How to Value Your New and Existing Customers

Marketing strategies are used to attract customers. Therefore, a business won’t be able to grow successfully if you don’t plan effective strategies. However, you need marketing approaches that don’t only attract new customers but also the existing ones. What’s the point of gaining new customers if you lose the existing ones? 

The Right Way to Show You Value Your Customers

Customers are getting smart each day. They know exactly what they want so you need to reach them out effectively. They cannot be fooled by empty promises and poor quality of products or services. With your business competitors lurking around, you need the best strategy that can make your customers choose you. The key is to show them how you value them, both new and existing customers. They like being cared and price tag is not the only thing that your customer care about. You need to show how genuine you are to value their existence. Here are some tips to value your new and existing customers:

How to Value Your New and Existing Customers

Put Emphasis on Product Services

Highlight the benefits of your products or services instead of focusing on the price tag. Your customers won’t care about the price tag if they gain priceless benefits of what you offer. They will choose products or services that will offer them effective solution and satisfying outcome. You need to provide something that can help your customers solving their problems. Show your customers the benefits as well as positive experiences they will get by choosing your products or services.

Get to Know What Your Competitors is Doing 

Know your competitors and what they offer to their customers. It is highly possible that you offer the same products or services. That’s why you need to observe you competitors so you know what their weakest and strongest point. You can highlight them and make it to your benefits. Remember that customers like comparing different brands. Thus, you can highlight your own strongest points that can make you ahead of your competitors. 

Earn Supports from Customers

To value your customers, you need to give your support. Ongoing support is what will make your customers stay loyal because they feel appreciated, cared for, and valued. It shows your dedication to your customers and make them know that you won’t just abandon them after their purchase. 

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Keep Customers in the Loop

Your existing customers are important element in your business. You have to nurture your relationship and connection with your existing customers as a way to value their existence. You can ask for feedbacks from your customers. You can do it via email, live chat on your social media, etc. 

Let Customers Know You Are Improving

Offer improvements to your existing customers so they can look forward to your next products and services. This is also a great way to not let your customers regret for choosing you. Always offering the best of the best to your current customers so they know you still value them.  You can also build a customer community through simple act such as creating a customer page on social media. This gives your existing customers a sense of belonging and exclusivity. This will also a great way to let customers communicate with each other. 

Deciding the Right Canggu Tattoo Design for You

Canggu is a rising new beachtown in Bali, Indonesia, and it grows as one of the most artsy tourist hub in the island. One of the most notable form of art in this coastal suburb is tattoo art. The culture and laid-back life here made a perfect pot for tattoo artist to unfold their creativity. You will find hundreds of professional and aspiring tattoo artist in this area. It’s undeniable to say that Canggu tattoo is one of the best among other areas on Bali. 

But what if you haven’t decide on what tattoo you are going to get? 

Confusion happens. More often than not, we know surely that we want a tattoo, but we haven’t even decide on the design. Would the traditional tattoo looks good on us? Should we try on more modern, line-art-kind-of-thing stye? Where should we put our tattoo? 

Deciding on the Right Canggu Tattoo Design for You

Deciding on Canggu Tattoo Art Style

Bali Choosing a design before actually making appointment with a Canggu tattoo artist is crucial. You see, not every artists could do the type of tattoo design you want. A tattoo artist specialising in illustrative design might not be able to work on Japanese style, for example. You could browse on general tattoo style to get you a broad idea about various kinds of contemporary tattoo style. Some of common style that exist is the traditional, neo traditional, new school, tribal, blackwork, Japanese, illustrative, watercolor, and realism. Pick a style that represent yourself the most. Then, choose a tattoo Canggu in Bali that would be able to do it.

Take Some Time to Reflect

What you ingrained into the skin represent of what you think and feel in the inside. Sometimes, what makes a tattoo looks powerful is what it resonates. You want to have a design that’s meaningful to you. Some people loves to put bible quotes that they deeply attached to, and some prefer cute little symbols. Names are something you should think thousand times. Don’t write any name of anyone that would potentially leave you in the future.

