Boost Your Business’s Growth By Optimizing The Buying Process

The competition to get the customer’s attention is so tough now especially when customers have more access to choose what they want on their fingertips. It is easy for them to choose anything they want and it is also easy for a business to lose a customer. Being a standout from the crowd can is challenging especially when you are not familiarizing yourself with advanced technology. 

Boost Your Business’s Growth By Optimizing The Buying Process

Boosting your business’ growth through buying process optimization

With how advanced technology has become, it is difficult for businesses to deliver the right message. Even though online platforms are accommodating and accessible, customers often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information available to them instead. So here are some ways you can boost the growth of your business through buying process optimization:

Get better understanding of your customers

It is important to know who your customers are and what they need. A buying process should be engaging and effective for customers to provide excellent buying experience. It makes them want to keep coming back to you. Aside from understanding who your customers are, try to understand the journey they are going through with the buying process as well. Hence, you know how to guide them and help them get the best deals from buying process. 

Build awareness

It is essentials to build awareness of your potential customers in order to make them notice your brand and what you offer. They may not buy your product or service right away. However, they will at least see and think about it knowing they have more options to choose later when they need it. Optimize the role of your online presence such as social media platforms, website, blogs, etc. Engage in sponsoring events can be a good idea too to build awareness. 

Add new features and value

The customers goes through consideration process when it comes to buying things. In this stage, they consider the value of your product or service, whether or not it fits their needs and wants. They will try to find as much information as possible. To ensure that you are what the customers are looking for, introduce new features and add values. You can also provide more information the customers need, or offer free consultation to help guide them. 

Create urgency

During buying process, customers will consider whether or not you are the better options. To make sure you are the chosen one, you need to create a sense of urgency. You can do it by providing time limit offers, giveaways, or discounts. Hence, it can stimulate the customers’ urge to speed up their decision making and choose you as the best option. 

Keep your customers engaged

Even if the customer have bought some products from your brand, there is always a possibility for them to change their mind and switch to other brands. Hence, it is important to keep them engaged by also providing information that is relevant to your customers. Maintain their satisfaction from every possible angle so they also feel appreciated and stay loyal.

Komodo Yacht Charter, Sailing Experience Around West Nusa Tenggara

There are many activities during your Komodo yacht charter. Beach exploring, culinary, exploring the savanna, snorkeling, and meeting the dragon. Flores in East Nusa Tenggara is one of the world’s best tourist attractions that are worth a visit in 2015. The exoticism of the islands of Komodo National Park with its underwater beauty is unquestionable. Flores also has cultural wealth such as the Waerebo Traditional Village in West Manggarai, the Bena Traditional Village in Bajawa, and the beauty of the three-colored lake aka Kelimutu Lake in Ende. A Komodo sailing tour on a yacht, with stops on islands and sleeping on the boat, is the ideal vacation trend.

Komodo Yacht Charter, Sailing Experience Around West Nusa Tenggara

Komodo Yacht Charter, Embark land and overland Flores

Komodo Island, home to 2000 of the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, is a must-see on any Komodo yacht charter. Keep your distance from these monsters, which may reach speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour. The beauty of Flores is amazing, not a dry and barren land but very remarkable green hills, mountains, and valleys. Flores has a plethora of attractions that never seem to run out.

Volcanoes that stretch across the 450 km long island create hills that form the letter V. The surface of the land soars with sharp edges showing the splendor of the hills and the foot of the mountain where there live various tribal groups (ama). Flores’ tribal stone age cultural history will astound everyone who visits.

You can break through the jungle of trees and steep hills to see firsthand the life of indigenous people from the stone age. Traditional villages in Flores will continue to survive the scour of the times that can uproot ancestral values. Local wisdom from traditional houses, how to weave, gather food, to the traditional family system that is highly respected.

Enjoying the Magic of Pink Beach

When visiting the beach, the clean seawater, blue sky, and white sand may have become a frequent sight. This beach is unique! What about the beach’s attractiveness, which features a stretch of pink sand? Pink Beach is a pink sand beach located within the Komodo National Park. There are only seven pink sand beaches on the planet, one of which is in our beautiful country!

