5 Ways Surf Holidays Will Drive Your Life Happier

One of the important purpose of traveling is not only about the destination, but how you are feeling good, happier and even healthier to live up your life. And while you are still confusing about what kind of travel you are going to in the next summer, you can decide to be in the surf holidays to experience all of the mentioned benefits I just told you.

In general, traveling will drive your life even happier than before and so does the surf holidays. Furthermore, there are more possible ways how you can even change your life to be better just by finding yourself carrying the surfboard under your arm and heading to the beach to start catching the waves.

1. Surf holiday is a sport travel idea

When it comes to a sport, then one thing that will always coming up to our mind is exercising. Do you have a fun and exciting exercise that can also be the way how you are spending your holidays? If not, you’ve got the surf holidays right now.

Exercising is always a good way to train your body and surfing is an exciting way to do it. How can’t it make you happier?

2. Surfing leads to a deep enjoyment

Surfing is a bit obsession in life especially for the surfers while searching and catching the perfect waves are always addictive.

When we are riding the waves that are coming fast and no time for us to think, your only one intention is the waves alone. And that’s how surfing will lead you to experience the deep enjoyment ever since as if your mind and body are no longer the separated entities.

3. Enrich your life with a friendship among the surfers

Friendship through surf holidays with other surfers to make life happier

The next way the surf holidays will drive your life even happier is through a friendship between you and the other surfers.

Meet with the new people while traveling is a common thing, we are even experiencing that all the time. But make a friendship is another one special thing. It is because many surfers are mostly helping each other and would like to share their stories, skills, experiences, knowledge and many more as long as you are not acting like a j*rk, nor even a hodad.

Moreover, surfers are pretty much popular with their lifestyle and culture. So, you are not only make a good friendship but may found how to getting through your life the better ways.

4. Your life’s problems won’t coming along on the surfboard

Enjoying the sunset in the afternoon is somehow the best thing to end your day especially when the beach is private. But, no matter how good it is to refresh your mind, you will still have the chances to think about the unfinished project back at the office, the car in the garage have not been cleaned, etc.

But when you are in a surf holidays and start searching the waves while riding them, you have nothing in mind but the waves and all the excitements you are possible to experience.

At least, I have never heard that there have been the surfers were remembering about the unpaid monthly life or health insurance before while riding their surfboard at the beach. Nope.

And that will be an experience we will need in life, right? Spending the surf holidays without bothering our mind with the problems that are actually have been existed before we were leaving home to the beaches. Not to mention that the sound of ocean has its own rhythm for our soul.

5. Surf holidays encouraging you to search your happiness at anywhere

Every beaches in the world have their own charm and interests in term of surfing. Even though the waves of a certain beach won’t get you bored, it is not a sin to start your own adventure to the other countries and beaches to challenge yourself or simply experience the waves in the other places.

For this last benefit, traveling the world may not your dream any longer and will still possible for you to get the advantages of the above 4 points I have explained.

Who wouldn’t happy if there will be a chance to experience happiness in the world just by knowing how to balance yourself on the surfboard while controlling it?

Today, as the world is requiring all the countries to offering more sustainable tourism, surf holidays stand a good chance to be an adventure idea that will not only drive your life even happier but could also be the one that is truly not harming the environment.

Making the Best Komodo Boat Trip for You

The Komodo National Park in the far flung peripheral of Indonesian frontier keeps rising in popularity. The picturesque sceneries of this beautiful landscapes haunts popular photo-sharing apps; the Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr, continuously enchants people from all around the world with its breathtaking charms. A week of Komodo boat trip in this slice of raw heaven seems like a perfect way to spend summer. You are going to sail in glistening blue ocean, around gorgeous tiny islands, and visit probably the most pristine beaches you have ever seen.

A week of sailing trip could be a heavenly pause from the world—or a disaster, if you can’t manage. This is how you could plan a smooth carry out for a long duration of sailing trip . 