We like to think that tattoo is a lifetime commitment. Ask yourself whether your future self, 10 years from now, would still like this design. If you are still not sure about the design, try to get the henna or the temporary version of it. See if you want to get it permanently after a week of trial.

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Take Inspirations from Other Tattoo

Tattoo-browsing is the best way to get inspiration for your tattoo design! Take a look into Canggu tattoo parlours and artists to see whether there’s a design that you wish to recreate. Browse the Pinterest and Instagram. Your ideas will flow just in no time!

Adding Time to Run Your Business Efficiently

It is often that we feel like we have not enough time to work properly and be productive. However, we no power to add time in a day as it is already fixed to be 24 hours per day.

Tips on adding time in working to improve productivity

However, you can still optimize the time you have so you can do many other more productive things especially to grow your business. Running your own business means you need to be ready to dedicate yourself including your time and energy, as well as money.

How to add more time to improve your productivity in working

The problem about working time is not about the lack of it but more like misuse of it. It is often that we misuse the time we have so it is wasted just like that. Consciously or not, it is easy to waste our time to less productive things such as watching TV or scrolling through social media.

So, here are some tips to add more time in your day so you can become more productive and improve your performance in running your business:

  • First thing first, you need to acknowledge about your habit in misusing your time. When you acknowledge that you have problem with using your time, you start realizing how importance it is to use your time to the fullest. Acknowledging your misuse of time means you are honest to yourself and you are willing to change that. It is recommended to keep a time log to help you keeping track of activities you use in your day.
  • After acknowledging your habit in using your time in a day, you can start planning your day. You can create a to-do list. This is a simple task/ to help you plan your day, think about the goal you want to achieve in a day. It doesn’t have to be a big achievement. It can be a task you want to accomplish that day. It is recommended to overestimate the time needed to complete each task because sometimes the unexpected happens which can prolong your time to complete your task. If it is necessary, use a timer so you can stay on track.
  • Try to make earlier start your habit every day. Starting your activities earlier will help you adding more time to your day. It might be hard at first especially when you are not morning person to begin with. You can try it gradually by waking up a little earlier than usual. You can start your day an hour earlier than usual as a starter. It will come easier once it has become your habit.
  • To help you completing tasks easier and more efficient, you can use tools or systems. You can rely on apps or software to complete digital tasks so you don’t have to waste your time. You can also schedule emails in advance to automate your working system. You need to invest extra time to learn how to operate the tools and systems in the beginning. However, it is worth once you do it.

SEO Company In Bali for Global Site Competition

The more developed the tourism in Bali, the better for the world travellers to have more destination options and things to do. But in other hands, it is also means that the business competition will also getting harder than before. If you are running a travel business and using site to generate traffics but struggling in it, it is the right time to think about hiring the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company in Bali.

SEO company in Bali that deal with global competition

We have known that Bali is one of the capital of tourism in the world. Every time people are talking about traveling, its name will mostly be mentioned and recommended.

People from USA, Africa, UK, Australia and more are keep on coming everyday to Bali. And you must be known that they are mostly coming because of the news, blog articles, ads on their Instagram they have been read and seen before, etc.

Now the question is, how does your business site can be found by those people since there have been so many tourism business sites in Bali that are also competing to get the same travel interests that are differ in locations?

Today, if you have not been optimizing your site, it means that you will need more ads budgets and social media specialists to put an advertisements on online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram ads or Google Ads. Ads is important but if you are only depending on one source of traffic, then you are not really considering that your site is important and you will lose many high conversion traffics that are coming from Google by applying the SEO techniques and methods to your business site in Bali.

The main important reason why business sites should hire SEO company

Reason to hire Seo company for travel business site in Bali

I have mentioned some of the popular countries on above where the people are keep on visiting Bali. And you must have known that will be a clue that Bali is a global destination. And to be honest, even though you have been seen small travel agent businesses in Bali, big chance that most of their sites are also targeting the global customers and into the global competition on search engine like Google as well.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have been met some of the businessmen that their site is not set to target a certain country, but all. Next question is, how do they are going? Google will only share some 10-12 search results on its first page and so on while the number of the travel sites in Bali can be millions?