According to local people, this pink sand comes from red coral fragments that have died and are often found around the beach. The Pink Beach underwater park contains various types of fish, hundreds of types of coral, and various other types of marine life.

Kelor island

Komodo cruise brings you to enjoy the underwater beauty of the island of Kelor. From a depth of 3 meters, you will be able to enjoy various marine life that is difficult to find in other places. Starting from coral and colorful fish, even if you are lucky you can meet stingrays here.

Handling Members With Toxic Personality Within Your Team

It is true that being a manage in an organization is challenging especially when it comes to handling team-related problems. Your team must consist of different individual with different personalities and characteristics. Sometimes, differences are not a problem when they don’t affect negatively to others. However, sometimes there is that one member with toxic personality which affect the environment and dynamic within the team. What should you do to handle this kind of situation as the leader?

Is it really toxic personality

It is important to understand first what toxic personality is. Those who are considered having toxic personalities are individuals who are spreading negativity to their surroundings. They tend to mistreat and diminish others constantly. They also tend to criticize almost everything. These kind of behaviors are damaging and considered toxic. And if there is a member in your team with this characteristics, you need to handle it in the best ways. 

How to know if there is a member with toxic personality in your team?

As a leader, sometimes you are too focused on reaching your goals that you forget about the environment within your team. Hence, it is great if you can be more proactive in taking care of your team instead of waiting for the troubles to come. Observe your teams closely to see how they interact and communicate with each other. Observe how each member work with the project given to the team. If you notice there is someone or some people who tend to drag the group’s energy down then it can be a sign of toxicity within your team. 

Make your own observation 

To make good observation, be open and stay receptive to every comment or complaint from your members. It is even better if you can take notes as well aside from listening to our team members attentively. When everything is documented, it is easier for you to register what is happening within the team. 

When you notice there is someone with toxic personality that they often cause troubles or conflict with the other members, make further observation. Watch them carefully and discreetly. If possible,, have meeting with those individuals and assess their behavior. You can see if they behave in certain ways if they are only with the group. From this you can find out whether the problem is the person or the group itself. 

Handling the issue

Once you know which person with toxic personality, you have to find ways to confront them. Make sure to take some considerations before such as how the person will take your feedback. For example, if the person is tend to be shy, you’d better confront them alone through one-on-one conversation. Or, you can also opt for a group setting approach if needed. 

After confronting, do not forget to follow up with that person and see how they respond afterwards. You can also document their behavior to see if there is improvement. If the situation is not getting better, you might need to talk with human resources to find better solution.

Liveaboard Indonesia, Exploring Anambas Island

The Anambas Islands, off the coast of Indonesia, feature a wonderful tropical natural beauty and you can reach with liveaboard Indonesia. Take a look at some of the natural tourist attractions that may be found in just one district!

The Anambas Islands are part of the Anambas Islands Regency. Are you still unfamiliar with this particular location?

Image Resource: Outthere Magazine

The Anambas Islands are one of the most exotic islands in the world, with the potential and allure of gorgeous tropical tourism. Anambas is a division of the Natuna Islands Regency and one of the administrative divisions of the Riau Islands Province.

Anambas possesses the charm of a tropical island that cannot be denied, despite its lack of popularity compared to other island tourist sites. This island can be a place worth visiting because of its stunning marine tourism, which includes a diverse range of marine life, white beaches, and pure seawater.

Anambas is the first stage of Asia’s most beautiful tropical island. In 2012, CNN’s version knocked out Koh Cang and Similand (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia), and Halong Bay (Vietnam) (Vietnam). 

What to do in Anambas island during do liveaboard Indonesia

Napoleon Habitat

The Napoleon fish (Cheillinus undulatus), which has a high economic value, you can find in the waters of the Anambas Islands. Thousands of Napoleons, cultivated by local fisherman, await visitors as testimonies to the Anambas fishermen’s triumph.

