Newbie Mistakes In Starting Business You Can Avoid

Starting a business is not easy especially when you lack of experience. Even if you are prepared with the knowledge of how to start a business properly, making mistakes in the beginning is still highly possible. Making mistakes in the initial stage of starting a business might be common. However, that doesn’t mean you can follow the same path. If you know what kind of mistakes most newbies do when starting a business, you can learn how to do it better. Thus, you can also prevent yourself from making costly mistakes. 

Most common mistakes in starting business

Being newbie in business industry can be challenging. It can be overwhelming as well. Thus, it is sometimes inevitable to make mistakes. However, you can also find out what kind of mistakes you can avoid especially in the initial stages of running your own business. This way, you have more opportunity to run a smoother way. Here are most common mistakes of starting business done by newbies.

Newbie Mistakes In Starting Business You Can Avoid

Forgot to protect investment and ideas from the beginning

This is very common mistake done by newbie when starting a business. It is easy to get carried away on searching new products name, innovation, and so on. Once you find the on you think is cool and valuable for your business in the long run, you forget to make it legal. It is important to take care of intellectual property law form the beginning. There is a chance that your new product name might have been registered by someone else while you haven’t realized it yet. You can consult to those who have expertise in law or hire a trusted lawyer.

Choose the wrong location for your business

Leasing should not be taken lightly especially when it comes to business. When you look for a place you can turn into your office space, you should choose selectively. Rent cost is not cheap and it can cause a huge dent in your finance. Make sure to calculate everything from the start. You have to know how much space you need, where you want your location to be, etc. Choose a place that will benefit your business. Ideally, it is great to find a place with great flexibility located around your potential customer base. 

Forget to make separate account for your business and personal funds

Your business may not get affected greatly in the beginning when you mix business and personal fund altogether. However, it will give you major headache in the future. It can cause major regret because mixing up business and personal funds can put you in tricky situations. That is why it is always right to make separate account to manage business and personal funds. It can prevent from major problems in the future. Not to mention that it is a way to protect your personal account just in case something goes wrong with your business. Your personal account won’t get affected and you still have something to hold onto. 

Women on Surf Camps: What to Pack!

Just in five decades ago, surfing was closely associated with men. Sun tanned males with bleached hair and six pack abs dragging their surf boards. But today, surfing is available for everyone and more people are going to surf camps. More women enjoys riding the waves under the sunny skies. And if you are a curious female going for your first ever surf camp this summer, here we have prepared the essential packing list you shouldn’t miss. 

Women on Surf Camp: What to Pack!

The Surf Camps Essentials

Summer Clothes

By summer clothes we meant something light and sweat-absorbing. It’s not necessarily limited to something skimpy and revealing. Bring some t-shirts, some causal tops and tanks, one to two pair of shorts, and maybe one to two summer dress if you are feeling fancy. Don’t forget your undergarments! We are also strongly against disposable underwear. Our ocean have filled with enough plastics without we add more of it. 

Bath Towels

This is totally optionals. Some surf houses provides bath towels so you don’t have to bring your own. Other surfers feel totally comfortable using their beach towels for bath. But we personally love to have a separated lightweight travel towels for bath. It’s convenient to keep our surfing towels dry and ready whenever we need to go. 

Sweatshirt and Yoga Pants

Staying by the sea means having chilly and windy night sometimes. Don’t let the sun heat fools you. Also, some surf camps arrange yoga lessons every morning. Not only it’s relaxing, but yoga actually help surfers to have better balance and flexibility on the surf board!

The Surf Camps Essentials

A Pair of Flip Flops

Don’t forget to bring your favourite rubber sandals aside of your sport shoes. Rubber sandals is the best when you get in a lot of contact with water and sands. 

Hat and Sunglasses

On time when you are not busy riding the waves, you gonna need this duo combo to walk around town or just lying down in the beach. 


Do you love sleeping with your pyjamas? If you do, then bring a pair of your favourite!

Your Toiletries to the Surf Camps

The surf camps will actually provide basic toiletries as part of their accommodation. But that won’t be as the same as using your favourite anti-frizz shampoo or your grapefruit-scented soap.