Making the Best Komodo Boat Trip for You

Bring Only the Essentials to Komodo Boat Trip

I know. You are going yo the middle of nowhere and you think you need to bring everything. Proper clothing, summer clothes that would look good on Instagram, complete diving gears, snorkels, and other knick-knacks. But if you have ever been to a boat, you would know how space could be so limited. So, remember to only bring the essentials. Also, you would likely to pick up some souvenirs from Komodo along the way, and having a lot of spare space would help. 

Let the Unexpected Rolls On

When you set a vacation in a Komodo boat trip, keep in mind that things might not go as planned. The sea could suddenly be rough and you probably have to skip a certain island. You might won’t see as many Komodo dragons as you wish. Or they might not in the mood to display a beastly feast as you seen in NatGeo. Whatever it is, let the unexpected rolls on without too much baggage. Learn to let it pass and try to enjoy unplanned things along the way. 

Try Lots and Lots of New Thing

Hopping in a Komodo boat trip to a world where civilisation is rare to found is already a new thing. There’s nothing more perfect than being in an adventure to try new things! It’s time to turn your adrenaline on and do things you never do before. Never try to jump from a boat straight to the sea? Well, you are in an ideal place to do that! The Komodo’s water is so bright and translucent and it’s always inviting anyone to jump right away. Your boat has paddle board and yak boat for free? Why don’t you use this rare opportunity to learn how to use them? Find new things and challenge yourself to go above and beyond. By the time you come back home, you will be glad to have taken the leap!

Read More: Komodo Sailing Trip: Five Things You Might Not Know About

Try Arranging A Beach Dinner (or Lunch)

One thing you never need to worry when going with a Komodo boat trip is the food. Thank Zeus, it’s all inclusive with the boat package you pay for. You will have all meals, served three times a day, cooked and prepared by the boat crews. Dining could take place in indoor saloon or in the outdoor deck. But if you want to have something eventful to remember, try to arrange an outdoor dining with your Komodo liveaboard operator in an empty beach nearby. Relish in Indonesian delight while enjoying the sea in private. It’s gonna be amazing!

Why Kids Surf Camp In A Hot Fun Summertime Is The Best?

Hot and warm of summertime is always the perfect time for traveling. If you are a family and wondering around where to go and what to do for the kids, I think that it is a worth trying recommendation when a surf camp time can be the best for them.

All of your children are precious. But sometimes, you can’t really deal with their activities because there are too much energy you will have to get. Moreover in a summertime where you will also need and deserve a peaceful retreat. In other hands, the kids will keep on running here and there and doing many things that you couldn’t accompany them. But, you have nothing to worry about for now since you can decide whether or not you want send the kids for a summertime surf camp.

Hot fun summertime kids surf camp is the best for holidays

If you think that sending them to the kids surf camp is sounds hard for you, than why not joining in with the rest of the family members together?

If the moment can’t really be the special kids surf camp, you can always decide to find and experience the summertime family fun surf camp if you want. But, since now we are focusing on the kids for now, I think I will have to tell you why this travel idea is as precious as your children are.

Summertime kids surf camp is a good idea for their health

There are as well many kids that aren’t being a big fan of physical exercises at school. It can be caused by the the exercises themselves are less interesting for them. In other hands, there are also the kids that are wondering why there is not a thing or a place they can really free to do many things in fun ways. The kids surf camp is here for that and else.

Not to mention that the surf camp itself will be great for their health; physically, mentally and spiritually. Surfing is a sport which is means as an exercise, but it really needs the kids to be encouraged to break the waves and start riding them on the surfboard.

Surfing is a full body workout and it will really good even for the lazy ones.

Surf camp is a surfing course where the kids will learn and practice the skill as a small group

I have been read that it is recommended that a surf camp’s group should have never been more than 8 person so it will be an effective course and the instructor won’t get more unnecessary troublesome from the kids.

If your children will be in a kids surf camp, it will be a meaningful thing that will help them to communicating and interacting among their ages, making friends, and surely exercising in more interesting and fun ways in summertime. Just by thinking about this, I have already imagining that it will be the best summer ever for them.