Napoleon is a reef fish of the Labridae family with the biggest body size. The hue of the body is normally light. In English, the fish is known as the humphead maori wrasse, whereas the locals refer to it as the fish ketipas.

Buang Ancak Tradition

Buang ancak is a tradition that can be seen in several parts of Indonesia under various names. Getting rid of sickness is the definition of littering.

The Anambas people used to have a custom of Buang Ancak when they sailed to sea and returned safely home. This is a token of appreciation for their safe return. The ritual is also thought to be effective in curing difficult-to-cure ailments.

Residents of Anambas must prepare a number of foodstuffs, including eggs and white rice, before performing the rite. The waste is placed in a container and dumped into the sea.

Pulau Bawah Anambas

In 2018, the Pulau Bawah Anambas tourist attraction in the Riau Archipelago design as a notable tourist destination. Anambas Regency’s island offers a variety of tourism options, including eco-park tourism. A clear and blue sea, as well as lush trees, are also present.

Pulau Bawah Anambas is said to have fallen from the heavens as a paradise. The environment and its habitat are in perfect condition as if you were transported back in time 10 centuries. Pulau Bawah features 13 beaches with fine white sand and three lagoons with pure water.

Pulau Bawah is around 300 hectares in size. The island’s visitation capacity is set at roughly 70 people each visit.

One thing to keep in mind is that this island can be reached by dive cruise Indonesia or by flying into the sea (seaplane). Seaplane access is available from Batam Airport and takes around 70 minutes. Foreign visitors who wish to visit Pulau Bawah Anambas must first obtain a visa.

Bolstering Your Online Brand influence With The Right Customers

Fighting for consumer attention is now common in business industry. With the rise of internet, it provides easier access. However, it is getting predictable for how social media works today with the competition. Brands with large followings can potentially leverage a larger audience. Meanwhile, smaller brands may need to face even harder fight. 

Online Brand influence

How to bolster your online brand influence

Keep in mind that internet is not limited to social media platforms. It is larger than that so you can take advantage of what’s best for your brand to shine such as content marketing, paid ads, and other online advertising campaigns. The most important thing to do is how to use the right strategies, with the right platforms and tools, to reach out the right customers, so you can increase your online brand influence effectively.

Consider leveraging social media platforms

When it comes to boosting your online brand’s presence, social media is still the king. It is the biggest and most impactful tool for you to leverage to benefit your business. There are different platforms to choose from and you can pick the one that will be able to deliver your message keep in mind to put the best message that reflect your brand’s values. Social media platforms can help garner attention as well as inform your followers of your business’s mission.

Create your brand ambassadors

You don’t have to hire influencers or famous celebrities to be your brand ambassadors. You can let your own employees become one by letting them create Twitter account which include their names and the company brand. You can simply let them speak in the name of the brand through their account. Let them interact with the followers in casual or professional ways to create more engagement. It would such a powerful way to boost your online brand’s presence.

Consider a unique, valuable custom product

Having a unique, valuable custom product is one of the best and easiest way to be a successful business online. It is because you can be the only one who provide this product so the influence it creates will only come to your brand. However, make sure to plan this well so you won’t just create random product. 

Serve your customer with hospitality

Customer experience truly matters for your business. Hence, it is a must to create positive customer experience when your customers doing business with you. Make every online interaction enjoyable for them. As the result, they will tell other people their excellent experience without being asked. They will give positive reviews and testimonials more willingly. 

Be more active to share without being asked

You are the expert of what you do so do not hesitate to share what you know because your knowledge is valuable. The audience will appreciate a lot when you do it without even being asked. You can simply leave comments or compliments on posts. Be genuinely helpful and people will come to you willingly and loyally.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Cheap & Fun Vacation

A series of open trip Labuan Bajo can be a traveler’s choice for a vacation. Labuan Bajo tour packages are often known as live onboard, where you sail using a wooden boat during a trip to visit the islands in the Komodo National Park area. Labuan bajo is not as popular as Komodo island. You need to know, Labuan Bajo is a point for tourists who want to visit the island of Komodo.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Cheap & Fun Vacation

Tips to Choose open trip Labuan Bajo

Choosing an open trip to Labuan Bajo is not only seen from the website page, social media. Itinerary and travel facilities are crucial things that you must pay attention to. Choice of open trip Labuan Bajo, joint tour, and private tour. This destination, which is located in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has beautiful islands to explore, beautiful beaches, a diversity of flora and fauna, and offers a variety of tourist experiences such as diving and cruises.