The Surfing Essentials

Swimming Suits

Swimming Suits for Surf Camps

When it come to swimming suits for surf camps, we strongly recommend you to NOT wearing any skimpy bikini with string. You gonna move a lot in the water, you gonna get crashed by the waves, you gonna get knocked off from your surf boards. Save the cute little bikini for some leisure times. You gonna need sturdy, active style swimsuits. Nobody want to accidentally “flashes” their private parts when they get in the waves. 

Long Sleeve Rash Guards

Rash guard doesn’t only protect you from the sun. It also protect you from the wax of the surf board that can cause rashes on the skin—hence its name. Also, rash guards helps your bikini to stay in place during extreme times on the sea.

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Wetsuits (Depend on the location of your surf camps)

Wetsuits (Depend on the location of your surf camps)

If you are surfing in extremely sunny weather and warm water like Bali or Costa Rica, you can forget your wetsuits. Rash guards and a pair of beach short will do just fine. But if you surf in Portugal, Spain, or other places with colder climate, you might need to bring a wetsuit. Especially if you surf during early spring or late autumn. 

Quick to Dry Towels

When you spend half of the day surfing, you want to have a dry towel ready overtime you come back to the beach. We totally recommend bringing a lightweight, quick to dry towels for the surfing days. It dries in less than an hour under the sun and can be folded into a tiny roll to the bag. 

Reusable Water Bottles 

Reusable Water Bottles for surf camps

This should go without saying. Help the earth by bringing your own reusable water bottles and refill it whenever you can. You can always fill them up back in the surf camps!

Eco-friendly Sun Screen

Surfers love their sun screen. Make sure you are not harming the reefs while doing so. 

SPF Lip Balm 

The sun and the salt water can cause damage to your lips. Make sure it stay plump, hydrated, and protected from the UV with a SPF lip balm. 

Investments with Long Term Benefits for Your Business

In running a business, failure and success are two possible results to get. Every decision you make has its own risk and potentials you should always calculate thoroughly. It means, every action you make will be impact your business. Therefore, making the right decision or taking action is not something to be done carelessly when it comes to business especially the not you started with effort. It is a must to take decision that has benefit for your business and minimum risks. It is also important to make actionable investments that have long term benefit for your business. 

Investments with Long Term Benefits for Your Business

Making investments with long term benefit

Investment is important part of business. Every action you make can also be considered as investment if it impacts your business. There are many kinds of investments in business and they don’t always have to be about money investment. There are actionable investments you can make to bring long-term benefits to your business. Action is the type of tool that will help your business to grow and move forward after all. Here are the most important of them.

A Loyal Group of Fans

The first one is to build a group of fans. It is important to think that you don’t have to necessarily make everyone your customers right at the moment. It is also good to build trust among your audience to be your group of fans. Building a group of fans consisted of future mentors, partners, investors, leaders, influencers, etc are also important. It is a type of investment that will help your business in the future. There are many ways you can do to build a group of valuable fans. For example, writing quality contents, creating online events, to discuss particular topic of interest, etc. This investment can help you build organic reach for your personal brand in the long run. 

Investments with Long Term Benefits for Your Business

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Connection to Future Customers

The next actionable investment that gives you long term benefit is to talk to your future customers. As mentioned before that you don’t have to make everyone your customers right away. Building trust among your future customers is an investment you should make. Keep in mind that your products and customers are inseparable. No products without customers and vice versa. The right investment when it comes to building trust among your future customers is by interacting as long as possible until your product is released. This way, you know more about something important for your business including brilliant ideas, market gaps, product features to develop, etc.

Having the Right Mentor

The next investment you should make to give your business long term benefit is reaching out the right mentor. You can probably post questions in an online community but it is not enough to be called mentoring. In order to give you the right or more precise advice and guides, it is important for the mentor to know you including your business and background.  Thus, try connecting with more investors, co-founders, potential customers to build a relationship that can turn into mentorship. They are also potential to connect you with other mentors.

