Which One Should You Pick? Solarium vs Florida Room for Your Property


Whether you have a spectacular yard or you simply love looking at an expanse of view unobstructed by walls, the Florida room and solariums are what you’d need to consider.

Choosing between the Solarium vs Florida room for your property

Incorporating these room options are a great way to enhance the look and the feel of your property—whether you’re running a commercial or a residential property business.

Getting to know Florida room

Florida room is sometimes used as a blanket term for the many kinds of sunrooms. The Florida room is also known as a closed porch, screened room, and to an extent, solariums.

It has the purpose of getting as much light inside as possible.

These rooms allow for a much better view of the outside—perfect for those who have a gorgeous yard or simply like a better, real-life view rather than walls.

Sunroom vs solarium: which one should you get for your property?

The main selling feature of solariums is the fact that they offer an obstructed view of the outside world. Solariums can easily feel like an individual building of its own. Solariums is impressive in structure, making it the ideal way of showing off the outdoor in its full glory.

But which one should you choose for your property? There are several factors that you need to weigh down. And of course, it all boils down to the core; which one suits your needs best.

The commercial value of solariums

Solariums certainly have the “wow”-factor to them. This is why solariums are a great option for those who are dabbling into the commercial property business. The structure in itself is impressive almost effortlessly.

Given that there is a decent view outside, naturally. You’ve probably noticed that some restaurants or cafes have glass structure.

The view through the glass gives a good impression of space, instead of what you’ll end up, the enclosed feel, with just walls. If you’re running a commercial property business then solariums may be the ideal option for you.

A Florida room is a pretty versatile option for homes

The Florida room itself gives you numerous options for many styles and customisations for homes. It allows you to enjoy the view of the outdoor and the sunlight while simultaneously protecting you from nature’s elements.

Florida rooms are often said to bring the outdoors to the inside. Unlike solariums that may stand out in stark contrast with the rest of your home because of the entire glass structure, Florida rooms are not. The Florida rooms exterior and interior can be customised however you wish to make it blend into the rest of your house.

So you don’t need to worry about the structure sticking out like a sore thumb.

The cost of maintenance for both options

It’s pretty clear that the solariums are the harder to maintain between the two options. Particularly the glass roofs—they require regular maintenance because of the nature of solarium.

Leaves, snow, dirt, and many things will be stuck on the glass roof. This will block the view to the sky, beating the purpose of solarium itself.