How Much Budget Should You Prepare for Komodo Liveaboard Phinisi Trip

The Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia, has long renown as the only sanctuary of the last Komodo Dragons on earth. This Jurassic looking islands is also home of more than 1000 species of fishes, 70 species of sponges, and more than 260 species of coral reefs. Remote and totally isolated from modern life, the Komodo offers holidays in barren landscapes, transparent aquamarine waters, and bright blue sky. This far flung holiday has every reasons to visit—especially when sailing trip with beautiful wooden Phinisi liveaboard yacht is on the menu. The phinisi is the belle of all boats in Komodo—giving the best experience on sailing around this picturesque frontier. If sailing with Komodo liveaboard phinisi is on your bucket list, you would want to know how much budget you have to prepare. And here we are having the breakdowns for you. 

How Much Budget Should You Prepare for Komodo Liveaboard Phinisi Trip

Budget for Komodo Liveaboard Phinisi boat

Do you know that not all boats in Komodo are called phinisi? Some boats are just…boat. Like, a fisherman boat with decks to sleep. A small space of living for 15-20 people, sometimes with no cabins. A phinisi is like the better version of these budget Komodo liveaboard. They are usually larger, built with teak woods following the grand ancient Bugisian design. Phinisi boats have several cabin options, two to four deck stories, and complete living facilities. There’s two option of sailing with Komodo phinisi. You can either charter the whole phinisi or join an open trip and just book a slot (or two). Chartering a phinisi is obviously pricier, ranging from USD 2,000 to 4,000 on a single trip. 

Twin Sharing or Single Occupancy

When it comes to cabins selection, you will basically have two options. Either you book a twin sharing or double beds for two, or taking the single supplement. Twin sharing in mid class phinisi start from USD 200 in mid range phinisi to USD 1400 in luxurious phinisi yacht. Single occupancy is usually more expensive, ranging from USD 500 to USD 3,000 depend on the class of the boat. 

What’s Inclusive on the Package

How Much Budget Should You Prepare for Komodo Liveaboard Phinisi Trip

The budget for trip with Komodo liveaboard might seems huge, but almost all of hem are all inclusive. Means you don’t need to pay for anything more except extra services and alcoholic drinks. What’s included on the price of the phinisi liveaboard are: 

  • Accommodations, meals, and drinks on mealtime during the sailing trip
  • Tea, black coffee, fruit juices, and soft drinks
  • 5-18 dives, depend on the length of the trip
  • Towels, toiletries, and cabin services
  • Islands visits
  • Dive guides
  • Rent for regular air tanks, nitrox, weight, and belt

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Komodo National Park Entry Fees

Some phinisi include the entry fees to Komodo National Park, some don’t. If they don’t you need to prepare extra budget for your Komodo liveaboard trip. The cost of Komodo National Park is USD 11 (IDR 150.000) on weekdays and USD 18 (IDR 225.000) on weekends. The tourism tax in Komodo or Rinca Island is USD 6.60 (IDR 100.000) per person. A mandatory park rangers in Komodo or Rinca Island is USD 5.30 (IDR 80.000) per group up to 5 people. It’s good to have enough cash ready when you are travelling to the Komodo.

Full Set Diving Equipment Rent

Unless you are sailing in a fully inclusive Komodo diving liveaboard (which is rare), you will be most likely pay for renting the dive gears. Some provide nitrox for free, some charge for USD 15 per diving day. Rent equipments usually vary between USD 8 to USD 15 per piece per dive day. Generally, what you need to rent on board are:

  • BCD
  • Regulator
  • Dive Computer
  • Wetsuit (you can bring your own!)
  • Fins and Mask
  • Large Tanks
  • Torch

Onboard Plus Services

As phinisi boat is kinda a step-ahead from common boat trip in Komodo, they also provide some luxury services you can’t find in cheaper boats. In phinisi, you could enjoy massage service, booking a morning yoga class onboard, or even get your clothes laundered. Of course, all these services come with additional prices, which greatly varied between each boat.  