Komodo Cruise: A new experience traversing throughout Komodo island

Komodo island, one of the most popular tourist destinations to both the locals and foreigners offer a lot of beauty for each person to discover. Located on East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo island is a home of Indonesia’s famous exotic animal, as the name of the island suggested. Wonder what’s best to explore this isolated frontier? It’s Komodo cruise, a wooden cocoon that will take you sailing across the Flores Sea and unveil the wonderland.

Komodo Cruise: A new experience traversing throughout Komodo island

Explore the Komodo surroundings with Komodo Cruise!

Despite its popularity is mostly pointed towards the island’s inhabitants with their giant scales, Komodo island also have a nearby island which is also famous called Flores island. This island offers a lot of tourist spots such as waterfalls, rainforests and of course… beaches as well.

Sounds fantastic! But, how can I reach Komodo islands?

A fair question, considering even some Indonesian people aren’t familiar with how to go to Komodo island in the first place. Travelling by plane is the easiest and well… costly option, you need to set your destination to an airport in Labuan Bajo, which happened to be one of the famous tourist spots in Indonesia as well. It is located near the Komodo island so there’s plenty of transportation means from there.

If you feel a little bit adventurous, you can actually travel on ground start from Bali. It is a budget option but the road is not really what considered “wheel-friendly”, some of the road is heavily damaged so using an off road bike or car is really recommended.

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Travel between islands easily

Komodo Cruise: A new experience traversing throughout Komodo island

What exactly is Komodo Cruise? Well, to put it shortly, it’s a maritime travel option throughout Komodo island and their surrounding areas. With Komodo Cruise you can discover lots of hidden gems spreading all over the waters. Now if we’re talking about the ocean, diving spots are arguably the most popular thing sought by many travelers. Exploring the depths of the ocean and witnessing the beauty concealed by the surface waters is an experience that can never be forgotten.

With that in mind, there’s plenty of diving spots around the Komodo and Flores area as well. And with the aid of our cruise, such areas can be easily discovered and free to explore to your heart’s content. Never diving before? Well why not start now, it’s an exciting activity that can easily be learned by anyone interested.

Nothing say fancy like travelling on a cruise

When you board a Komodo cruise, aside from the convenient journey and the beautiful scenery that you are about to witness, the luxury that you get on board is a wonder by itself. Makes you feel like a royalty to say the least, and not with a ridiculous amount of money on top of that. So, there you go folks! Why not try to hire a cruise to spice up your adventure in Komodo island? 

Hook Your Potential Customers With Improved Storytelling

Building your personal brand is something challenging that you need strategies to do so successfully. Delivering the right message to show your business worth is not easy. However, it is not impossible if you know what to do. Delivering message to build your personal brand means you should have the right way to deliver the story. Storytelling is important element when it comes to brand building because it is what makes your audience have more potentials to be your loyal customers. Hooking your audiences with improved storytelling has high chance to boost your business. 

Approaches to build your brand by improve storytelling

One of the most effective tools to build your brand is digital media. You can take advantage of it to maximize brand awareness. You can also use digital media to deliver improved storytelling to your audience. Here are several things you can do to make it:

storytelling brand

Genuine stories

Make sure that the story to tell to your audience comes from your heart. Your sincerity should be prominent in the way you voice out your brand message. It is also important to highlight the vision of your business. Thus, everyone can see the potential and value of your business. Authenticity is essential when it comes to building a brand. Do not hesitate to show a bit of the flaws or bad sides. It makes you more real in your audience eyes which make you more relatable to them. 

Remember the human

To inject your brand into society, it is important that you understand the fundamentals of human culture. Do not put your focus on defeating your competitors. Focus more on your potential customers so you can express and deliver your brand message naturally. Not to mention that you have to deliver a message customized and tailored to fit your target customers not your competitors. Recycling or redistributing contents often result in negative ways. 

Listen to your frontlines

Stay in touch with your front lines such as customer service team or sales reps. They are the one who interact with your customers the most. Thus, they have direct experience of how to face customers, know what their most common problems are, etc. By gaining more information for these departments, you have more knowledge of what kind of story to tell your customers to build your brand positively.

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Relate the story you tell to personal experience. By delivering personal story, it makes people more relatable. Also, every personal experience is different and unique in their own way. Sharing them with your customers can make them feel more engaged or attached into personal level. You can also share your own experience. It is great to build trust and credibility since you have been there.