The kids will also learning the new skill in a surf camp and actually the life lessons, too!

Surfing is a skill and if the kids are interesting to learn about it, then a surf camp is where they are going especially when the time is in the summer holidays. No time for them for being lazy at the bed. It is better for them if you are introduce them to a precious holiday activities that will remain in their memory for long.

Besides that, the kids surf camp will also let your children to know more about the environment especially in how to preserve better beach, the waves, the sea, etc.

Ever since they will be in a small group of kids, they will also be introduced to a teamwork where it will be good for them to learn and exercise together. As they are growing, who would have guesses that the teamwork and team building they have got from a surf camp will be the valuable lesson when they will be in a workplace.

Why Komodo Cruise Is Great for Travelling Solo

So you have pinned the raw and wild Komodo National Park for your next solo trip destination? This Indonesian frontier has been rising as the next “It” thing amongst travelers alike for its exceptional terrestrial beauty, stunning aquatic life, and of course, the legendary Komodo Dragons—the lasts of prehistoric beasts who live only in this region. Given to the KNP’s landscape, sailing trip with liveaboard boats and cruises are hugely popular, even for those who are wandering alone! Here, we have solid reasons why Komodo cruise is perfect for solo travelling. 

Why Komodo Cruise Is Great for Travelling Solo

The Social Accommodation

When you have done a lot of solo travelling, you know how much accommodation could impact on your trip. A boring, lonely trip could improve so much just by finding lively crowds on your traveler hostels. For solo travelers, accommodation is one way to meet other travelers and share exciting stories. The Komodo cruise is a perfect place for that. The cabins are decent and in par with hotel-standard, yet accommodate for the social interaction solo travelers need. All cabins in any boats and cruises in Komodo features either bunkbeds or double beds—some even squeeze additional single beds for the family/ group room. That means, as a solo traveler, you will be paired up with other passenger that could be your closest buddy during the adventure. 

The Safety of Guided Tours

Ah, we all know the reputation of guided tours on solo travelling. Whenever you open the TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet, they will always advice you to try exploring by your own. But we gotta remind you, that here in Komodo, solo exploration is neither the safest not the best option. Out of Labuan Bajo, the islands within KNP are totally wild; minimum infrastructure, zero electricity, and limited fresh water. Also, there’s still the merciless Komodo dragons roaming in the wild. Wandering alone in KNP is not the wisest decision, if you asked us. 

On a side note, almost all cruise and liveaboard of Komodo sell all-inclusive trip with pre-packaged itinerary, and that would be your best option. Well, unless you want to book the whole cruise and arrange your own itinerary! Most of the cruise also provides dive master, which for us is a good deal.

Lots of Friends to Help Your Photos

One of the struggles of travelling alone is taking photos! Hardly any photos of the trip are not selfie-taken or simple portrait from tripod. But in Komodo cruise, you would take the trip together with likeminded people who, mostly, would be willing to help you take one or two awesome photos. And when they are not available, you can always rely on the boat’s crew!

Budget Certainty on Komodo Cruise

Depend on the situation, sometimes solo travelling could save a fortune, while in other times it could be more expensive than travelling with a partner or groups. But one thing we love in Komodo cruise is their simple budgetary. Usually, boat tours in Komodo offers fixed price per slot per person—so you essentially pay the slot for yourself. For one price, you’ve paid for transportation, lodging, and meals. You only need to add the KNP entry fee (per person) and park ranger fee (per group). As long as you don’t take the “single supplements”, your budget would be safe. 

What to Do at the Airport for Smooth Travel

Everyone always want smooth journey when it comes to travelling especially when the destination requires a long haul flight. One of the biggest challenged during travel is the airport. There is a lot of possible things that can go wrong. Lots of travelers often make some mistakes even though they have been in the airport for the umpteenth times already. From the baggage drop, the security line, and to the boarding gate, travelers can experience their own hassle. Of course, there is no such thing as perfect vacation no matter how prepared you are. However, you can make your trip to be less hassle especially when you are at the airport.

