soy sauce and mirin (Japanese sweet sake) before being grilled. 
  • The Teriyaki — If you just heard about Yakimono, you must have seen teriyaki. It’s use the stronger version of the awase-joyu sauce. 
  • The Misozukeyaki — Quite rare to appear in western’s table, the mlsozukeyaki might still sound strange to many. Just like its name, mlsozukeyaki use miso (soybean paste) and mirin to marinate the food.  

Wakame Salad 

There’s nothing more refreshing than the wake salad! Wakame, or seaweed, is another staple in Japanese dishes and it has crunchy textures that would leave you wanting more. Wakame is a fresh variation from your usual salad that make it perfect side dishes for Japanese catering food. 

Japanese Food Catering Classics: Oldie But Goldie


Think about Japanese food and you would automatically think about sushi. Even when you haven’t try one. Sushi is rice with fish and other condiments, either rolled or pressed, in one-bite serving. Sushi would always carry rice, but the topping could be greatly varied! Common toppings are raw tuna, raw salmon, cooked fish, prawns, eggs, fish eggs, to veggies.


You cannot spell sushi without sashimi. Though a bit pricier, sashimi would always remain to be one of the most favourite menu on Japanese food catering. Sashimi does not carry rice. It’s made from thin slice of fresh fish, usually salmon, tuna, monkfish, and basically almost every sea creatures. 

Things That Cause Your Business Relationship to Crumble

Maintaining healthy business relationship is not easy no matter how well your precautions are. There are many challenges in the way that can jeopardize your professional relationship.

business relationship to crumble

Besides, building effective, healthy business relationship takes times and efforts. Nurturing the relationship is something you need to do constantly. There are things you can do to avoid doom business relationship such as choosing the right partner and make written agreement from the start.

However, sometimes the unexpected happens and if you and your partner cannot handle them properly, your business relationship might crumble down.

4 factors that can jeopardize your business relationship

Good business relationship needs constant maintenance. It is something to do by both sides because business relationship is a road that goes both ways. It won’t work if you are the only one who put effort to maintain business relationship. Here are several things that can cause your business relationship crumble:

1. Dishonesty

If you build relationship with dishonesty, it won’t ever work no matter how click you are with your partner.

It is possible that something happens in the middle of your partnership and cause one of you to hide something behind each other’s back. However, dishonesty will lead to disaster, you may consider to hide simple thing because you don’t think it is necessary.

However, you can’t hide it if it is about business that you are both partnering in. Honesty is the best policy because it is main recipe to build trust in any kind of relationship including business partnership.

2. Personal emotion/feelings

It is humane to feel emotions. However, you are not supposed to use it for building business relationship.

You can’t let your anger control your actions. It is easy to get riled up when conflict happens. It will get worse when emotional feelings involved. That’s why you and your business need to have your emotions in check and do not let them ruin your partnership.

Business needs rationale way of thinking so every problem can be addressed and resolved objectively and effectively.

3. Conflict

This is something that can be prevented. However, sometimes it is triggered by the unexpected for example financial crisis, misunderstanding, etc. Conflict happens from time to time.

It won’t cause severe damage to the business if you address it immediately. However, it will ruin your business partnership if you keep delaying. Make sure to resolve any problem even if it’s minor immediately so it won’t piled up into unresolved issues later.

4. Poor communication

Communication is important pillar for successful business relationship. You need to maintain good communication throughout the journey of running business together with your partner.

Miscommunication and misunderstanding can happen anytime. However, it won’t turn into serious problem if you have effective method to communicate it properly.

Make sure that you and your business partner make time for open discussion. Thus, you both will be aware immediately if there is an issue in the business. Maintaining good communication is the key for successful business partnership.

Failed to do so, your business relationship will just crumble down.

Effective Social Media Strategy for Business in 5 Steps

Social media strategy for business is no longer an option. For many cases, it is a must since it has been covering many things include the ads network.

