Adding Time to Run Your Business Efficiently


It is often that we feel like we have not enough time to work properly and be productive. However, we no power to add time in a day as it is already fixed to be 24 hours per day.

Tips on adding time in working to improve productivity

However, you can still optimize the time you have so you can do many other more productive things especially to grow your business. Running your own business means you need to be ready to dedicate yourself including your time and energy, as well as money.

How to add more time to improve your productivity in working

The problem about working time is not about the lack of it but more like misuse of it. It is often that we misuse the time we have so it is wasted just like that. Consciously or not, it is easy to waste our time to less productive things such as watching TV or scrolling through social media.

So, here are some tips to add more time in your day so you can become more productive and improve your performance in running your business:

  • First thing first, you need to acknowledge about your habit in misusing your time. When you acknowledge that you have problem with using your time, you start realizing how importance it is to use your time to the fullest. Acknowledging your misuse of time means you are honest to yourself and you are willing to change that. It is recommended to keep a time log to help you keeping track of activities you use in your day.
  • After acknowledging your habit in using your time in a day, you can start planning your day. You can create a to-do list. This is a simple task/ to help you plan your day, think about the goal you want to achieve in a day. It doesn’t have to be a big achievement. It can be a task you want to accomplish that day. It is recommended to overestimate the time needed to complete each task because sometimes the unexpected happens which can prolong your time to complete your task. If it is necessary, use a timer so you can stay on track.
  • Try to make earlier start your habit every day. Starting your activities earlier will help you adding more time to your day. It might be hard at first especially when you are not morning person to begin with. You can try it gradually by waking up a little earlier than usual. You can start your day an hour earlier than usual as a starter. It will come easier once it has become your habit.
  • To help you completing tasks easier and more efficient, you can use tools or systems. You can rely on apps or software to complete digital tasks so you don’t have to waste your time. You can also schedule emails in advance to automate your working system. You need to invest extra time to learn how to operate the tools and systems in the beginning. However, it is worth once you do it.