How to make smooth process at the airport

Making mistake is humane. However, some mistakes can be prevented so that your travel can be more efficient. Airport is inevitable when your travel destination is so far from where you live. Some troubles are bound to happen at the airport especially when you lack of preparation. So here are things you can do to make smooth travel during your time at the airport:

  • Before even you get to the airport, download your airport or airline app from your mobile device. Your device will alert you if something happen to your flight. It will notify your flight if it’s being delayed or cancelled before you leave your home to reach the airport. More airports now have developed this type of apps for easier information delivery. Thus, travelers can travel with more ease.
  • If you don’t want to spend much time during TSA check, it is recommended to apply for TSA Pre-check. It is usually shorter and quicker than regular lines because you don’t remove liquids, bag, or shoes. Make sure to fill out the application and pay refundable fee according the policy of the airport. After filling out the application, you need to make appointment at the enrollment center. It saves your time and aggravation and the money you spent to pay this application will be worth it.
  • There is always possibility to get held up at the airport such as during TSA check. Thus, it is highly recommended to bring your own foods from home. Of course, there are also foods at the airport you can purchase. However, the price is much more expensive than what’s sold in regular store. Thus, bring your own non-liquid snacks you like to the airport so you won’t be too bored while waiting in lines.-        To cut the time during TSA check, it is highly recommended to wear the right clothes. Aside from dressing up comfortably, you need to dress strategically so you won’t end up in a long line. Try to play safe by wearing simple clothes that won’t set the alarm off when going through body scanner. Avoid wearing chunky jewelry, belt, and complicated footwear. Choose to wear shoes simple shoes you can get on and off easily. This way, your travel will go smoothly without wasting too much time on unnecessary long lines.

Where the Best Surf Camp at Morocco for Your Holiday?

Could you imagine how does it feels if you are possible to spend your holidays in a country with deserts but in more refreshing way? What if I told you that there is the best surf camp in that country which is at Morocco where you can enjoy the hot tropic of Arabian land’s atmosphere in a surfing travel package?

You may have been realized about the common surf traveling idea before whose the travelers are focusing to experience the surfing trip as their main things to do. But, have you been noticed that you can actually do the same but in more fun and professional ways no matter how amateur you are on riding the waves? That’s where the best surf camp in Morocco is all about where you will be in a class located the beaches and the seas.

As the Northern African country, Morocco is not only blessed with the deserts and their hot weather, but it is also a country with beaches and apparently closer to the sea as the other countries with coastlines. And to be honest, that will really be a great match where the deserted country will be in a perfect combination with the surf camp travel idea. It is already refreshing to me knowing that will be in reality.

How can a surf camp idea in Morocco will be your next best travel experience?

Did you actually know what the surf camp is? Is it a camping idea closer to the beach with the waves that can be good for surfing? Or what it is all about for sure?

In answering that, what I have just told you can be a true in the past. Especially when I was mentioning about the camping idea. But today, we have been knowing that sometimes, camping can be in a luxury as well. Instead of sleeping or even living in the tent, you can actually do that by living in a villa, luxury hotel rooms, etc.

Best surf camp in Morocco for holiday

It all will be depending on the surf camp operators about which types of accommodations they have been prepared for their guests.

The surf camp itself is a surfing course for a traveler or a group of people. It can be for someone alone or it can be for those in a family or friends trip. You will be in a class, located at the beaches at Morocco where you can choose where you will be learn about surfing coached by the professional and dedicated instructors. And the course is even started for the beginners up to the advanced and can even possible for pro surfers.

It can also be your family educational trip where as I have been said before that if you are lucky enough to experiencing it at the best surf camp in Morocco, that may be the your next unforgettable trip ever.

Best surf camp you can reserves in Morocco

As the country where you can experience the best surf camp course located in an exotic Morocco with the hot and warm setting, you will need to know which travel operator you are going to trust in providing you the class and high quality holiday.

