How to Get 5 Starts Rating for A Remote Villa in Lovina, Bali

How to Get 5 Starts Rating for A Remote Villa in Lovina, Bali

The Lovina is beautiful. This north-coast town in Bali, Indonesia, is famous for its underwater treasure—and mainly for its friendly neighbourhood dolphins who frequently visited the beach. Travelers flocks from the busy southern touristy Bali to this quiet town for the famous Dolphin watching tours. They usually spend a day or two in Lovina—more if they are divers. That’s why having a villa in Lovina Bali is great for side hustle. However, you cannot change the fact that Lovina is quite a remote area, and attracting guests wouldn’t be as easy as it would be in Seminyak or Kuta. 

But you can achieve 5 stars in any location even if your vacation rental sits in the middle of nowhere. Because, like everything else, it’s not always about what you think it is—in this case, your neighborhood or closeness to a city’s heart.

Even if your vacation rental is located on the outskirts of town like the Lovina—and if you are concerned about competing with downtown establishments like ones in Seminyak—or in a very small town without any major cities, landmarks, beach clubs, or “cool” areas, you can still get a glowing five stars. And for vacation rental owner, having a glowing review and rating is the biggest achievement to draw in more guests. So keep reading, because we’ve got you covered. 

Be Open About The Plus and Minus of Your Location 

Be open and honest about what your location has to offer, as well as what it lacks. When we check at the listing of a client who is getting less than 5 stars in Location, the first thing I notice is that they are bending the reality. If you claim to reside “10 minutes walking distance” from the dolphin harbour but actually live 25 minutes away, you will most likely only receive 3 or 4 ratings. Yes, your visitors will notice—especially if one of them is wearing heels since she believed the walk would be short. 

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Define Location as the Inside of Your House 

Location is not just about the area where your villa Bali reside. Even the inside is also a location, so be sure to make it nice!

However, you may think: “Yeah, but Lovina is really out out in the sticks. That’s something I can’t change!”

Well, it’s true that Lovina is quite remote, but it doesn’t mean that your villa should suffer. In fact, in US alone, many travelers are now looking for the most remote, most secluded vacation rental for a getaway from reality. So why won’t it work to your villa Lovina Bali as well? 

Let’s assume you’re right in the heart of it all, but your flat is full of cockroaches, the windows rattle when the car passes, and there’s never a moment of silence. Even a villa in Seminyak or Canggu won’t get a 5-star rating from that.

Remember that location isn’t only about being able to walk out the door and grabbing cocktail from the hippest beach clubs. Location is also a place where guests are greeted with lovely shrubs, great scenery, or bath salts for a hot bath, as well as deep tissue massage at the bedroom! So try to incorporate that in your Lovina vacation rental!

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Location Also Means Your Grounds!

We remember when we spent few days in a remote area in Tabanan, Bali. It’s far from fresh supermarket, it’s right in the outskirt of a forest, and it needs at least 30 minutes rides by car to reach the nearest town. However, the villa was quite popular as it takes serenity and closeness to nature as its strongest selling-point. It was located on the side of a stony river that we can play at and the owner made a natural hot-spring bath using the sulphuric water from nearby stream. We spend a good 30 minutes soaked up in the hot-spring! They also planted herbs like chilli, lemon basil, and more—that we can pick up for our dish! 

As a result, we’d consider it to be one of the most memorable Airbnb experiences we’ve ever had. And it wasn’t even close to the city’s hotspots—in fact, it was in a completely bucolic neighborhood with nothing but acres of rice paddies nearby. And it certainly got a 5-star review in location from us.