Liveaboard Indonesia, Exploring Anambas Island


The Anambas Islands, off the coast of Indonesia, feature a wonderful tropical natural beauty and you can reach with liveaboard Indonesia. Take a look at some of the natural tourist attractions that may be found in just one district!

The Anambas Islands are part of the Anambas Islands Regency. Are you still unfamiliar with this particular location?

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The Anambas Islands are one of the most exotic islands in the world, with the potential and allure of gorgeous tropical tourism. Anambas is a division of the Natuna Islands Regency and one of the administrative divisions of the Riau Islands Province.

Anambas possesses the charm of a tropical island that cannot be denied, despite its lack of popularity compared to other island tourist sites. This island can be a place worth visiting because of its stunning marine tourism, which includes a diverse range of marine life, white beaches, and pure seawater.

Anambas is the first stage of Asia’s most beautiful tropical island. In 2012, CNN’s version knocked out Koh Cang and Similand (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia), and Halong Bay (Vietnam) (Vietnam). 

What to do in Anambas island during do liveaboard Indonesia

Napoleon Habitat

The Napoleon fish (Cheillinus undulatus), which has a high economic value, you can find in the waters of the Anambas Islands. Thousands of Napoleons, cultivated by local fisherman, await visitors as testimonies to the Anambas fishermen’s triumph.

Napoleon is a reef fish of the Labridae family with the biggest body size. The hue of the body is normally light. In English, the fish is known as the humphead maori wrasse, whereas the locals refer to it as the fish ketipas.

Buang Ancak Tradition

Buang ancak is a tradition that can be seen in several parts of Indonesia under various names. Getting rid of sickness is the definition of littering.

The Anambas people used to have a custom of Buang Ancak when they sailed to sea and returned safely home. This is a token of appreciation for their safe return. The ritual is also thought to be effective in curing difficult-to-cure ailments.

Residents of Anambas must prepare a number of foodstuffs, including eggs and white rice, before performing the rite. The waste is placed in a container and dumped into the sea.

Pulau Bawah Anambas

In 2018, the Pulau Bawah Anambas tourist attraction in the Riau Archipelago design as a notable tourist destination. Anambas Regency’s island offers a variety of tourism options, including eco-park tourism. A clear and blue sea, as well as lush trees, are also present.

Pulau Bawah Anambas is said to have fallen from the heavens as a paradise. The environment and its habitat are in perfect condition as if you were transported back in time 10 centuries. Pulau Bawah features 13 beaches with fine white sand and three lagoons with pure water.

Pulau Bawah is around 300 hectares in size. The island’s visitation capacity is set at roughly 70 people each visit.

One thing to keep in mind is that this island can be reached by dive cruise Indonesia or by flying into the sea (seaplane). Seaplane access is available from Batam Airport and takes around 70 minutes. Foreign visitors who wish to visit Pulau Bawah Anambas must first obtain a visa.