Tempting Food on Japanese Catering You’ll Want to Try


When you think about catering, Japanese food might not be the first thing to come into your mind. Unless you live in Japan. Typical catering menu usually consist around variety of salad, chicken soup, pasta, variety of meats with roasted sweet peppers and potatoes, and seafood. International food is the standard menu of many catering, though some provides authentic local delights for alternative menu. But we are now living in a world that goes more global by day, and having food from another countries for formal events sound perfectly logical. If you starting to consider Japanese food catering to provide the delicacy for your events, you might want to try having some of these menu. 

Tempting Food on Japanese Catering You’ll Want to Try

Newest Addition of Delicacy on Japanese Food Catering 

The Agemono

Though it’s is one of Japanese’s classic, it’s not until this last two decades that people start to know  Agemono, Japanese deep-fried foods. It’s a broad category covering everything fried deep in boiling oil. Often times, Agemono make appearances in bento box, though it’s most popular in ramen restaurants and drinking establishment. Agemono might sounds strange to your ears, while actually you’ve meet most of them. Common Agemono includes: 

  • The ever-famous Karaage — Deep fried chicken, fish, or meats
  • Kaki Furai — Deep fried oyster
  • Ebi Furai — Deep fried shrimps
  • Tonkatsu — Deep fried pork
  • Korokke — Japenese fried croquette
  • Tempura — Deep fried veggies

The Yakimono

Another Japanese basic that just hit the popularity recently is the Yakimono, Japanese grilled and pan-fried foods. What usually grilled for Yakomono are chicken, fish, eels, shellfish, and even some veggies. The Yakimono is basically a Japanized version of Western barbecue, with gyoza and okonimyaki being the most popular Yakimono dish. There’s three kind of Yakimono you would see in Japanese catering food: 

  • The Shioyaki — Food usually have some salt sprinkled on top before grilled
  • The Sukiyaki — Some of the most popular Yakimono. This method have food marinated in awase-joyu sauce, a blend of soy sauce and mirin (Japanese sweet sake) before being grilled. 
  • The Teriyaki — If you just heard about Yakimono, you must have seen teriyaki. It’s use the stronger version of the awase-joyu sauce. 
  • The Misozukeyaki — Quite rare to appear in western’s table, the mlsozukeyaki might still sound strange to many. Just like its name, mlsozukeyaki use miso (soybean paste) and mirin to marinate the food.  

Wakame Salad 

There’s nothing more refreshing than the wake salad! Wakame, or seaweed, is another staple in Japanese dishes and it has crunchy textures that would leave you wanting more. Wakame is a fresh variation from your usual salad that make it perfect side dishes for Japanese catering food. 

Japanese Food Catering Classics: Oldie But Goldie


Think about Japanese food and you would automatically think about sushi. Even when you haven’t try one. Sushi is rice with fish and other condiments, either rolled or pressed, in one-bite serving. Sushi would always carry rice, but the topping could be greatly varied! Common toppings are raw tuna, raw salmon, cooked fish, prawns, eggs, fish eggs, to veggies.


You cannot spell sushi without sashimi. Though a bit pricier, sashimi would always remain to be one of the most favourite menu on Japanese food catering. Sashimi does not carry rice. It’s made from thin slice of fresh fish, usually salmon, tuna, monkfish, and basically almost every sea creatures.