Just take a look of how Facebook Ads is increasingly popular until today where a status you have just posted on your personal account or what you have shared on Facebook page can be displayed as the ads and reach more audiences. To do that, you will only need to put your budget and with a little setup, your ads will live in just few short minutes ahead.

social media strategy for business

Doesn’t it magical that your business can also making use the same network to reach more customers while you have a control to where the ads will be seen, to whom it is for, etc?

Everything can be started through social media and I think that your business should also take advantages of it.

Ways to build effective social media strategy for business

Of all many ways to start building the strategy for your business through social media platforms, I have only some simple things to tell that most of us are possible to get them done.

But seriously, it need consistency. And by the time if you are keep on doing all of those things, you will not only building the successful social media pages but can also be a huge support for your business.

Here are what you need to know and do:

1. Create professional social media pages

The different thing about creating professional social media profile for business and personal is clear.

Should I keep on reminding you to provide the professional logo, high quality cover image, meaningful description, include the address or your business location, working hours, map navigation if possible, phone numbers and email, etc.

Those are the basic ones but no matter you are thinking them so simple, they are truly the useful information for your audience (customers).

2. A week without any new contents updated is the worst of what you can do

People need reasons to be in your social media pages as well as the “why should I like your page?” And the answer is the contents. Many internet marketers are teaching us that contents are the king and social media is also works the same.

If you don’t really know what to update in a day, then let’s try to post a content every 2 or 3 days. Let’s make this as simple as possible, just post anything related to your business even if that will be an image alone. How hard can it be?

For the new business social media profiles, don’t you think that posting an image or video with great description is too much if you are wishing for 1,000 followers? That is possible but how many of us are experiencing that luck? So, be rational of your own social media strategy for business is also important.

3. Utilize social media ads

We have been realising that to get money, we need to spend money, too. Building organic audience through social media is possible. But again, it takes time.

And for those who have enough patience in heart but got a budget on their pocket, promoting and marketing the business through social media ads or even search engines worth to think about.

It’ll helping you to reach more audiences that can be your followers or can even be possible to get customers right after your ads get its first impression.

4. Research the trend related to your business

Did you know that today you can even know what is the popular topic on internet? Use Google Trend for that and translate the trend into your business.

Even, there have also been so many social media marketing tools today that are possible to find the popular topic of what the users are mostly talking about and engaged with on any popular social media.

For example, if you want to know how popular the hashtags are on Twitter, brand24 may your choice or else. It is a tool that can be your social media strategy for business as well as the tactic to find people and their contents.

Anyway, there many social media specialists are also recommending to use the HootSuite or Buzzsumo, you may want to check them out, too.

5. Plan your budget and contents for the ads

Facebook and Pinterest may the worthy platforms to test your luck on social media. If you are interesting to use Instagram and YouTube, that’s also be fine.

Many agencies and companies are even testing which ads networks that are really work for their business and then they will focusing on using that in the future and that’s will need a huge money to start.

You can also do the same thing but in case your budget is limited, I think that Facebook ads is the cheapest stop to start with.

There is no secret recipes to promote and market your business on internet, and the above social media strategies for business are the common ones that keep on used by many marketers.

Building Effective Communication in Your Business Team

It is not easy to run business while building solid team at the same time, however, team is important for your business to make it work. You can handle all things related to your business but it will be more efficient if you can do it together with your teammates. Besides, you have more opportunities to expand your business and make it last longer. However, building a solid teamwork is not as easy as it sounds either. You need to build effective communication first to ensure that everyone is one the very same page. 

How to build effective communication between teammates

A conversation won’t work if you only care to speak and unwilling to listen. Effective communication is a two-way. This is how you can build relationship in your business. The key of effective communication is positive and personal awareness. 

Building Effective Communication in Your Business Team

Listen to Voices

To build effective communication, you need to have qualities such as active listening, assertiveness, eye contact, mindfulness, and self-confidence.  It is important to raise awareness to listen. This way, evert teammates understand how to face differences and how to respect each other. Differences are not always bad. It can help broadening the horizon and generate more ideas. You and your teammates also must be able to be mindful of individual’s space. 