The travel operator you are going to choose should have also been providing you the options about where the beaches and seas you are possible to learn and practice what you have been taught of in the surfing class. The more options, the better since you can compare each locations with their own prices.

And there are many of such surf camps in Morocco. Whether you are going to surf at Taghazout, Agadir, an adventure at Tamraght, a class and accommodation with Yoga activity at Souss-Massa or even at fishing village at Anza and many more places and accommodation options.

But I won’t make you wondering around about the travel operator for that. The one and only recommendation for the best surf camp Morocco you are going to choose is the course that is served by the Nomad Surfers that have been serving many surfers in the world.

It is literally serving the beginner and advanced surfers in the world since the courses are spreading at the five continents and serving more than 50 countries in the world. The best news about the surf company is that it has been establishing since 1995 ago.

This is the best surf camp ever you’d like to choose since the surf instructors are all professional and their passion is for being salty together.

The surf camp is also providing you the highest quality of equipment to help you learning in more safer way and to create the ultimate surf experience as their vision.

It can be the life changing adventure when you are going in the best surf camp’s class in Morocco. And it is possible to be your most worthwhile travel investment ever.

Useful Items People Always Forget to Bring to Komodo Boat

You think you have packed everything necessary—and yet you always realise something you forget to bring to Komodo boat sailing trip. All the essentials are here; sunscreen, dive/snorkel gear, swimsuit, towels, clothes, power-bank, seasickness pills, you name it. But there will always be times when you wish you have bring these items. Things that you don’t think important at first but proven to be very helpful once you are on board. These items below might seems totally unrelated to sailing trip at first, but they are useful and definitely worth to bring.  

Useful Items to Bring to Komodo Boat

Useful Items People Always Forget to Bring to Komodo Boat

Clothes Clips

Holiday in Komodo boat is bound with many water activities. You gotta spend a lot of time snorkelling, diving, swimming, or playing at Komodo’s empty beaches. That means you will need to use your towel—a lot—and hang it to dry. Probably together with your wet clothes and swimsuits, too. And you don’t want to have your towel/ clothes flown by the wind, don’t you? Use clothes pin  to hold them into the strings or benches. 

Lip Balm 

The Komodo National Park is already hot to begin with, and they have little rainfall throughout the year. Being in hot open sea with direct contact with the sun everyday, you will get sunburn and dry lips soon enough. Bringing in sunscreen is not enough—you need to love your lips, too! Take care of the delicate skin on your lips by applying enough lip balm throughout the day. 

Anti Bug Lotions or Spray

You know that Komodo is extremely tropical and humid, and that’s a perfect place for bugs to stay. Also, the region is still prone to malaria diseases so protect yourself by having bug spray or lotion nearby. 

Extra Hair Tie

Onboard the Komodo boat, the wind could be strong and unmerciful. It’s always helpful if to have extra hair tie to tame your hair. Doesn’t matter whether you are man or woman—as long as you have long hair, you definitely need a bunch of hair ties. Because just like socks, they always disappear at times you need them the most. 

Hair Oil/ Hair Mist

You’ll spend half of your time in Komodo taking dips under the sea and we all know how damaging the saltwater could be to your hair. You will never regret for having hair oil ready on the boat. 

Additional Power Strips

The Komodo boat could be comfy and spacious, but still lack of power outlets. Most liveaboard in Flores has only one or two power outlets in each cabin and one in each common room. That means you would compete with 12+ passengers to charge camera, power bank, phone, and other electrical gadgets in very limited outlets. Save your energy from the hassle and bring a small power strip for yourself. You will definitely thank yourself!