During the trip, tourists will stay on board for a period of 3-7 days, depending on the choice of each traveler. You will be invited to explore the diving points and enjoy the view from the boat. 

Trekking on Padar Island

open trip labuan Bajo - padar island

Padar Island is one of the most popular iconic photo spots. The view of the curved island with the vast land becomes very special. The top of the hill is one of the photo destinations as well as a trekking track that you must try. Tourists have to climb more than 1000 steps with a slope of 45 degrees. This fairly steep track does not have a safety rope so tourists must be extra focused and observant when climbing the stairs. So that the trekking trip on Padar Island is maximized, choose the morning or afternoon. More beautiful scenery and the sun tends to be shadier reducing the risk of fatigue and dehydration.

Visiting ancient animals on Komodo island

Komodo Island is one of the conservation centers of the Komodo National Park. You can see the daily activities of Komodo dragons and enjoy the view. A ranger will accompany tourists somewhat stray and safe from aggressive Komodo dragons.

Diving with Manta rays

open trip labuan bajo - manta point diving site

Open trip Labuan Bajo sailing 25 minutes from the pink beach, you will find the Manta Point dive spot. You can find the largest species of stingray in the world with a body width of 2-3 meters. If you don’t have a diving certificate, you can visit the Manta Sighting Spot to touch, caress, and feed the mantas. The sea waves at Manta Point are quite strong so it takes mental and physical preparation if you want to dive.

Saving-Money Tips That Will Help Entrepreneurs To Survive During Hard Times

Even though money is not the only essentials in building business, it is surely one of the most vital for business to keep running, especially during hard times. After the pandemic hit last year, this year many entrepreneurs who hoped for better situation so they can get back on their feet. However, another wave of pandemic hit then their hopes were in vain. One of the most concerning problems is cash and saving money diligently from the beginning can help you a lot to survive. 

Saving money tips for entrepreneurs

You may save some petty cash from using two-ply tissue or switching off the bulbs. However, this kind of petty cash won’t make you survive for long. It will run out in no time even before your business pass the storm of the crisis. It will be beneficial if you have more drastic saving method, and here are some of the most useful tips you can implement on your business for great result of saving money:

Reevaluate your expenses as a whole

You may have automated some of your business expenses to make it easier for you to manage all the cost. However, it is important that you review it from time to time to see if there is any restructuring needed. Restructuring your rent, insurance, and other monthly cost can help a lot in finding unnecessary expense you can just stop instead. For example, you have monthly subscription of a service you no longer use such as WiFi for your closed office, etc. If there are things you still kind of need but not as intense as before, then you may renegotiate it with the provider to see if you can get discount or something. 

Cut out expensive perks

Perks that are expensive totally put a dent on your monthly expense and you must cut out or at least substitute them with something that you can afford more. One of the perks that are very consuming for your monthly expense is snack for employees. You may spend hundred dollars just for snacks. If you close your office, you cut it out automatically. If you still have your employees around and working, then you have to give them explanation about why you need to cut their snacks out. Or, you can also swap out non-essential perks for high-value perks. Instead of paying for snacks, it might be more meaningful for your employees to get health insurance plan, especially during this pandemic. 

Consider using freelancers or outsourcing instead of recruiting new staffs

Recruitment costs a lot because it needs to go through several process before you get the right people to join your team. To save money, it is more preferable if you use freelancers or outsourcing to handle some tasks such as customer service, logo design, graphic design work, etc. With outsourcing, you get professional who are ready to handle various works without the need for training first. Then, freelancers can handle more frequent tasks for a lot less while doing it remotely from their own home.