If your site have not been optimized before and magically appear on the first page of Google for the keyword with high competition globally, then your site must be built by the saints. And that’s not gonna happen!

The main important reason why your site should have been hired the SEO company in Bali is because you will need to be the first page of Google so people will know about your travel offers. Besides that, the traffic from search engines are mostly have been ready to spend money than social media.

Just think about yourself. When you are typing about the beautiful villa in Canggu, Bali to be reserved, it means that you have already made a plan and have a budget for traveling to Bali, don’t you?

Those kind of users will really contribute in high conversion rate in your travel site. Sadly, most of the popular and relevant keyword as above and the others that are related to traveling businesses in Bali are mostly hard to compete globally and even nationally. Therefore, your site will need a new dawn by collaborate with the SEO company.

SEO company in Bali that deal with global competition

If you haven’t got someone recommending you about the SEO company in Bali or in case you are confusing which one to choose and visit among some options that can really help your site optimization on global keyword competition on search engines, then I would like to introduce you about Kesato & Co.

It is a digital marketing agency that has also SEO services for any competition you’d like to deal with. I am not telling you they are the best in Bali, but you may need to visit right before deciding when to pay a visit the company and hiring the SEO services for your travel business in Bali.

The company is located in Canggu, Bali right now so you will get even easier to pay your visit.

How to Avoid Falling for Business Myth

Starting business early is not wrong. In fact, it gives you more opportunities to find the right strategies that will work with your goals. Besides, it takes years to grow established business anyway. Thus, it is even great if you start early in running a business you are passionate with. However, with the lack of experience and knowledge, it is ease for young business owners to fall for the myth in the business as there are many of them. Some people even believe some myths and that’s why many of them fall into the trap. 

Avoiding the myths in the business

Running a business means you need to work hard as well as work smart. It is not easy but it is not impossible. Business is not for the quitter so you should not be discouraged when you make a mistake such as believing particular business myth. What you have to do is to avoid believing in myth and here are some tips to run your business smoothly:

Avoiding the myths in the business

Myths in the business are believed because they are spread easily. Therefore, it is highly advised not to believe everything written or said even if the information is spread by majority of people. Remember that running business needs more logic to function properly. Meanwhile, myths don’t have anything to do with how the business works. For example, some people say that business is only for the wealth. It is not true because everyone with different disciplines and backgrounds can always start their own business. 

Instead of believing in some myths, it is more beneficial to believe more in yourself. There are obstacles in running business for sure. However, you also have goals you want to achieve. You can avoid some myths by focusing on your goals and find some ways to reach them. Some myths are not encouraging at all for example, running business means you can just sit leisurely and the money will come by itself. Running business means you need to work hard and smart. More than often, you will have to sacrifice your energy and time to make sure everything work your way. 

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Some myths are believed might be caused some people experienced them in the past. However, remember that every individual has their own ways in managing a business. Besides, every business has its own unique points. You don’t have to follow the majority of people to be successful in your business. Being different and unique is proved to be more advantageous because then you will be more standout among your competitors. 

There is also myth that business totally depend on the market situation. It is true that the market plays important role in how business functions. However, it doesn’t determine how your business can successfully work. There are other factors aside from the market that can lead you to your success. Even if the market is in bad situation, you can survive by using the right strategies and methods. Thus, the market is not the only thing that determine your success.  

Making the Best Komodo Boat Trip for You

The Komodo National Park in the far flung peripheral of Indonesian frontier keeps rising in popularity. The picturesque sceneries of this beautiful landscapes haunts popular photo-sharing apps; the Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr, continuously enchants people from all around the world with its breathtaking charms. A week of Komodo boat trip in this slice of raw heaven seems like a perfect way to spend summer. You are going to sail in glistening blue ocean, around gorgeous tiny islands, and visit probably the most pristine beaches you have ever seen.