Be more transparent in delivering story to build your brand. It makes your business to appear more relatable. Do not be afraid of showing some vulnerabilities as well. It can make you trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. Try not to deliver a story you made up. Instead, tell your own story since it makes your brand unique characteristics. 

Things You Didn’t Know About Catering Denpasar Bali

People who have never handled an event before usually didn’t know how Catering Denpasar works. And they only find out about some things they wish they’d known before planning their wedding. Catering Bali is undeniably one of the most expensive things you’ll be costed. So to avoid any mistakes, here are some of the list of things you should be aware of before you book your Bali catering company. 

wedding catering budget

Catering Denpasar – a note for alcoholic beverages 

When it comes to bar packages to any catering Denpasar, they will have specific hours of serving. Many people are aware of this only when they’ve talked to their bar caterer or when they’re handed the contract. If you’d like to have catering bar package in Bali, make sure that you contract them for enough time for your wedding. 

denpasar catering bali

Bali catering – when you require buffets or food stations 

Having a service stations for your guests to enjoy, adding a variety of food and fun to your wedding is definitely a plus point for your event. Everyone loves more food – and one they can enjoy outside of the official meal hours. However, if you’re having station services, remember that you’re going to pay more for it. Prices differ from one Denpasar catering to another. But having an extra chef or an attendant is definitely going to cost you more. 

buffet catering bali

Leftovers will belong to the catering Denpasar and not you 

Your caterers don’t have any obligations to let you have the leftovers from the food they bring. That is of course, unless you have a different arrangement with them. Full-service caterers reserve the rights to take back everything that your guests don’t eat. So don’t expect to be able to bring home the food they’r serving in your wedding. 

The leftover policy also applies to bar 

Just like food, beverages served at the bar in your event may have leftover as well. And your caterers will bring everything back to their place unless you have a different agreement with them. 

bar catering denpasar bali

Buffet catering isn’t always cheaper 

The perception that buffet catering Bali is cheaper is only when you are only allowed to have food served by your Bali wedding venue. Plated meals seemed to be more expensive when they’re offered by venues. However, if you’d like to have an off-site catering Denpasar, then the meal format usually won’t be much of a hindrance for costs. 

If you’d like to bring caterers from the outside, make sure that you ask your venue whether they’re allowing off-site caterers. If they don’t allow it, then it makes your choices more limited; especially if you already have a certain caterer in mind. To avoid this, always ask your venue management upfront whether they allow outside catering Bali. If not, immediately cross out said venues. 

How To Build Your Ideas Into Products Or Services

As an entrepreneur, you must have come up with so many ideas in your head that sometimes it feels like you are going to explode if you don’t build them into something real quickly. Sometimes, ideas are hard to find no matter how long you think of innovation and creations. In running a business, turning idea into products or services cannot be done randomly or carelessly. The process requires thorough preparation and research because it can cost highly. 

Turning your ideas into products or services

Running a business means you will be required to be more calculated in making a decision as well as solving problems. As for products or services creation, it needs to be done by following the right steps and calculations. 

Value of the Products

First thing first, you need to make sure that your idea will have enough value when it becomes a product or service. You have to test the value of your ideas. You should find out if your ideas of products or services can solve the problems. Then, you should find out the value of problem solution. It is also important to keep an open mind for possibilities that your products or services can also solve other problems. It means, you should not get too attached to one problem to solve. 

Efficiency Test

Testing the efficacy of your ideas before building them into a product or service is essential. It is basic step you should follow no matter how sure you are with your ideas. In this test, you should use an effectiveness scale such as 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 scale. Testing your idea of solution against the problem should result in clear scale. Sometimes, the result can be in the middle and leave you confused of what to do. If your scale is 7 or 8, it means you still have gaps to fill to make it perfect solution. It means, you don’t have to restart from the beginning, unless if your scale is 6 and lower. 

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Cost and Affordability

After making sure that your scale in efficacy test is 10 out of 10, you still need to follow another step, which is calculating the cost and affordability. There are many factors you should consider when deciding the cost. The value of the products and services should be calculated thoroughly from the start. This cost will help you to decide the price tag in the end of the calculation.

