Learning More About Compassionate Sales in Growing Business

Learning More About Compassionate Sales in Growing Business

It has been more than a year for us all to live with the global pandemic. The situation has gotten better with vaccination all over the world. However, the effects are still there as it has not fully contained yet. It may take time to transition to the new normal and almost every sector has been affected greatly including business industry. Many business owners have been struggling  alot during the pandemic. They have to quickly pivot by offering the real deal to consumers. It is time for every company to sell with compassion. 

Selling with compassion

It is important to remember that not only are business owners affected by the pandemic, but the consumers in general is also very much affected. The best thing to do now is how companies deliver what their customers need with compassion. And here are basic fundamentals to do so:

Attentively listen to your customers

It will be the best thing to do if you can encourage your customers or prospects to talk more about their concerns. Their feedback is very valuable for you to build relationship with them in the long run. By encouraging them to talk, you will learn more about them because you know what their businesses and challenges are. By understanding their issues, you know what actions to take to help them solve their problems more effectively with what you can offer from your brand.

Avoid judging

When you listen to your customers, clients, or prospects always open your mind. Avoid judging them because it doesn’t align well with your purpose to sell with compassion. When you talk or interact with your customers or prospects, make sure that you focus on the issues and not easily blaming them. Help them to understand why they experience their struggles and what recommendations you can give for them. Even if you cannot fully give them the best solution, at least you have some recommendations for them to try by themselves to see if it works for them. 

Be an asset for them

Do not just present yourself as a company who is there to sell something. Make your customers view you as someone trusted, available, and resourceful for them. Showing your compassionate is not about crying together with your customers or treating them like a fragile kids. Make sure that you treat them with respect but be honest and objectives with your views. Inform and educate them with information they need to know, be it challenges, risks, etc. This way you also give them a chance to make decision themselves.

Demonstrate empathy

Demonstrating empathy should be your fundamental as a good human. When your clients tell their stories, and ask for solutions, try to put yourself in their shoes. Instead of showing fake sympathy, show them that it is okay to be vulnerable, hurt, or emotional. Assure them that they are not alone and that many people are experiencing similar challenges. By demonstrating empathy, you aim to help not to sell. Only this why your customers will feel your compassion of what you do.