Three Unique Venue for Different Nightlife in Seminyak Bali

Bali is no longer preserved as purely traditional, cultural travel destination and the islands has long adapted to the lifestyle of its Westerners expats. Bali’s highest expat occupancy areas—and the most touristy—like Legian, Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu are now busting with trendiest restaurants, local bars, and nightlife entertainments. While Legian is busy with urban clubs-lined streets and Canggu with its hippie-pop vibes, nightlife in Seminyak Bali is probably the most colourful, stylish, and opulent among its neighbouring area. With diverse variety of bars to explore, this beach town will change your perception; nightlife doesn’t always mean getting into parties until you get wasted. It’s about enjoying the night with good drinks and good music, and you have plenty  of options to explore. Here, we cover the most representative club and bars from each nightlife category that you can find in Seminyak’s brimming streets. 

Three Different Experience for Nightlife in Seminyak Bali

Three Unique Venue for Different Nightlife in Seminyak Bali

La Plancha Bali

Tucked in one of the side of Mesari beach (or the Double-Six beach), splashes of colour bursting in the sands from the colourful umbrella beaches and bean bags where you can sink into. La Plancha is a great representation of the laid back Bali. La Plancha, means ‘the grills’, serves a variety of Spanish and barbecue delight that you can chew while watching the sunset sky changes color. La Plancha is your answer when you want to go out and feel nightlife in Seminyak Bali when doing absolutely nothing. To accompany your night, take up some local pilsner’s favourite, Bintang, other international beers, or pick one from their Spanish/ tropical cocktail mix.  

Sea Vu Play

Created with obviously deep passion of all thing nautical, this day-to-day seafood restaurant turned into one of the liveliest nightlife in Seminyak Bali once the sky darkens as well as one of the trendiest. Once you step inside, you will be wowed by dedicated nautical decorations: beach-hhut like seats, barrel drum chairs, ropes, lines of palm trees blinking with fairy lights, and real-size boat right in the middle of the restaurant. Recently, Sea Vu Play changed its concept bar and return as one of the most vibrant gay bar Bali. This change bring Sea Vu Play as the newest addition to Seminyak’s renown gay bar, like its predecessor Bali Joe and Maxwell. 

Grow Up Rooftop Bars

You can go to japan Petingenget and find dozens of posh and sophisticated bars and clubs to dance to the music and get wasted in the night. But you can also choose to chill in a rooftop bar, sip your drink, and get hypnotised by the glimmers of city lamps. The Grow Up rooftop bars, nestled in the rooftop of L hotel Seminyak, along the popular joint like Potato Head, Ku De Ta, and Sarong and Metis. Elegant dining and classy drinks in this rooftop bar would surely be the way to treat yourself a delicate nightlife in Bali. 

Things to Know Before Staying in Seminyak Villas

Many travelers are falling in love to visit Bali whether they were coming as a group, honeymoon purpose, getaway with friends, and so on. And one of the recommended place and accommodation to stay is at Seminyak villas for a luxury and private retreat.

Before you are renting your own Seminyak villas, I think that it is important to know about the offers and all the surround environment so you can choose whether or not it is the place you are looking for in Bali. As you know, location is truly important when its come to travelling, it all about the destination you are going to enjoy.

Things to know before staying in Seminyak villas

Things you should know before staying in Seminyak villas

Seminyak is around 15 to 20 minutes from the main city of Denpasar by car. As it is the most famous city in Bali, Denpasar is also a great place to explore its destinations so you can get benefits from both locations.

Meanwhile, Seminyak itself is located at the lower land where it is a seaside village that kind of rare in town; There’s not many villages in Bali with their own beaches as what you can find at Seminyak. And doesn’t it sounds like a perfect place where you can stay in a private villa while traveling in Bali?

If you are agree with me, there are still some interesting advantages you can get while renting villas at Seminyak.

But before all of that, I need to tell you that most of the Seminyak villas are located inside the small roads and you can even need to walk through the paths. Many of them are quiet far from the main street where you will need to walk out when you are reserving a taxi. That’s why many travelers are also renting the motorbike so they can free to go and come from anywhere around.