The Actual Affordability

Then, affordability is also important to consider. It is not wise to randomly monetize your products and service just because your customers are high-end. You should also consider comfort points to compromise. This way, you still earn the profit without making your customers feeling robbed. The customers will still get the value of products and services as they expected. 

Coming up with many ideas and building them into products and services are not instant process. Launching new products and services require you to make thorough calculation to avoid costly mistakes. Make sure that you consider important factors and follow essential steps as mentioned above.

Diving for Beginners Tips on Dive Boat Sessions

When you have attained your basic open water certification, you are now welcomed to discover the world of blue. It’s time for your beginners diving trip! You will hop in dive boat—maybe diving liveaboard—for the first time. And much like other beginners lesson in diving, there will be lots of hew thing you learn. It’s time for real underwater exploration and having he best time of your life. 

Diving for Beginners Tips on Dive Boat Sessions

Diving Beginners Should pick Up Etiquette on Diving Liveaboard

Divers have their own code of conduct on dive boats. It’s not something that they teach at dive school, so you need to pick it up by your own. It’s common to see beginners on diving making one or two mistakes—it’s still acceptable as long as you are willing to learn. Just remember the basics:

  • Be courteous and pay respects to fellow divers onboard
  • Keep your belongings and equipments tidy. You are sharing the boat with 10+ other divers!
  • Do not get in the way of the crews. They need to prepare all the technical details. 
  • Be careful to not bump into other divers especially when you are preparing for entry. 

Learn How to Get Into the Water from the Boat

This is how the actual diving will be different than your scuba diving for beginner class. You will learn how to enter the water from a boat. There are three different method of boat entries; the giant stride, the back roll water entry, and the seated water entry. Don’t worry too much if you haven’t master the entry technique. Every dive boat will have a dive instructor that will give you the right guide for the entry. 

A Good Chance for Diving Beginners to Learn to Use Nitox 

Diving for Beginners Tips on Dive Boat Sessions

Diving in a boat for the first time will be a great lessons for beginners to use Nitrox. In this trip, you will spend a lot of time underwater—probably more than your first few dives. It’s a good chance to upgrade to Nitrox (Enriched Air Diving) to allow more bottom time on your dives. A Nitrox will also give you no decompression limits on repetitive dives. You will feel less tired than when you dive with regular air. Some dive boats offer nitro certification on boards which is perfect for diving for beginners. It’s easy and just take a half-day course, so grab the opportunity while available!

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Always Pack Your Seasickness Antidote

Folks, this is important. Beginners or not, you need to bring seasickness antidote to dive boat trip just in case. You never know when the seasickness attack. Have a strip of seasickness pills or ginger candy ready at your bag. If you are prone to seasickness, consider to wear an acupuncture bands. 

Be Environmentally Responsive

Be aware of the products you use. Since you will be in direct contact with the ocean, any waste would give direct impact to the ocean. Be kind to our mother nature and spend a little bit extra money to buy reef-friendly toiletries products. Make sure your shampoo, body wash, and sunscreen would not unintentionally bleach the reefs. Throw your toilet paper to the bin and don’t flush it—it’s gonna be disposed directly to the ocean. Use reusable cups instead of paper or plastic cup every time. Learn how to be environmentally responsive since your diving for beginners level. 

Creating Positive Customer Experience To Boost Your Business

In business, customers play important role for its growth. In fact, it is one of the keys to successful revenue for your business. Therefore, customer’s happiness is not to be underestimated. Attracting your target customer to make them buy your products or services is not the end of your effort. What you have to do is maintain their happiness and positive experience. Not to mention that happy and satisfied customers won’t hesitate to show you off. They will be happily promote you to their friends, families, and even acquaintances. It’s because they want others to experience the same good thing. 

Positive customers experience to build

The first thing you have to do before creating positive experience for your customers is change the way you think of them. You should start acknowledging their impact to your business especially for a long term effect. Therefore, you will understand what they need and how to satisfy them by treating them the right way. 