Growing Your Personal Brand Through Digital Strategies

Business is about making strategic plans in every step of the way to reach objectives. When you do something without particular strategy, the rate of success will be lower. Even with strategies made, success is not always guaranteed. With the right strategies, the rate of success will get higher. It is also applied to creating personal brand of your business. You cannot do it without planning the right strategies if you want it to be successful. One of the most effective is digital strategies. Just because it is considered as effective tool for brand awareness, doesn’t mean you can just do it without any strategic plans. 

Digital strategies to grow personal brand of your business

Digital strategies have become familiar in business world since we are living in digital era now. You cannot miss the opportunity to attract more audience to recognize your brand. People spend most of their time on online platform. It is also a place where information are being spread rather quickly. Digital strategies are considered effective for growing your personal brand with some considerations as below.

Build A Following on Social Media Platforms

Using digital strategies, you can build a following on platforms to grow your personal brand. There are various platforms you can use such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Choose the one that reflects your target markets the most. Also, it is important to choose the one that is relevant to your own brand, as well as products, and services. If your products are appealing, it is best to choose Instagram since it’s a platform to post interesting photos and videos. If your business offer services instead of products, you may want to choose LinkedIn as your platform. 

Know Your Branding Purpose

Every digital strategy has its purpose. Thus, you need to know what thing you want to achieve exactly. For example, you make digital strategy by using social media platform to grow your brand in hope to gain more following. The point is to be specific of what you want to achieve by applying particular digital strategy. Gaining more following, sales, email subscriptions, etc. By knowing what you really want, you can choose better strategies from the start. 

Raising Awareness

Attracting more audience is great to raise awareness of your brand. However, you have to do something more to make them stay loyal. You should create content that is valuable for your audience. You can choose particular theme or topics for the contents you are going to create in your digital platform. Make sure that the topic you decide is relevant to your brand personality as well as your target market. The content should deliver particular perception to your audience.

Organize Contents

In applying digital strategies, you should organize the content meticulously. You can set a schedule to post a content daily, weekly, or monthly. This makes you easier to keep you on track. This also saves more money and time. However, make sure to not deliver contents too rare because you need constant engagement form your audience. Post regularly so your audience know when to anticipate your contents.

What You Can Observe on Manta Point Bali

Among all other fishes in the sea, Manta Ray is the one who have the largest brain of all. Sure, you  might think of dolphins, but they are mammals—not a fish. This gentle animals has long been drawing the curiosity of divers, largely charmed by its charismatic gesture. Bali is one to premier destination to meet the Manta Ray. All year round, divers flock to the Manta Point Bali at Nusa Penida to meet these gentle giants. Not really much known about the Manta Ray, though, except that they love the warm waters and get cleaned at cleaning stations. Before you go, know these amazing secrets of Manta Ray that you’ve probably never know before!

The Secret of Manta Rays’s Social Life See Manta Point Bali

Why Manta Rays at Manta Point Bali Swim on Circles

If you have watched footage videos of Manta Ray at Manta Point Bali, you will see that they tend to swim in mesmerising circle. Even when a Manta showing interest towards a diver, they will encircle the diver before getting closer and closer. Research suggests that Manta Ray swim in circular motion as a social way of eating. Yes, the seemingly loner Manta Ray is actually a very social animal. While feeding on a group, Manta Ray will get lined up and swim in circles so everyone can switch places and get in the leader position alternately. The front Manta will get the most plankton with its gaping month and filter feeding. Swimming in circles help Manta to spend more time together and closer during their social interaction.

Manta Rays Brunch Together for A Get-Gathering 

The circular group swimming between Mantas is basically their version of ‘get-together for a brunch’. This is not something that’s easily seen in Manta Point Bali, but when they do, it’s an amazing sight to see. A get-together behaviour in Manta Ray gets even more intriguing because, as an animal, they are not necessarily a family group. However, Manta Rays seem to particularly enjoy social interactions. Research shows that during intense social interaction, Manta Rays are actively brighten out there white markings on their back. A sign equal to enthusiasm to human. 

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They Are Basically A Cuddly Fish with Wings 

Due to their giant size, some people still think that Manta Ray eats a lot of small fishes to satisfy their belly. This is so wrong! At Manta Point Nusa Penida, you will clearly see how they wont harm even the smallest fish that come near their flapping wings. Some reef fishes sometimes even hangout inside their gaping mouth! Despite of their size, Manta’s diet basically consist of planktons. Manta Ray  also has no stingers—swimming near to them are totally safe. 