Papua Liveaboard Diving, Exploring Remarkable 5 Dive Sites Raja Ampat

The charm of tourist destinations in Indonesia always amazes the eyes of the world. Raja Ampat is one of the popular and best diving tourist destinations that must be included in your dive vacation list. The Papua diving spot of Raja Ampat is blessed with stunning underwater scenery with a ribbon of various fish species. There are so many choices of islands that Raja Ampat is often called a paradise for travelers and diving lovers. Papua liveaboard diving is certainly the right idea if you want to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat up close.

Papua liveaboard diving, exploring Mios Kun

Mios Kun is located in the southern area near Kabui Bay and is one of the best Papua diving spots. Mios Kun has many diving and snorkeling locations with beautiful coral reefs to colorful fish. Papua liveaboard diving brings you to find various species of fish ranging from the schooling yellow snapper, barracuda, cake fish to carpet sharks. The ocean currents in Mios Kun are not too big so it is safe for novice divers.

Cross Wreck Papua Diving

Cross Wreck is 300 km from Sorong with stunning underwater panoramas of Japanese shipwrecks that ran aground in World War II. At a depth of 18 meters, divers can see shipwrecks that are still intact and explore the contents of the ship in the form of the main cabin, engine room, and ammunition room. Divers can find lionfish, leaf fish, devil fish, mantis shrimp, and octopus. The best time to dive in Cross wreck is March to November.

Tanjung Kri Papua Diving Raja Ampat

Tanjung Kri is one of the leading diving spots with a fascinating diversity of marine life. At a depth of 10-40 meters and a viewing distance of 10-30 meters, you can find 374 species of fish and coral reefs, ranging from barracuda, various types of jacks, batfish, snapper, grouper, to green turtles. The clarity of the waters in Tanjung Kri allows you to see the beauty of marine life without having to dive at a certain depth and is the perfect spot for snorkeling.

Magic Mountain

This diving spot is often called Shadow Reef and is the number 1 Papua diving spot. Magic Mountain offers underwater charm if you want to see the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat. You can also find the legendary fish, Manta Rays and is a breeding habitat for napoleon fish. Magic Mountain is also a place for reef shark chicks to grow and develop.

Batu Lima

Papua liveaboard diving this time will take you to the Batu Lima diving spot. This diving spot is located in the Dampier Strait with a dive depth of 24 meters and has various current conditions. The attraction of Batu Lima is the charm of large coral reefs. Divers do not need to dive too deep because at a depth of a few meters you can already find beautiful purple coral reefs.

Papua trips for diving activities have always been the dream of domestic and foreign divers. Diving equipment you must prepare:

  • Wetsuits
  • Mask
  • Regulator
  • Fins
  • Gauges
  • Bouyancy Compensation Device
  • Computer Dive
  • Dive booties
  • water tank

Preventing Burnout While Building Your Business

Preventing Burnout While Building Your Business

You may have heard a lot about employees experiencing severe burnout. Imagine how bad it could be when you are a business leader since you have to cover so many roles. In fact, the majority of business leaders start their business journey from being an employee first. With exponential work to do and roles to fulfill, it is easy for business leaders to become a victim of burnout. 

How to prevent burnout as you build your success

Many people think that business leaders are those who have strong personality and confidence. They are portrayed as individuals with amazing control to perfectly balance their business life and work life. They are viewed as individuals who are so focused in pursuing their goals and always stay composed in any situation. However, the reality is that business leaders face many challenges and difficulties and they are not always as strong as they want to be. And one of the reasons is anxiety, stress, and burden that lead to burnout. And here are some tips for you to avoid burnout while pursuing your goals:

Defining your values from the beginning

It is essential that you define what your company does in the simplest terms before building any business model you are passionate about. It applies to your own life as a business leader and entrepreneur. You need to define your value as early as possible, making it something you can fall back into whenever you feel like you are wandering too far. Remind yourself that you cannot do everything perfectly and by your own. Define things that you will or will not do for your company so you know what value system you build that help you to stay focused. 