A week of sailing trip could be a heavenly pause from the world—or a disaster, if you can’t manage. This is how you could plan a smooth carry out for a long duration of sailing trip . 

Making the Best Komodo Boat Trip for You

Bring Only the Essentials to Komodo Boat Trip

I know. You are going yo the middle of nowhere and you think you need to bring everything. Proper clothing, summer clothes that would look good on Instagram, complete diving gears, snorkels, and other knick-knacks. But if you have ever been to a boat, you would know how space could be so limited. So, remember to only bring the essentials. Also, you would likely to pick up some souvenirs from Komodo along the way, and having a lot of spare space would help. 

Let the Unexpected Rolls On

When you set a vacation in a Komodo boat trip, keep in mind that things might not go as planned. The sea could suddenly be rough and you probably have to skip a certain island. You might won’t see as many Komodo dragons as you wish. Or they might not in the mood to display a beastly feast as you seen in NatGeo. Whatever it is, let the unexpected rolls on without too much baggage. Learn to let it pass and try to enjoy unplanned things along the way. 

Try Lots and Lots of New Thing

Hopping in a Komodo boat trip to a world where civilisation is rare to found is already a new thing. There’s nothing more perfect than being in an adventure to try new things! It’s time to turn your adrenaline on and do things you never do before. Never try to jump from a boat straight to the sea? Well, you are in an ideal place to do that! The Komodo’s water is so bright and translucent and it’s always inviting anyone to jump right away. Your boat has paddle board and yak boat for free? Why don’t you use this rare opportunity to learn how to use them? Find new things and challenge yourself to go above and beyond. By the time you come back home, you will be glad to have taken the leap!

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Try Arranging A Beach Dinner (or Lunch)

One thing you never need to worry when going with a Komodo boat trip is the food. Thank Zeus, it’s all inclusive with the boat package you pay for. You will have all meals, served three times a day, cooked and prepared by the boat crews. Dining could take place in indoor saloon or in the outdoor deck. But if you want to have something eventful to remember, try to arrange an outdoor dining with your Komodo liveaboard operator in an empty beach nearby. Relish in Indonesian delight while enjoying the sea in private. It’s gonna be amazing!

Assessing the Risks of Your Business

When you decide to start a business, it means you also need to be ready with everything it has and cause. Making decision is one of the most crucial parts in running business.

How to assess and manage the risks of business

Every decision has its risk no matter which one you make. However, it is also important for you to assess every risk that your business has so you can make wise decision which will benefit your business instead of ruining it.

How to assess and manage the risks of your business

Having risk management strategy is needed from the start. With the right plan and approach, you will be able to prevent from costly mistakes and disaster. Reducing business risk is possible because make it totally disappear is impossible. The possibility of the unexpected is still left as one risk you need to anticipate.

To be able to manage the risk, you need to understand it thoroughly. There are many small business can’t survive and one of the reasons is due poor risk assessment. When you have proper risk management strategy and be able to perform business risk analysis your business will have more opportunities to thrive instead of falling.

There are at least two type of risks you need to anticipate. First is the most common risks happen to every small business. Another one is the risk that is unique to your business only. Both need to be understood, assessed, and managed.

As the effort to reduce the risks, you can do several strategies. For example, you can buy and use better security system to guard your physical property. Invest in training to ensure that all your employees are equally knowledgeable with information needed to know.

Ensure the safety within workplace is also necessary to reduce the risk. After taking all needed actions to reduce the risks, you still need to review your business risks management plan in regular manner. You need to makes updates so everything will stay in control.

The point of risk assessment is the continuity. It is not one-time thing that once you make the plan then it is done. You need to implement the plan and keep reviewing its performance. If there is something that needs to be changes, then you have to update it immediately. You need to make your risk management to stay relevant and up-to-date.

Another strategy to reduce your risks after assessing them is to have insurance. Of course, the options of insurance are available in wide range that it can leave you in confusion.