Stunning Libraries Around the World Worth Traveling For

Travelling with your passion as your motivation can be more meaningful and memorable. Just like when you love books. You can decide travel destination based on your passion on books. You can visit stunning libraries located around the world. Not only do they have literature collections, they also have beautiful interior and exterior designs of the buildings. Therefore, visiting libraries during travel can be one of your meaningful activities. You can read various book collections from various authors as well as appreciating the beauty that the libraries offer to visitors.

Libraries for your travel destination

Travelling around the world is fun and exciting especially when you do it with passion. It is even more meaningful when you do it to indulge your personal interest of something. If you are book lover, might as well choose one of these best libraries with the most intriguing looks around the world:

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building is New York public library

This is actually the main branch of New York public library because they have many branches. This one is situated on Fifth Ave, near Byrant Park. During your visit to this library, you will get to see the most intriguing look of the building. It has intricate, marble façade. Not to mention the infamous lion statues that stand guard at the base of the steps. 

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Bodleian Library, located in Oxford, England

When it comes to literature, Oxford is paradise. It is where you can find impressive libraries. However, Bodleian has its own unique characteristics. It has a vibe of ancient cathedral. For your information, this library has been used since the 14th Century. You won’t run out of something to read because this library has 12 million volumes. You will find Shakespeare’s First folio, and other authentic, original world’s masterpieces. 

Stuttgart City Library can be found in Germany. This library is quite unique because it has cube shape. It is a five-story building with bright design and white as its dominant color. When you enter the library, you will feel like inside a modern art gallery. The room is bright with interesting features. The most intriguing part is the reading room because it is shaped like an upside down pyramid. You will get new experience of reading books in a library. 

Admont Abbey Library, located in Admont, Austria

This stunning library opened in 1776. Thus, it is considered very old. In fact, it is attached to the oldest remaining monastery in Styria. Thus, you will find the largest monastic contents as this is the largest monastic library indeed. The interior is decorated in gold features along with airy white. There are also sculptures by Joseph Stammel decorating the building as well as stunning frescoes by Bartolomeo Altomonte. 

There are also other stunning, beautiful libraries you can explore around the world such as Central Library of Vancouver in Canada, George Peabody Library in Maryland, Trinity College Old Library in Dublin, Bibliotheque Interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne in Paris, and Strahov Monastery Library Library in Prague. 

Wedding Catering Services: Drop-Off vs Full-Service Caterer

Depending on the needs of your wedding reception and the format of your event, you may need to choose between the two types of catering service, generally referred to as drop-off catering and full-service catering. Plenty of catering services in Bali offer either one option, or both. The option between the two highly depends on what you envision your event would be. Let’s delve in a bit to get to know which wedding catering services that would suit your event. 

Wedding catering services: what does Full-Service Catering mean? 

Full-service catering whether in Bali or in other places, generally refers to the fact that your caterer provides and handles everything from food to staffing and the encompassing hospitality service that comes with it. 

  • Serving equipments that includes cutlery, tablewares, and linens. Many Bali full-catering services also provide tables and chairs upon request. 
  • Cleaning duties. This often includes cleaning duties throughout the happenings of the event. You’ll have staff cleaning and tidying up the venue during the event. 
bali catering services

Some of the best catering in Bali that offer full-service also have a selection of venues that they usually have a collaboration. This often goes the other way too, where a wedding venue provides Bali catering service as well as staffing. The most convenient of the two would obviously be a full-service one for your Bali wedding catering services rather than the drop-off option.

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What is Drop-Off catering? 

A drop-off catering is a catering system with a limited staff service. Essentially, this resembles a delivery food service, except in a larger scale and with service of handling an event in mind. The types of food served by the drop off catering services depend on the business itself. Often times, it’s ready to serve food.

Some drop-off catering offers handling the equipment that often includes buffet serving equipments as well as all of the cutlery and tablewares. Additional equipments are sometimes offered as well, such as the tables and chairs, usually with an additional cost not included in the main catering packages. If you’re thinking of getting a drop-off catering instead of a full-service one, make sure that you consult your catering provider what kind of equipments that are available to rent. Some drop-off caterers sometimes offer staffing as well, which means they offer both a full-service catering and a drop-off service. 

