Self-Compassion To Help Build Your Success


Being a leader of your own business puts you in so many difficult situations more often than not. There are many occasions when you feel like you have to put the others first before yourself. Being a good leader is not only about driving sales. It is also about how you lead your team, hence the responsibility can feel so suffocating. And this is also probably why many leaders don’t pay really attention to self-compassion. 

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The idea of self-compassion while building your success

Many leaders that paying attention to self-compassion is too much like a luxury they don’t always have the time for. However, it is important element for leaders to look after their own emotional, physical, as well as mental well-being. This way, they will be able to face any challenges. Also, self-compassion is important support to keep going. Therefore, if you are a leader who is busy building your success with your business and team, it is best to start devoting time to self-compassion. 

There is no guarantee that by practicing self-compassion you will reach your success faster. However, it helps you to withstand difficult situation, making you more resilience, tough, and mindful. It is kind of common for leaders to be perfectionist, wanting everything to be on the right track. However, it is something impossible in life. But with self-compassion, you will be able to appreciate and support yourself better, making you stronger to keep going. 

The concept of self-compassion

Self-compassion just as stated before is how you pay more attention to your well-being physically, emotionally, and mentally. Practicing self-compassion while you are dealing with the hectic of running a business can be much more challenging. However, it is not something impossible to achieve especially if you are consistent. 

It is easy for you as leader to be harder on yourself than to others. You self-criticize more harshly than when you do it to your employee. In the end, you are not fighting the problems but fighting on yourself. You refuse to acknowledge that you also need support just like how you give it to other when they are in difficult situation. It is hard for you to show empathy to yourself because you think you should know better. And this is dangerous because it can lead to unhealthy coping mechanism, and overall can be harmful to your well-being.

Achieving success with self-compassion

To practice self-compassion, you need mindfulness. It is how you acknowledge your feelings and thoughts. You give yourself time to fully understand what is happening without being judgemental to yourself. Forget about the need to always be in control, driving yourself harder, and taking failures personally. Those things will only result in negativity, making you unable to see the good of yourself. In return, you will not focus enough to achieving your goals to be successful. Instead of blaming yourself when you make a mistake, try to give yourself a chance to self-forgiveness and learn from it instead. This is how you will learn and grow more optimally.