However, you truly need to consider it if you plan to grow your business. You can start off with general liability insurance so your business will be protected especially from property damage, medical expenses, legal expense, injury to a third party, etc.

Risks are part of running business so there is no way to avoid them. Instead, you need to be prepared with them by understanding and assessing them. Then, you should manage and reduce the risks to protect your business from any loss.

Why Kids Surf Camp In A Hot Fun Summertime Is The Best?

Hot and warm of summertime is always the perfect time for traveling. If you are a family and wondering around where to go and what to do for the kids, I think that it is a worth trying recommendation when a surf camp time can be the best for them.

All of your children are precious. But sometimes, you can’t really deal with their activities because there are too much energy you will have to get. Moreover in a summertime where you will also need and deserve a peaceful retreat. In other hands, the kids will keep on running here and there and doing many things that you couldn’t accompany them. But, you have nothing to worry about for now since you can decide whether or not you want send the kids for a summertime surf camp.

Hot fun summertime kids surf camp is the best for holidays

If you think that sending them to the kids surf camp is sounds hard for you, than why not joining in with the rest of the family members together?

If the moment can’t really be the special kids surf camp, you can always decide to find and experience the summertime family fun surf camp if you want. But, since now we are focusing on the kids for now, I think I will have to tell you why this travel idea is as precious as your children are.

Summertime kids surf camp is a good idea for their health

There are as well many kids that aren’t being a big fan of physical exercises at school. It can be caused by the the exercises themselves are less interesting for them. In other hands, there are also the kids that are wondering why there is not a thing or a place they can really free to do many things in fun ways. The kids surf camp is here for that and else.

Not to mention that the surf camp itself will be great for their health; physically, mentally and spiritually. Surfing is a sport which is means as an exercise, but it really needs the kids to be encouraged to break the waves and start riding them on the surfboard.

Surfing is a full body workout and it will really good even for the lazy ones.

Surf camp is a surfing course where the kids will learn and practice the skill as a small group

I have been read that it is recommended that a surf camp’s group should have never been more than 8 person so it will be an effective course and the instructor won’t get more unnecessary troublesome from the kids.

If your children will be in a kids surf camp, it will be a meaningful thing that will help them to communicating and interacting among their ages, making friends, and surely exercising in more interesting and fun ways in summertime. Just by thinking about this, I have already imagining that it will be the best summer ever for them.

The kids will also learning the new skill in a surf camp and actually the life lessons, too!

Surfing is a skill and if the kids are interesting to learn about it, then a surf camp is where they are going especially when the time is in the summer holidays. No time for them for being lazy at the bed. It is better for them if you are introduce them to a precious holiday activities that will remain in their memory for long.

Besides that, the kids surf camp will also let your children to know more about the environment especially in how to preserve better beach, the waves, the sea, etc.

Ever since they will be in a small group of kids, they will also be introduced to a teamwork where it will be good for them to learn and exercise together. As they are growing, who would have guesses that the teamwork and team building they have got from a surf camp will be the valuable lesson when they will be in a workplace.

Reasons Why Investors Should Be Aware Of Their Mind

You see, it is easy to trick your mind through various things such as optic illusion, presumption, and many more. As for business, thinking rationally is the right thing to do. That’s why the way you think and how your mind work is important because your decision making in investment is influenced by it. You might think that you think rationally but it is not always the case. Sometimes, you think that you think rationally but make irrational decision for your investment. You see, there is what it’s called as human tendency which influence your mind. Bias is a form of tendency every human has. When you are biased to positive things, it can result in positive result in your decision making.

Be aware of your mind in investing

Your mind can play trick or being tricked. That’s what leads you to make mistakes in your journey of investing. Of course, making mistakes is common but if you can prevent it from happen then it is better. Here are things about mind you need to be aware of especially when it comes to property investment.