When is choosing Drop-Off catering a better option? 

If you’re having a wedding reception with a very limited number of people invited, then a drop-off catering service may be for you. Guests number or a headcount is a big factor when deciding whether to choose a drop-off or a full-service for your wedding catering services.

A good rule of thumb is, if you’re inviting more than just your closest friends and your immediate family members, chances are, you’re not going to need a full-service catering for your event. A drop-off catering can be sufficient and extremely cost-saving for those couples who are on a budget. 

Wedding catering services: Headcount matters when deciding between the options 

But how many people is just enough for a drop-off catering? When talking about numbers, this can range from 10 to 50 people of both of you and your partner combined. The agenda of your wedding reception also matters. If you’re estimating that the event would last for over 2 hours, chances are, it’s better to have a full-service wedding caterer handling your reception. 

Drive Your Motivation While in a Business Slump

Experiencing a slump in your life is common and most people experience it too in their life. A slump is a period of when your motivation is too low which impact your life. A slump is also common in business as many business owners are highly possible to experience it. However, it is something that can be fixed. The key is to be willing to fight back instead of giving into your slump. If you keep drowning in your business slump, you put your business at risk because the less income you earn as well. 

How to overcome slump while running a business

The first thing you need to do when experiencing a slump while running your business is that figuring out the cause of it. There must be some factors leading to a slump such as stress, overwork, fear, boredom, failure, and many more. Here are some tips to drive your motivation when you are in a slump.

Be Positive

Taking positive action seems to be the last thing you want to do when you are in slump. However, action is the only remedy that can help you escape from this condition. You don’t have to jump into extreme physical activities to take positive action. You can start by doing simple yet positive thing such as nourishing your mind. You can do it through reading or listening to podcasts. 

Cast Away Negativity

Remove all negative energy by writing down whatever comes to your mind. You can write on a journal and write anything. You can simply write what’s been bothering or frustrating you. Then, you can also write positive things in your business and your life in general. This way, you will be able to see things in various angles. You will be able to replace negative thoughts with gratitude.

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Reconnect Your Network 

Try to connect with your network in person. By going out your house and meet your network in person, you will gain more positive energy. You will be able to get feedback, inspiration, or advice. However, connecting online with your network is also possible if you prefer that way instead of meeting them in person. 

Get Up and Move

Try to move and avoid lying in bed all day long. You can take a walk, ride a bike, or dance. Do something you like to make your body move. By moving, your body will have better circulation to deliver oxygen to your brain and muscles. As the result, it can help boosting your mood as well. 

Change Your Routine and Reward Yourself

A slump can happen due to the same cycle for a long time. Thus, change your schedule a little so things can be more interesting. You can also change your surrounding such as changing your office decoration or adding some element to the interior design. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just enough to lift up your mood. For example, you can reward yourself a treat for your favorite sweets when you finish your task in a day. A reward can keep you motivated. 

Extra Preparation to Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Sailing with Komodo liveaboard deep to the nooks and crannies of the remote Komodo National Park is a dream for many. It’s a chance to get away from worldly business and reality. A chance to get lost in the “Lost World”, in the land of undulating hills, savannah fields, blue waters, and wild Komodo Dragons who roams freely in the uninhibited islands. And if you are a diver, this is the time when you can get in contact with one of the most preserved, remote reefs and marine life. 

Extra Preparation to Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

However, living in a liveaboard for several days is not as idyllic as it seems. Yes, your schedule would consist mainly of dive, eat, hike, sleep, and repeat. There’s nothing to worry than what are you going to do in the next destination. Yet, liveaboard living could be so different than the land-based living that you have so accustomed to. Therefore, you might some special preparation to help your liveaboard sailing trip go smoothly. 