Positive Languages

It is also crucial to use positive language especially in professional environment. This can be carried through verbal communication. Positive language is important because it is encouraging and helpful. Meanwhile, negative language tend to drive conflict. Even if you have different opinion, it is important to deliver your intention through positive language so the others won’t feel offended. Positive language don’t necessarily results in positive consequences. However, it can prevent from unnecessary fight and conflict between teammates. 


As business owner, you need to use assertiveness in maintaining effective communication. However, you have to differentiate between assertiveness and aggression. Assertiveness doesn’t contain hostile mood to the conversation. It is a clear statement of something you want to plan. Meanwhile, aggression leads to hostile behavior that can aggravate conflict instead of solution. Using assertiveness means you have self-confidence in expressing your thoughts without degrading others. 

Adjust the Speaking Style

To build effective communication, it is important to learn more about speaking style which include tone, accent, volume, etc. Your teammates may take differently when you deliver the same sentence in different tone. When you raise your voice too loud when giving order, it can be misinterpreted negatively by your teammates. When you speak in the right tones or pitch, you can motivate others. Positive speaking style is highly advised to use in working environment.

Misunderstanding Mishaps

It is easy to have misunderstandings between teammates. That’s why creating positive and effective communication is crucial. Your team won’t be able to reach the goal of the business if they cannot even communicate well to each other. Learning how to use positive language through words choice or tone will benefit every teammate. As business owner, you can encourage your employees and team, or give them examples of effective communication. 

What Should You Expect on Bali Piercing Prices

Getting pierced in Bali, essentially, sounds just like buying a new piece of jewellery. There’s nothing special about getting another piercing in this island, essentially. It’s not a representative of the ancient culture nor the tradition. Unlike tattoo, nothing in piercing show the uniqueness of Bali. However, many travelers think it’s attractive—and there’s nothing to deny that. If you consider of getting a piercing in Bali, expect to meet these things, especially regarding to prices. 

What Should You Expect on Bali Piercing Prices

Highly Experienced Piercer Bali Demand Higher Piercing Prices

The prices of getting piercing in Bali could greatly varies between one piercer to another. Just like tattoo artists any other expertise, more experienced piercer will demand higher prices than the others. They have extensive experience and knowledge on their background, they know what they do, and they are usually known as the best on the area. These piercer are famous from returning customers and referrals. Think about hairdresser; their simple fame could triple up the cost of their service. However, that doesn’t mean that piercer with cheaper rate can’t do a great job. It’s just to get you prepared at what you might see on the bill. 

Cheap Piercing Technique Come with Poor Results

One thing that goes directly proportional with Bali piercing prices is the tool. Piercing guns, which are used in many piercing studios, is a lot cheaper as it requires little trainings. It’s so easy to use that many piercers using it usually don’t have much knowledges and experiences. Piercing needles, in the other hand, is a little bit more complicated than piercing gun. It could only administer by professionals, which result on higher prices. However, customers has been reporting that piercing needles are less painful and a lot much safer. 

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Pay More for More Challenging Location  

Earlobes piercing is the cheapest piercing as it requires little anatomical knowledge. There’s not much cartilage and blood vessel in the area. The prices of earlobe pricing in Bali could start from as little as IDR 70K to 100K for a pair. Medium difficulty areas such as the cartilage, nose, navel, lips, and nipples could cost IDR 150K – 300K per hole. That means you need to pay double if you wish to have a pair of nipple piercings. More challenging piercing locations includes the medusa, cheek, transverse lobe, and genital piercing, which could cost IDR 300K and up. 

Cost of Jewellery Selection and Aftercare Products

After your piercing in Bali is done, the artist would offer their jewellery collection for your new piercing. Some come all inclusive with the price—usually the most basic one. Sophisticated jewellery and extra jewels to wear once the piercing is healed would cost you more. You might also want to purchase the aftercare products to take care of your fresh wounds, which would add more cost to the prices of piercing Bali.