Building brand reputation without compromising boundaries

Many business leaders and entrepreneurs take a saying ‘customer is king’ to another level or to the point of misinterpreting the real meaning. They try to please customers and clients by doing everything. While it may result in great impact, it won’t be sustainable. Hence, it is more sustainable if you build your brand reputation without compromising boundaries. Building relationship with your customers by establishing good and open communication is great. However, set personal boundaries especially if you offer service that requires you to interact with your customers. 

Will it jeopardize your business if you set boundaries?

It is important that you set up personal boundaries and communication time. It means, you determine work hours clearly so your customers cannot get a hold of you anytime they want. It may sound so strict but it is important to train yourself how to respect the line between professional and personal matters. 

To avoid misunderstanding, communicate your own expectation with your customers or clients. Also, inform your them of your working hours so they know when to reach you out when they need you. They will respect that you have a life outside of work. Building boundaries can help you to focus more. Hence, you focus working during working hours, and focus on enjoying your time during off-work hours. 

Reasons to Choose Bali Family Resort Over Hotel this Summer

Reasons to Choose Bali Family Resort Over Hotel this Summer

A long-awaited family vacation in Bali could turn into family nightmare in a blink of eye without any warnings. If you have little children and teens, you know what we are talking about. Sometimes it’s that toy you forgot to pack, sometimes it’s the bored teen with nothing interesting to do in the hotel. And sometimes it’s the older kids bothering their little brothers or sisters which end up in a bad fight. In the end, you cannot relax and everyone in the family got cranky. But would things be different had you stay in Bali family resort? Here are the reasons why a family-friendly resort could make your family trip much better.

More Room Options in Bali Family Resort to Accommodate Everyone

More Room Options in Bali Family Resort to Accommodate Everyone

Resorts want to be able to provide the accommodations that families like, which can include contiguous or connecting rooms, quiet rooms, or rooms near the pool. You can use any of the options they provide if you and another couple are traveling together and need or want to use them. In Holiday Inn Bali Benoa, this Bali family resort is famous with their exceptional family-suites, arranged to make suits the kids. There are two types of family suites you can choose; first one is a connective rooms of twin beds rooms for the kids and double bed room for the parents, perfect for the teens and pre-teens. The second is a family suite with adjoined master bedroom and smaller kids room inside, built with ocean-themed, kids-sized bunk-beds which makes the holiday even more exciting.

Your Family Would Never Get Bored of the Food

Many smaller boutique hotels and rental establishments just cannot compete when it comes to food variety. A family resort provides vast choices of food and beverages services; from casual restaurants, upmarket restaurants, and pub-style restaurants. You will also be delighted with breakfast selections, a market for quick grab-and-go alternatives, room service, as well as food service by the pool. Having a variety of options allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Also, the kids can choose their own meal from the Kids’ Menu (and get that for free, as long as you buy your own meals together). For parents with little kids, this means less cranky lunch time.

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More Activities to Do in Bali Family Resort

More Activities to Do in Bali Family Resort

On-property activities and events are available at many resorts. You can even learn something new, and as many are geared at novices, you shouldn’t be afraid to give it a shot.

More Organised Exploration Time

Being in Bali, you might want to visit the surrounding beach town once you’ve spent some time at the resort. Family resort in Bali recognize that this may be on your wish list, so they’ve compiled a list of the most popular activities in their area, identified the best spots to do them, and made it simple for you to travel there and back, sometimes with a guide. You no longer need to do your own study and planning; simply book and go.

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More Time to Enjoy as An Adult

Kids are wonderful, but every now and again you need a break. Even Bali family resort recognize this, and many will include separate places where parents can relax and enjoy themselves without the kids. Spend some adult time by the adults-only pool, attend an early morning yoga session, rent a room in the no-kids zone, or visit the spa.

Meeting Other Friendly Families and Get Social

If you prefer to be social, are traveling with friends, or simply want to meet new people, a family resort can often satisfy your needs. Many are packed with people just like you who would enjoy a little banter at the pool or at the swim-up bar.