Think About Komodo Liveaboard Space when Packing

Even when you are sailing with Labuan Bajo cruise that gives you private cabins, you still need to put the limited space of the cabin to your consideration. Cabins are usually very small despite of how wide they might be looking in the liveaboard’s website. You’ll want to pack as light as possible, but still covers everything that you need. We recommend packing some t-shirts you could roll thinly, bring travel-size toiletries, and a piece of light jacket for windy days. Instead of hard-case suitcases, opt for a duvet bag or backpack that can be folded away in tiny spaces.

Learn How to Dive from A Boat

Aside from its empty beaches and breathtaking islands, the Komodo National Park is notorious for its translucent, marine life-rich waters. You could literally descend from anywhere and dive in a heart-stopping sites! However, if you never dived from a boat before, you might need to learn some key skills before embarkation. Go to your dive centre to learn entries and exits from boats. It’s also useful to re-adjust your body to the water and the buoyancy if you have not been diving for a long time. 

Take Spares of Everything

Take the “remoteness” of Komodo seriously. Most of the islands around you is completely devoid of human civilisation and they certainly don’t have dive shops nearby. Even small mini markets are rare in this far-flung destination—unless you want to turn back to Labuan Bajo. Bring every spares of things you might need to Komodo liveaboard. Pack that extra batteries, underwear, mask straps, extra mask, seasickness pills, O-rings, mouthpiece, duck tapes, and port plugs. It’s better to come prepared with save-a-dive kit than having to lose your chance of diving if something breaks on the boat. 

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Extra Tips for Komodo Liveaboard Crews

You might have heard that Indonesia is not really into tipping culture. It’s even prohibited in official and fine establishments! However, it’s acceptable in liveaboard industry—and we encourage you to do so. The boat crews and the guides has been working tirelessly during your sailing holiday. From keeping up the boat clean and cozy, assisting you on dives and island explorations, to preparing your food three times a day. Tipping in Komodo Liveaboard is optional but encouraged. You might want to prepare around 10% of the liveaboard cost and give it in the end of the journey. 

How to Value Your New and Existing Customers

Marketing strategies are used to attract customers. Therefore, a business won’t be able to grow successfully if you don’t plan effective strategies. However, you need marketing approaches that don’t only attract new customers but also the existing ones. What’s the point of gaining new customers if you lose the existing ones? 

The Right Way to Show You Value Your Customers

Customers are getting smart each day. They know exactly what they want so you need to reach them out effectively. They cannot be fooled by empty promises and poor quality of products or services. With your business competitors lurking around, you need the best strategy that can make your customers choose you. The key is to show them how you value them, both new and existing customers. They like being cared and price tag is not the only thing that your customer care about. You need to show how genuine you are to value their existence. Here are some tips to value your new and existing customers:

How to Value Your New and Existing Customers

Put Emphasis on Product Services

Highlight the benefits of your products or services instead of focusing on the price tag. Your customers won’t care about the price tag if they gain priceless benefits of what you offer. They will choose products or services that will offer them effective solution and satisfying outcome. You need to provide something that can help your customers solving their problems. Show your customers the benefits as well as positive experiences they will get by choosing your products or services.

Get to Know What Your Competitors is Doing 

Know your competitors and what they offer to their customers. It is highly possible that you offer the same products or services. That’s why you need to observe you competitors so you know what their weakest and strongest point. You can highlight them and make it to your benefits. Remember that customers like comparing different brands. Thus, you can highlight your own strongest points that can make you ahead of your competitors. 

Earn Supports from Customers

To value your customers, you need to give your support. Ongoing support is what will make your customers stay loyal because they feel appreciated, cared for, and valued. It shows your dedication to your customers and make them know that you won’t just abandon them after their purchase. 

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Keep Customers in the Loop

Your existing customers are important element in your business. You have to nurture your relationship and connection with your existing customers as a way to value their existence. You can ask for feedbacks from your customers. You can do it via email, live chat on your social media, etc. 

Let Customers Know You Are Improving

Offer improvements to your existing customers so they can look forward to your next products and services. This is also a great way to not let your customers regret for choosing you. Always offering the best of the best to your current customers so they know you still value them.  You can also build a customer community through simple act such as creating a customer page on social media. This gives your existing customers a sense of belonging and exclusivity. This will also a great way to let customers communicate with each other. 