Reasons Why Investors Should Be Aware Of Their Mind

Lack of Logic

It is easy for your mind to lack of logic. One of the reasons is that it is easier to believe that what you can’t see means it doesn’t exist. The relation of this way of thinking to investing is that some investors avoid finding or reading news which contains unpleasant information about investment. They avoid it to stay positive and hope that everything will always be alright. This way of thinking is not good for your mind. Successful investor reads a lot. They always have courage to talk to others even when they have different perspectives. They see everything objectively so their mind is always conscious in making decision.

Your Mind is Playing Trick

The property market is one of the most important things when it comes to property investment, however, your mind can also play trick regarding to property market. You may have your mind ingrained with the understanding that every property market has its cycle and your future of business depends on it. However, it is not entirely true. It can be your mind playing trick and telling you that it has certain cycle even when it doesn’t. The right thing to do is to be mindful in drawing conclusion about the situation in the property market. Sometimes, the events are not cycled at all. Being perceptive of the situation is necessary so that your mind won’t get confused in making investment decision.

Influence of Old Knowledge

Your knowledge can influence how your mind works as well. You see, when you think you have already know something, your mind refuse to find more information or seek advice from others. Investors who are like this tend to refuse asking for help as well and adamant in work independently. However, successful investors are those who are aware of their knowledge and know that they can’t truly work alone to be successful. Opinion and advice from others they consider as important as their own knowledge.

Why Komodo Cruise Is Great for Travelling Solo

So you have pinned the raw and wild Komodo National Park for your next solo trip destination? This Indonesian frontier has been rising as the next “It” thing amongst travelers alike for its exceptional terrestrial beauty, stunning aquatic life, and of course, the legendary Komodo Dragons—the lasts of prehistoric beasts who live only in this region. Given to the KNP’s landscape, sailing trip with liveaboard boats and cruises are hugely popular, even for those who are wandering alone! Here, we have solid reasons why Komodo cruise is perfect for solo travelling. 

Why Komodo Cruise Is Great for Travelling Solo

The Social Accommodation

When you have done a lot of solo travelling, you know how much accommodation could impact on your trip. A boring, lonely trip could improve so much just by finding lively crowds on your traveler hostels. For solo travelers, accommodation is one way to meet other travelers and share exciting stories. The Komodo cruise is a perfect place for that. The cabins are decent and in par with hotel-standard, yet accommodate for the social interaction solo travelers need. All cabins in any boats and cruises in Komodo features either bunkbeds or double beds—some even squeeze additional single beds for the family/ group room. That means, as a solo traveler, you will be paired up with other passenger that could be your closest buddy during the adventure. 

The Safety of Guided Tours

Ah, we all know the reputation of guided tours on solo travelling. Whenever you open the TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet, they will always advice you to try exploring by your own. But we gotta remind you, that here in Komodo, solo exploration is neither the safest not the best option. Out of Labuan Bajo, the islands within KNP are totally wild; minimum infrastructure, zero electricity, and limited fresh water. Also, there’s still the merciless Komodo dragons roaming in the wild. Wandering alone in KNP is not the wisest decision, if you asked us. 

On a side note, almost all cruise and liveaboard of Komodo sell all-inclusive trip with pre-packaged itinerary, and that would be your best option. Well, unless you want to book the whole cruise and arrange your own itinerary! Most of the cruise also provides dive master, which for us is a good deal.

Lots of Friends to Help Your Photos

One of the struggles of travelling alone is taking photos! Hardly any photos of the trip are not selfie-taken or simple portrait from tripod. But in Komodo cruise, you would take the trip together with likeminded people who, mostly, would be willing to help you take one or two awesome photos. And when they are not available, you can always rely on the boat’s crew!

Budget Certainty on Komodo Cruise

Depend on the situation, sometimes solo travelling could save a fortune, while in other times it could be more expensive than travelling with a partner or groups. But one thing we love in Komodo cruise is their simple budgetary. Usually, boat tours in Komodo offers fixed price per slot per person—so you essentially pay the slot for yourself. For one price, you’ve paid for transportation, lodging, and meals. You only need to add the KNP entry fee (per person) and park ranger fee (per group). As long as you don’t take the “single supplements”, your budget would be safe.