Vacation Alternatives To Stay Safe From COVID-19

Vacation Alternatives To Stay Safe From COVID-19

The situation with COVID-19 is still going on. There is no clear time frame of this pandemic to end. Thus, we can just do our best to protect ourselves and others so the curve will get flattened soon. Many people are expecting to have a well-deserved summer vacation this year. However, many plans are canceled following the pandemic situation. It is necessary as to not endanger your life and others. Selfishly going on a vacation with high potential of spreading sickness will only prolong the pandemic. Therefore, you can opt for various vacation alternatives to stay safe and a bit entertained. 

Things to do to have vacation while avoiding the virus

Many asked if it is possible to have a vacation now. Summer is always the peak season for a long vacation. People were usually having a blast during summer vacation. However, this year’s summer vacation is not only about having fun but also fixing the problem. Therefore, having a vacation must come with consideration beforehand. 

Seek things to keep you happy

You can do a lot of things to stay happy during this summer vacation season. You don’t have to travel abroad to truly enjoy the sensation of a vacation. Sure it may not be the most ideal but keep in mind that this situation is not going to last forever unless regulations and policies are ignored. 

Prefer domestic vacation

Prefer domestic vacation

For this summer vacation, you may opt to have a domestic travel not to a tourist destination but to your family’s or friends’ houses. You can have a sleep over and do may activities. you can have a picnic at the backyard. it is just as fun as having picnic in the park. It may feel more private but you can still have blast. Together, you can prepare some foods to enjoy during the picnic. Togetherness is also something so many people missed due to the pandemic. Even if the picnic is in small scale and the number of people join it are not many, you can still experience togetherness wholeheartedly.

Binge those series

You can also watch a movie during your sleepover. To match the mood, it is fun to watch movies about travel to at least quench your thirst of having an adventure. If you are not really into movies, you and your families or friend can spend sleepover reading favorite books. Travel-themed books are great since you can also learn more about places you want to visit. You may save your discovery for later adventure when things get back to normal. 

Try virtual tours

It is also fun to have a virtual tours to various places around the world. Many tourists attraction have provided links to their site so people can live-stream their webcams. This kind of tour might not be the most ideal but it gives you amazing visual of places that might be in your bucket list. Virtual  tour is also interactive with narrative audio so you won’t get bored. These activities can help you to plan your next trip because after the pandemic it will be reshaped accordingly.