Deciding the Right Canggu Tattoo Design for You

Canggu is a rising new beachtown in Bali, Indonesia, and it grows as one of the most artsy tourist hub in the island. One of the most notable form of art in this coastal suburb is tattoo art. The culture and laid-back life here made a perfect pot for tattoo artist to unfold their creativity. You will find hundreds of professional and aspiring tattoo artist in this area. It’s undeniable to say that Canggu tattoo is one of the best among other areas on Bali. 

But what if you haven’t decide on what tattoo you are going to get? 

Confusion happens. More often than not, we know surely that we want a tattoo, but we haven’t even decide on the design. Would the traditional tattoo looks good on us? Should we try on more modern, line-art-kind-of-thing stye? Where should we put our tattoo? 

Deciding on the Right Canggu Tattoo Design for You

Deciding on Canggu Tattoo Art Style

Bali Choosing a design before actually making appointment with a Canggu tattoo artist is crucial. You see, not every artists could do the type of tattoo design you want. A tattoo artist specialising in illustrative design might not be able to work on Japanese style, for example. You could browse on general tattoo style to get you a broad idea about various kinds of contemporary tattoo style. Some of common style that exist is the traditional, neo traditional, new school, tribal, blackwork, Japanese, illustrative, watercolor, and realism. Pick a style that represent yourself the most. Then, choose a tattoo Canggu in Bali that would be able to do it.

Take Some Time to Reflect

What you ingrained into the skin represent of what you think and feel in the inside. Sometimes, what makes a tattoo looks powerful is what it resonates. You want to have a design that’s meaningful to you. Some people loves to put bible quotes that they deeply attached to, and some prefer cute little symbols. Names are something you should think thousand times. Don’t write any name of anyone that would potentially leave you in the future.

We like to think that tattoo is a lifetime commitment. Ask yourself whether your future self, 10 years from now, would still like this design. If you are still not sure about the design, try to get the henna or the temporary version of it. See if you want to get it permanently after a week of trial.

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Take Inspirations from Other Tattoo

Tattoo-browsing is the best way to get inspiration for your tattoo design! Take a look into Canggu tattoo parlours and artists to see whether there’s a design that you wish to recreate. Browse the Pinterest and Instagram. Your ideas will flow just in no time!

How to Avoid Falling for Business Myth

Starting business early is not wrong. In fact, it gives you more opportunities to find the right strategies that will work with your goals. Besides, it takes years to grow established business anyway. Thus, it is even great if you start early in running a business you are passionate with. However, with the lack of experience and knowledge, it is ease for young business owners to fall for the myth in the business as there are many of them. Some people even believe some myths and that’s why many of them fall into the trap. 

Avoiding the myths in the business

Running a business means you need to work hard as well as work smart. It is not easy but it is not impossible. Business is not for the quitter so you should not be discouraged when you make a mistake such as believing particular business myth. What you have to do is to avoid believing in myth and here are some tips to run your business smoothly:

Avoiding the myths in the business

Myths in the business are believed because they are spread easily. Therefore, it is highly advised not to believe everything written or said even if the information is spread by majority of people. Remember that running business needs more logic to function properly. Meanwhile, myths don’t have anything to do with how the business works. For example, some people say that business is only for the wealth. It is not true because everyone with different disciplines and backgrounds can always start their own business. 

Instead of believing in some myths, it is more beneficial to believe more in yourself. There are obstacles in running business for sure. However, you also have goals you want to achieve. You can avoid some myths by focusing on your goals and find some ways to reach them. Some myths are not encouraging at all for example, running business means you can just sit leisurely and the money will come by itself. Running business means you need to work hard and smart. More than often, you will have to sacrifice your energy and time to make sure everything work your way. 

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Some myths are believed might be caused some people experienced them in the past. However, remember that every individual has their own ways in managing a business. Besides, every business has its own unique points. You don’t have to follow the majority of people to be successful in your business. Being different and unique is proved to be more advantageous because then you will be more standout among your competitors. 

There is also myth that business totally depend on the market situation. It is true that the market plays important role in how business functions. However, it doesn’t determine how your business can successfully work. There are other factors aside from the market that can lead you to your success. Even if the market is in bad situation, you can survive by using the right strategies and methods. Thus, the market is not the only thing that determine your success.