Surely that there are also many Seminyak villas that are located side of the main road. But since the village itself has the small area, I think you won’t find the villas that are right at the side of the main street. This kind of condition is actually an advantage for you because you won’t be bothered by noises and pollution so you will keep on comfortable by staying in the villa.

If you are required to rent the beachfront villas at Seminyak, you can get them all easily. They are even easier to find rather than getting the beachfront hotels for your accommodation since the number of the villas are pretty much dominating the area.

Seminyak villas are truly recommended for family vacation, spending times with kids inside the villa or making use of the accommodation for the honeymooners. Their number of bedrooms are vary, you can get from 1 bedroom villa up to even dozens of bedrooms if you want.

But, even though there are many of them, doesn’t mean that you will get your favorite Seminyak villas anytime you want. As the village is so much popular now, sometimes it can be hard to get the special offers since the other tourists are also looking for the same thing as you are. So, you’d better make a plan for your visit and rent the accommodation earlier before yo arrive in Bali.

Another thing you should now is some of the villas are also close enough to the night bar or clubs. Even though it won’t still be noisy as you think, but it may also not a good place to bring along your family there. Especially hen you’ve got kids.

But I think that Seminyak village itself still the better location options rather than Legian or Kuta since there will be so crowded and somehow, I think there will be more wastes on the road and even at the beach.

Komodo Sailing Trip: Five Things You Might Not Know About

Ever since it’s nomination as one of New 7 Wonder of Nature, Komodo National Park has definitely gained a place on travelers’ bucket list. Home for the last colony of Komodo Dragons on earth, idyllic beaches, and jagged savannah hills, this UNESCO World Heritage site has a certain wild and wondrous flavour to satisfy the most Jurassic-esque adventure. Certainly, cruising around the Flores Sea while hopping between island within the national park is the best way to enjoy Komodo’s beauty. You might have heard some of Komodo’s main attraction; bird-eye view of panoramic hills, pink sands, dragons, wild life, and incredible marine life. Here, we compiled six things you might have not know about sailing in Komodo.

Komodo Sailing Trip: Five Things You Might Not Know About

The Dry Season Might Get A Little Wetter

Indonesia, where Komodo National Park is located, is a tropical country. Being all surrounded by water with high humidity, it won’t be strange if sometimes you find the rain fall in the middle of your Komodo sailing trip, that supposedly done in dry season. But worry not, the rain would probably last an hour or so, before the sky get all bright again.  

It’s Busier Than You Think

You might have pictured Komodo as somewhere remote, off form the beaten path, and totally idyllic with only few humans around. While it’s true that Komodo is all remote and unspoiled, it might not as empty as you’d think. April to September is Komodo’s busiest time—boats are departing back and forth from Labuan Bajo, carrying travelers from all around the world. But don’t worry, your Komodo operator will help you to escape the crowds!

Komodo Sailing Trip Might Be Totally Closed on Rainy Season

Rainy season in Indonesia could hit very hard. During these times, the sea would be too rough to sail in, and the weather could be highly unpredictable at some times. Last year, a couple of boat were hot by the storms and got wrecked because they insist to sail despite the bad weather. For safety reason, a lot of boat operator closed their Komodo sailing trip during this season, which usually last from January to mid-March. 

Be Prepared to Exercise Komodo Cruising Trip, A Lot

Exercise is probably the furthest thing on your mind while you are on a holiday. But when you are in Komodo sailing trip, you will get to exercise, a lot. Be prepared to walk a long trek for Komodo Dragon sight-seeing, hiking the hills of Padar Island, Gili Lawa, and other islands, and swim/ snorkel in Komodo’s bright water. Some of the best view in Komodo (the one you see on social media) can only be reached by climbing steep hills, so get your feet ready. 

Komodo Are Not Related to Dinosaur 

Despite their dinosaur-esque apperance, Komodo dragons are not a dinosaur. They may be prehistoric, yes, but these gigantic lizard are descendant of Megalania priscus, 20 foot long monitor lizard from Australia. But they still have lethal bite, muscular limbs, and strong grip just like dinosaurs do.