10 Welcoming Basket Gift Ideas For Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

10 Luxurious Welcoming Basket Gift Ideas Guaranteeing Five Star Review
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When you walk into a vacation rental in Bali, you will expect two sets of toiletries waiting for you in the bathroom. Those little packages of soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes, and probably a little bottle of body lotion, if you are lucky. But imagine if you walk into the room and find out a very nice welcoming package, totally unexpectedly, is waiting for you. What a pleasant surprise! This is why you should start giving out a welcoming gift for your guests, especially if you run a luxury villa rental in Bali. 

How the Welcoming Basket Benefits Your Vacation Rental  

The complimentary in-room welcome boxes do a lot to establish relationships with visitors. An unexpected present upon arrival is one of the simplest finishing touches to make visiting guests feel warm and welcomed. A kind approach to welcome guests and give them a good first impression of your vacation rental is with a welcome basket. Holiday welcome baskets are a great touch for visitors celebrating a special event, for devoted VIP clientele, or for visitors traveling for business.

An advantage of a welcome basket is that visitors do not anticipate one. Whatever method you use to prepare yours, remember that it’s the thinking that counts and creates a memorable visitor experience.

What to Give for Your Welcoming Basket

Taking time to anticipate their needs and having extra little touches will go a long way. Guests will feel cared for and relaxed thanks to your thoughtfulness, making them likely to leave a review enhancing your super host status. Here are some welcoming gifts ideas to match your attentive services and your opulent, luxurious villa rental Bali

Treats and Snacks!

Treats are inexpensive and they said food is the way to people’s heart. Since your guests are travelling to Bali, give them a peek to Balinese’ culture through Pie Susu (mini milk tart), some Bali’s best high-quality chocolate (think of Pod, Krakakoa, or Monggo), fruit chips (healthy and rich in fiber), delicious local jam, tea bags, or just throw some bags of chips that every guests will appreciate. 

Tea and Coffee

With good reason, tea and coffee are traditional selections for a hotel welcome basket. Customers enjoy a hot beverage in the morning, and the teas and coffees you serve can reveal a lot about your business, the area, and the people who will be using it. To make these baskets stand out, make sure the coffees and teas you provide are of the highest caliber, are made freshly, and as much as possible reflect your locality.

The First Breakfast Set

Most of the times, guests come between afternoon to late night. Help them by preparing their first breakfast. Bakery bread, croissants, butter, jam or preserves, and fresh eggs will ensure that your guests can quickly prepare a delectable breakfast on their first holiday morning even if they don’t have time to go shopping. Alternatively, you can also include a gift card to a nearby café.

A Sachet or Two of Facemasks

After a day of traveling or exploring a new place, guests may be looking for some R&R. Stock up on an assortment of facemasks to help them and their skin unwind at the end of the day.

A Little Spa Experience

A Set of Earplugs & Eye Masks

Some people are sensitive to light and noise while sleeping, especially in new places.Set your guests up for the best nights rest with these extras.


Give visitors a sense of luxury and relaxation with indoor slippers inside the welcoming basket. You can also put some soft robes in the drawer. They’ll be comfortable whether they’re unwinding or getting dressed.

A Little Spa Experience

Bali is known for its pampering spa. Why don’t you try to give your guests a bit of taste of Balinese spa? Include some Bali’s signature frangipani soap, bath salt to soak up, scrubs, scent diffuser, small scented candle, or bath bomb. This set will complete the ritzy experience in your luxury villa rental Bali.

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A Small Bottle of Hand Sanitisers & Mask

Hand sanitizer and masks will always be appreciated while the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. This welcome basket demonstrates your dedication to cleanliness while giving guests a sense of security.

Something to Ease Out the Mind

Leave some reading material in your welcome basket to let visitors know they don’t need to get out of bed right away. They can decompress by reading magazines, an easy-read book, or a crossword puzzle.

A Bottle of Wine

Now, what is a luxury villa rental in Bali without a glass of wine to enjoy the pampering experience? Couples, whether parents or younglings on a romantic getaway will both enjoy a lovely bottle of unique wine. Set the tranquil tone for their vacation by serving it with lovely glasses and a variety of little bites.