It’s All About the Impressions

Customer experience is the impression you leave with your customers. The impression should leave positive impact of how they view your brand. There are many factors that can influence their impression. The two keys are products and people. Customers come to you because they are interested in your products. They will be happy if they buy the product they truly need or want just as they expected. However, the power of people can make them come back. When you serve them with the right amount of attention and care, they will have positive view of your brand in general, not only on your products. Therefore, your business growth can be affected greatly by customer experience. 

Consumers Are Your Marketers

These traditional shops in Ubud, Bali is made famous by customers uploading to their social media

Remember that customers today hold more power than the sellers. There information they can access through online platform so it is not hard for them to compare then choose. Their opinion also do matter for the sellers. If they have bad experience using particular products or service, they won’t hesitate to announce it to the world because everything is accessible now such as social media. Instead of feeling intimidated by their power, you can take advantage of that. Your customers are the best resource for your business growth. You can use their power to build your brand and raise brand awareness. When you are on your customers’ side and you leave positive impression, they will recommend and share their experience with their friends and families. 

Think About Consumers’ Satisfaction

There are many things you can do to find out the level of your customer’s satisfaction such as conducting survey, asking for feedback, or analyzing customer support ticket trends. Conducting customer survey should be done regularly. You can do it after every launching new products and service, or once every three months. This will give you idea of your customer’s experience. You can also ask their feedback to know their opinion of your products and services. Also, ask them what kind of features they want next. Then, don’t forget to analyze your customer’s ticket trends to address issues and increase your customer’s positive experience. 

This is What the Best Komodo Liveaboard Should Have

The Komodo National Park of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia, is full of magical wonder. From the last colony of living dragons on earth, deserted beaches, lively aquatic world, to panoramic galore, you’ll be totally left in awe during the Komodo trip. And the sailing trip with Komodo liveaboard itself is one of the best part of the ship. Liveaboard is the best way to reach remote destinations within and around the national park as well as visiting Komodo’s marvellous dive sites underneath. As your main vessel, the ship plays an important part on your holiday—the best experience often times come from the best Komodo liveaboard. So if you are looking for top quality liveaboard in Labuan Bajo, make sure that they have these qualities.

Professional Crews with Good Ratios on Board

Professional service is everything. When you are embarking to the corner of the earth, you want to have the best service possible. Especially when there’s no mini markets and spas around. The professionalism of the crews will either make or break your holiday. Also, you want to have at least 3:1 ratio of ship attendants to the guest. This way, you’ll have full attention from the crews and have things done quicker. 

Delicious and Healthy Menu with Options to Dietary Restriction

The best Komodo liveaboard knows how to handle its food. The crews know how to make international menu as well as presenting local dishes in tastes that you’d definitely like. Also, they know that some people has dietary restriction or allergies. They will try their best to give alternative menus for you. 

Best Komodo Liveaboard Has Comprehensive Diving Facilities

This is What the Best Komodo Liveaboard Should Have

Before the dawn of travel bloggers, instagrammable travels and the like, liveaboard used to be closely associated with divers. In fact, it’s the main vessel for divers to reach remote diving destinations on earth. If diving is one of your motivation to go to Komodo (their clear water and brimming marine life are enough reasons!), it’s natural if you want to embark on the best Komodo liveaboard for diving. It should have at least basic equipments like masks, snorkels, dive suites, and BCD. The liveaboard should definitely has nitrox and a good wet station. It’s even better if they have advanced facilities like dive computers for rent, though it would be a little bit pricey. 

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Relatively New and Good Engine

Ever heard funny engine noises when you are travelling with low budget liveaboard? Some liveaboard could offer very cheap price because they are using old boats and old engines. We have heard travelers end up with broken boats or left stranded on the middle of the sea because of engine failure. Don’t let it happen to you.

Best Komodo Liveaboard Knows How to Arrange Itineraries

The best Komodo liveaboard knows how to arrange itineraries to allow you enjoy the maximum potential of the holiday. They don’t rush you between destinations. Every itinerary is considerably paced while allowing you to get the best of everything. They know how to manage time and anticipate lateness. In the end of the trip, you’ll leave with good memories of the Pink Beach, Padar Island, dreadful Komodo Dragon encounter, and many more.y give i