Things to Know Before Staying in Seminyak Villas

Many travelers are falling in love to visit Bali whether they were coming as a group, honeymoon purpose, getaway with friends, and so on. And one of the recommended place and accommodation to stay is at Seminyak villas for a luxury and private retreat.

Before you are renting your own Seminyak villas, I think that it is important to know about the offers and all the surround environment so you can choose whether or not it is the place you are looking for in Bali. As you know, location is truly important when its come to travelling, it all about the destination you are going to enjoy.

Things to know before staying in Seminyak villas

Things you should know before staying in Seminyak villas

Seminyak is around 15 to 20 minutes from the main city of Denpasar by car. As it is the most famous city in Bali, Denpasar is also a great place to explore its destinations so you can get benefits from both locations.

Meanwhile, Seminyak itself is located at the lower land where it is a seaside village that kind of rare in town; There’s not many villages in Bali with their own beaches as what you can find at Seminyak. And doesn’t it sounds like a perfect place where you can stay in a private villa while traveling in Bali?

If you are agree with me, there are still some interesting advantages you can get while renting villas at Seminyak.

But before all of that, I need to tell you that most of the Seminyak villas are located inside the small roads and you can even need to walk through the paths. Many of them are quiet far from the main street where you will need to walk out when you are reserving a taxi. That’s why many travelers are also renting the motorbike so they can free to go and come from anywhere around.

Surely that there are also many Seminyak villas that are located side of the main road. But since the village itself has the small area, I think you won’t find the villas that are right at the side of the main street. This kind of condition is actually an advantage for you because you won’t be bothered by noises and pollution so you will keep on comfortable by staying in the villa.

If you are required to rent the beachfront villas at Seminyak, you can get them all easily. They are even easier to find rather than getting the beachfront hotels for your accommodation since the number of the villas are pretty much dominating the area.

Seminyak villas are truly recommended for family vacation, spending times with kids inside the villa or making use of the accommodation for the honeymooners. Their number of bedrooms are vary, you can get from 1 bedroom villa up to even dozens of bedrooms if you want.

But, even though there are many of them, doesn’t mean that you will get your favorite Seminyak villas anytime you want. As the village is so much popular now, sometimes it can be hard to get the special offers since the other tourists are also looking for the same thing as you are. So, you’d better make a plan for your visit and rent the accommodation earlier before yo arrive in Bali.

Another thing you should now is some of the villas are also close enough to the night bar or clubs. Even though it won’t still be noisy as you think, but it may also not a good place to bring along your family there. Especially hen you’ve got kids.

But I think that Seminyak village itself still the better location options rather than Legian or Kuta since there will be so crowded and somehow, I think there will be more wastes on the road and even at the beach.

Komodo Sailing Trip: Five Things You Might Not Know About

Ever since it’s nomination as one of New 7 Wonder of Nature, Komodo National Park has definitely gained a place on travelers’ bucket list. Home for the last colony of Komodo Dragons on earth, idyllic beaches, and jagged savannah hills, this UNESCO World Heritage site has a certain wild and wondrous flavour to satisfy the most Jurassic-esque adventure. Certainly, cruising around the Flores Sea while hopping between island within the national park is the best way to enjoy Komodo’s beauty. You might have heard some of Komodo’s main attraction; bird-eye view of panoramic hills, pink sands, dragons, wild life, and incredible marine life. Here, we compiled six things you might have not know about sailing in Komodo.

Komodo Sailing Trip: Five Things You Might Not Know About

The Dry Season Might Get A Little Wetter

Indonesia, where Komodo National Park is located, is a tropical country. Being all surrounded by water with high humidity, it won’t be strange if sometimes you find the rain fall in the middle of your Komodo sailing trip, that supposedly done in dry season. But worry not, the rain would probably last an hour or so, before the sky get all bright again.  

It’s Busier Than You Think

You might have pictured Komodo as somewhere remote, off form the beaten path, and totally idyllic with only few humans around. While it’s true that Komodo is all remote and unspoiled, it might not as empty as you’d think. April to September is Komodo’s busiest time—boats are departing back and forth from Labuan Bajo, carrying travelers from all around the world. But don’t worry, your Komodo operator will help you to escape the crowds!

Komodo Sailing Trip Might Be Totally Closed on Rainy Season

Rainy season in Indonesia could hit very hard. During these times, the sea would be too rough to sail in, and the weather could be highly unpredictable at some times. Last year, a couple of boat were hot by the storms and got wrecked because they insist to sail despite the bad weather. For safety reason, a lot of boat operator closed their Komodo sailing trip during this season, which usually last from January to mid-March. 

Be Prepared to Exercise Komodo Cruising Trip, A Lot

Exercise is probably the furthest thing on your mind while you are on a holiday. But when you are in Komodo sailing trip, you will get to exercise, a lot. Be prepared to walk a long trek for Komodo Dragon sight-seeing, hiking the hills of Padar Island, Gili Lawa, and other islands, and swim/ snorkel in Komodo’s bright water. Some of the best view in Komodo (the one you see on social media) can only be reached by climbing steep hills, so get your feet ready. 

Komodo Are Not Related to Dinosaur 

Despite their dinosaur-esque apperance, Komodo dragons are not a dinosaur. They may be prehistoric, yes, but these gigantic lizard are descendant of Megalania priscus, 20 foot long monitor lizard from Australia. But they still have lethal bite, muscular limbs, and strong grip just like dinosaurs do.